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Ice Ice Baby ❄

Ice Ice Baby ❄

Featuring Soylab, Villa Ju Bakery (Mont Kiara), Aftermeal Desserts, Nam Heong Vintage (Pavilion Elite), KAKIYUKI (The Gardens Mall)
芋圓 乂
芋圓 乂

It was until I had the first spoonful of ice then I realised it's not Injeolmi bingsu. *face-palm* It's kakigori aka Japanese shaved ice. No doubt it's yellow bean powder on top with red bean, but the subtle tea aftertaste of the ice distinct itself from Korean bingsu. Very refreshing but my advice is don't order if you're have more than an hour to wait for it to be served.

This is my all real time favourite bingsu place whenever I'm craving for korean bingsu. This Milk Injeolmi Patbingsu (RM34.90- friend sized) can be shared among 3 friends. The shaved ice blends so well together with the yellow bean powder, red bean paste that is not overly sweet and the tokk (rice cake) that is soft and chewy! You can add more condensed milk on top of you have huge sweet tooth like me!

Zap guo beng aka mixed fruit rice (RM8.50) very nostalgic zap guo beng that you would find in your neighbourhood stall. Thank goodness only fresh fruits (and all are my favs! yay!) are picked on top of plain old vanilla ice cream paired with that the not-so-fine shaved ice~

With tea-flavoured item on the menu, it's a no-brainer to us - ordered the kakigori with something has to do with iron tea lady (*cough* ain't a professional food blogger)(RM20) but sister thought it's oolong tea. Oh well, at least it didn't run far from its tea family. We enjoyed the shaved ice a lot, do not get fooled by its coarse-looking ice, it's very soft and melty. We were caught by surprised to taste grass jelly and brown sugar bubble underneath the snow mountain! 🌨 However, the same positive review cannot be applied on the taro and sweet potato balls...

Perfect choice to quench your thirst in this monstrously hot weather.

The shaved ice is no way near korean bingsu of snow ice but it's definitely finer than your local typical ABC. Most importantly, it is instagram-worthy (lol).

Eat like a ball

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