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Just Whatever’s Worth It

Just Whatever’s Worth It

Featuring Truedan (CityLink Mall), Switch by Timbre, Tiger Sugar (Capitol Piazza), Nayuki (VivoCity), McDonald's (Junction 8), CHICHA San Chen (Jem)
Nicole Ngo
Nicole Ngo

Strawberries and cream💕 Taste is nothing impressive but very aesthetically pleasing. If you’re into that :) This was $6.80

Dong Ding Oolong Tea + mousse, no sugar and less ice. $5.20. Wow. The oolong tea is strong. And that’s how I like my BBT to be. Very often, tea is overpowered by milk, toppings and all that sugary stuff. But chicha is doing it right by not snatching the tea from its spotlight. Pearls have a good bite too. Worth trying👍🏻

The foam on top is beer slushy, which made the drink even more refreshing. You could choose from a few fruity flavours (pink grapefruit, yuzu etc) for the beer. $15 for this glass, not bad at all.

The newly launched sweet potato ice cream is pretty good!!!!! Creamy with just the right amount of sweetness, and sweet potato flavour doesn’t taste artificial. Or are there real sweet potatoes in there? Very pretty to look at too! $2 cheap cheap

Brown sugar boba fresh milk with cream mousse. Love it!! Soft and chewy boba coated in brown sugar. So gao, so shiok! Love how smooth and creamy the milk was. Boba was warm while milk was chilled. Everything was a match made in heaven....

Phew! What a long name. Love their soft and QQ brown sugar boba, paired with the lemon winter melon tea, it was very refreshing! Definitely one of the better brown sugar boba around. $4.90.