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Giving Me Life

Giving Me Life

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Masizzim ([email protected]), Tong Ah Eating House, ENAQ Restaurant (Jurong East), Old House, Stateland Coffeehouse, Heytea ION, Drips bakery Cafe
Anthea Tan
Anthea Tan

Lor Mee usually don’t look like that, but this, is really gudddd. I love love love the richness of the soup. The noodles are really “q.” For side dish, I would highly recommend the salted egg squid which is amazing. Can’t say the same for the pork ribs though.

It’s a shame that they only open in the evening. 10-10 will eat every day.

Rocher is filled with Nutella in the middle and would be perfect for someone who loves sweet and rich flavours, while matcha would be better for those who are not into too sweet things. I felt that it was really oily — a lot of butter prob but it is not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely would order them again!

Y’all, this is so guddd. The egg and cheese melted in my mouth. I love the saltiness, which isn’t too salty.

Price: $14

Usually get my prata fix here — one egg, one cheese please. They’re really crispy! Their curry and maggie goreng differs between days so it’s good at times and not sometimes. Tried the roti John for the first time but I thought there too much onions? Not really a fan.

Usual order: One egg and one cheese prata, maggie goreng ayam, nasi goreng ikan bilis and for drink, teh-o-ice-limau.

About $30 for each and it comes with two bowls of brown rice. Level 1 spicy-ness was already quite spicy for me. Ribs were good and soup was flavourful! We added topoki for $2 but I wouldn’t next time. Really worth it! Will come back again to try their other dishes!

$4.80 of goodness. It was warm and it melted in mouth. This is love.

Get the large for only $2.80! So good and light, and, it’s a good portion. The small cone is only $1+. Really wish they have those IKEA ice cream dispensaries everywhere so I can have it all the time!

Yeps, you read it right — butter! It sounds weird or even gross to some people, but I had a good first experience! Somehow the butter brought out the coffee flavour and I’ll definitely drink it again. Zi char is a bit pricey but really good — get the tofu.

Living to eat since 93.

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