Japanese Food In Singapore

Japanese Food In Singapore

Featuring Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Niku Katsumata, Shiki Hototogisu Ramen (Jewel Changi Airport), Gaijin Japanese Soul Food, Suage Hokkaido Soup Curry (Capitol Singapore), Tsukada Nojo
Rule Of Thumb
Rule Of Thumb

My ultimate comfort food, the shio ramen from Tsukada Nojo. Simple, honest and quality ingredients, cooked with the heart, is all you need in a bowl of ramen. Their veggie are fresh and sourced locally while their chicken are from Hokkaido. On the savoury side, you can request for them to tone down the salt level (we recommend that). Nevertheless, the broth thickened naturally with chicken collagen tastes so heavenly and wholesome. The thin noodles are springy throughout the meal while soaking up the goodness of the collagen broth

Price: $16.80

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Japanese curry rice is one soul food that I like but do not have it regularly. Located within King Albert Park Mall Residences, it was decorated minimally with some Japanese decor. The pork katsu was well-fried, light and not greasy, and the meat is from Hokkaido snow pork. You can definitely taste the marbling of the meat and it’s so tender! The curry was a mix between two types of Japanese curry β€” the sweet apple style, and the slightly spicier style. Butter is also added to increase the smoothness of the curry and it goes down easily without feeling surfeit. A very nice and comforting meal.

Price: $15


Lauded as a Michelin awarded ramen at the newly opened Jewel Changi, expectations were high. Ambience was great as it was by the man-made waterfall. Well, that all it - the good of the place.

Extremely salty without depth in flavor, we do not understand which part of the salty we failed to appreciate. The service staff informed us that we could add plain broth to dilute the saltiness. Noodles and the ingredients were pretty run in the mil and nothing noteworthy. Portion wise was average.

Price: $15.90


A specialty of Hokkaido, I was first introduced to this dish during my last trip to Sapporo, Hokkaido earlier this year. It did not disappoint and in fact is one of my favorite dish in Hokkaido πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ it was so scrumptious that I really loved it especially eaten during winter - I’ll leave it for another post.

The soup curry here is pretty inconsistent, went twice, once was good while the recent trip was not quite. The soup curry here was pretty watered down and lacks the oomph. Also, the lamb came in chunks which indicated that they were not fully thawed before cooking. Price wise, it had also increased such that the price is in line with their most recent outlet at Jewel Changi.

Price: $15.80

The A4 Wagyu chef selection (120g) were a mix of rump, off-cuts, lean and marbled meat. Made up of about 8 slices. Ordered an addition A4 marbled meat platter (60g) which consists of 4 pcs. From Kagoshima, their specialty lies in lean meat with grilling on crystal to ensure even cooking. Some cuts were really chewy and the marbled ones were okay - nothing to shout about and had better ones. Also felt that the crystal plate where the cooking was done was gimmicky as it does not add a different dimension or flavor to it. The portions were too small for the high prices.

Price: $38 for 120g platter and $25 for 60g


Unique and interesting dish. Not quite a donburi in the way we know it, we were told to taste the razor thin pieces of wagyu that were sitting atop the Japanese rice. Not much flavor as it was sliced way too thinly. Next, we added the condiments that included strips of seaweed and small round rice puffs into the bowl before pouring over the bonito broth. The broth was light and refreshing and complemented very nicely with the rice and beef slices. Do note that the price for this dish has increased considerably from $25 to $38 - really expensive for such a small serving!

Price: $38

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Above average tendon, definitely way below some of the better Tendon in Singapore. Batter was too thick and ingredients weren’t as refined. One of the two prawns was not fresh, and the lotus root was tough and cut way too thick. Overall, won’t be back again unfortunately.

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