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Featuring Rakki Bowl, Nesuto, I am... (Haji Lane), The Original Boat Noodle (Bugis Junction)
Shirlynn Tan
Shirlynn Tan

Pictured is the Charcoal-Grilled Juicy Beef Burger ($16.90). The beef patty was flavorful and indeed juicy. I topped up for truffle fries and they were pretty good too!

Got the small aburi mentaiko bowl ($16.90) and my friend got the truffle wagyu beef bowl ($13.90). I asked for less mentaiko (after reading reviews that it can get quite jelak), but the mentaiko was still rly overpowering. Ask for less mentaiko unless you rly RLY love mentaiko. The beef bowl was rly good tho. Beef was rly tender and juicy. The portion is pretty small for its price. Would only get it when there’s 1-for-1 because i think I could easily find better and cheaper alternatives. The truffle wagyu beef is definitely worth a shot!

They have the best sides ever!!! The Steamy Sangkayaa ($4.90) were so SOFT and the kaya was just a perfect match. The portion of kaya that came with it was more than enough! Crispy and flavorful chicken skin ($3.90) plus the grilled beef meat balls ($4.90); you could totally taste the grill. I’ve never been a huge fan of beef but this was rly good. Their boat noodles ($1.50) were legit and comes with 3 different broths for you to choose from. I’ve had bn with better broths, but this definitely sufficient to satisfy my bn cravings. What’s more, it’s the first legit halal bn I’ve had in sg :’ )

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The yellow one is Earl Passion ($9.80); passionfruit curd infused with Earl Grey mousse. As a love of all things earl grey, this definitely did not disappoint. Despite the tinge of sourness, the fragrance of earl grey was not overpowered. The other pick was the unique Le Goma ($9); Japanese Black Sesame cake. It was really fragrant and something I’ve never tried before. Would recommend for sesame lovers! After 2 visits, I would personally prefer their entremets over cake slices.

The pastries were absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend their Miss Ispahan ($9.80), a Lychee Raspberry pastry that’s my ABSOLUTE favorite! It’s a combination of everything I love; lychee, raspberry and ROSE. It’s not easy to find rose flavored patties around. It tastes light, not overly sweet and tastes refreshing; I can never have enough. Another one of their signature is their Yuzu Raspberry cake ($9.00). It was really light and fluffy filled with Yuzu mousse in between. It melts in your mouth with a good combination of sweet and sour!

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