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Beverages / Desserts

Beverages / Desserts

Featuring Playmade by 丸作 (Tampines 1), Xing Fu Tang (Century Square), Teafolia (Tampines), Malaysia Boleh! (Eastpoint Mall)
Jenna Foong
Jenna Foong

tastes very much like old school milk tea, especially the green apple one.
not sure is it cus ive tasted so many bubble tea so far that I prefer the common ones now instead 😅 but for those who reminisce the bubble tea we used to have after school might wanna give this a try :) price is similar to itea ($2.70)

was so excited to try this out and thankfully the queue wasn't that long on Tuesday, 2 July.
cameralized Boba adds the sweetness to the pearls and were quite chewy.
overall, I felt that the milk was too strong.
might try their milk tea the next time I visit!

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been a while since I last drank Playmade's bbt, asked for 25% sugar level and still find it very sweet though.

tried their new Peach Milk Tea and it tastes just as it sounds, asked for 25% and the sweetness was just nice. I could have added toppings but I wanted to try it with just the peach.

better than any bingsoo you've ever tried, looks simple but so refreshing and not overly sweet.
this dessert was just nice after a meal 😊


apparently, the berry lychee got me addicted so this time I'm back for the lychee Sparkle.
teafolia is quite creative with their beverage names in English and Chinese which was interesting.

the drink contains lots of lychee and soda water, which was refreshing and also, the color of the drink was appealing as well 😊

captivated by the menu outside teafolia as I was passing by on a typical, humid day and decided to give it a try. (wonder why only berry lychee caught my eye though cus there were other choices on the special menu).

brewed with green tea, infused with strawberries and lychee; refreshing and not too sweet.

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