Burpple Beyond

Burpple Beyond

Making use of my Beyond membership 😝
Mei Yee
Mei Yee

Had a great experience at Fuel Plus. I had chicken overload which I really liked.. It’s a comfort food combination of fried chicken, mash and mushrooms.

One lunch mate had pork chop with sweet potato mash. I tried some of it.. and it wins hands down. Loved the slightly spicy mash and mustardy sauce with tender pork chop.

The rest had truffle mushroom pasta which was nice, but it got a tad cloying at the end. They still finished everything.

Overall, a nice cafe with good food!

Loved this place - all the food served to us was spot on and ambience was excellent. Wait staff were friendly too.

We used Burpple Beyond and got 2 plates of tapas and mains each. It was not enough for 4 of us so we ordered another main.

For tapas, we had Gambas (shrimp) and Grilled Octopus. For mains, we had suckling pork loin, chicken paella and seafood squid ink paella. Everything was amazing. The chef gave us some complimentary fried shrimp heads while waiting. That was a great touch.

Highly recommended, especially if you have Burpple beyond. You can really taste the care and effort put in the food.

This dish was a hit but I can’t say the same for the other dishes. We had stuffed milkfish which was kind of weird- stuffing made of fish meat and raisins. Family said it reminded them of sardines. It’s an acquired taste, I guess. We also had a daily special paella made with chicken.. that tasted bad, like yellow glutinous rice which didn’t taste like anything. I would come back to try other dishes though.


This pasta is an acquired taste. There is something that reminds me of licorice in the Asian pesto. I do like the creative combination of ingredients- corn, mushroom and crunchy nuts, but I couldn’t really get used to the strong tasting pesto.

So much love for the ice cream. My only advice is to put the sauce sparingly first. We pour all the 88% dark chocolate sauce in one go and found it a bit too bitter. Nonetheless, the ice cream is delish, both chocolate ice cream tasted so different.

Portions are huge, very worth with the 1 for 1 deal!

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Nice and crispy chicken katsu rice with spicy curry. It’s quite nice and I think more people should try this place. The portion is substantial too. It’s especially worth it with Burpple beyond. Regular spicy is a bit spicy for me. I will try mild next time.. too weak. 😂

We used the 1 for 1 Burpple beyond so each eclair was $4. We tried pistachio, hazelnut praline, vanilla candied pecan and pineapple. Favourites are pistachio and vanilla candied pecan. 😋

Ordered the big breakfast and steak. Portions were huge and food was delicious. Very worth it with 1 for 1 deal. We will be back!

We chose lemon basil sorbet, ferrero, pistachio and green tea roasted rice. Loved the first 3 flavours most, especially that they used homemade hazelnut and pistachio butters in the nut ice creams.

For $58++, you can get 4 thick slabs of pork belly, marinated in different flavours with all the banchans, and a stew of your choice. Quite worth it even though the burpple deal didn’t include this set. We had seafood tofu stew which was pretty good. I liked that the vegetables (carrot, zucchini and mushroom) were all diced neatly in the soup.. shows extra effort!

We used the burpple beyond deal for seafood pancake and truffle steamed eggs. Seafood pancake was cooked really nice, crispy outside and moist inside. Truffle steamed eggs were ok.

Overall enjoyable!


Mei Yee

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