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Sweet Tooth In Action

Sweet Tooth In Action

Featuring Soylab, Tommy Le Baker (Kampung Attap), Whimsical - Gelateria & Caffe, Shugatori Dessert Cafe, Red Kettle (The Starling), Villa Ju Bakery (Mont Kiara), Mighty Monster (MyTown Shopping Centre)
芋圓 乂
芋圓 乂

This was recommended by the staff, Giallo Goblin (RM36). If you like citrus-y beverage, you will love this!

Blueberry + Rosemary = Disaster 😑 Order this at your own risk. It's so rosemary that I can't have second sip. Urghh.

It won't be a complete Char Chan Teng kind of tea time without everyone's favourite Pineapple Bun with butter or more commonly known as 菠蘿油. And we were intrigued by the Soya Bean Curd Tart on its menu too. The polo bun is not too shabby, crusty top and soft, fluffy bun with generous slap of butter in the middle. I reckon it'd taste even better if it just bake freshly from oven. Was quite pleasantly surprised that the Soya Bean Curd flavour really stand out, thought it'd be another 'mehh' creation. The HK Style Milk Tea today was a bit off. The HK Signature Coffee was okay-ish but nothing to shout about.

TLB Lemon Tart priced at RM9.60 per 100g. Picture shows 108g. Creamy and refreshing lemon curd. Can hardly go wrong with lemon flavoured dessert.

I'm a sucker for 'packaging'. Hence, when I saw this popped out in my insta ads, immediately called my friends to check anyone is interested to join my mermaid hunting. I'll give a 4.5 🌟 for its presentation, sadly the same can't say to its taste. It was bad. Like really bad. Weirdly sour taste which we're having problem to identify. But I did observed that the other customers finished the toast so I guess it just doesn't suit our palate. For shibuya toast, I'd always go back to Haraju.

Ever crave for sweet and savoury stuff at the same time but unable to decide which to go for? Fret not! This sweet French toast with vanilla softsrve comes with crispy bacon, some almond flakes got you covered!

Welcomed with the best freshly baked scent. Very friendly and attentative staff who approached us immediately and explained to us the concept and the type of toast that they offered. Went with their best seller Cranberry Rainbow Toast 彩虹蔓越莓吐司🌈 (RM16.90) cause its pretty not toooooo! The toast has very dense texture and moist at the same time, and it's very fruity - not the artificially kind of fruit taste. Will definitely come back and try more!

Being a Korean at heart, always wondered how Mammoth bread (RM10.90) taste like. It's a traditional Korean bread with different jam fillings. This one from Villa Ju is filled with red bean and bean jam with very thin layer of fresh cream. I like the smell very nutty fragrance. But it's a bit too dry, expect it to be slightly moister.

Prepare upon order. It requires more than 20 minutes to be prepared. It is deep fried till perfection, remember to save some ice cream for the churros!

You can't go wrong with a bowl of warm Taufufah.

Eat like a ball

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