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Tea And Coffee

Tea And Coffee

Featuring Old Hen Coffee Bar, Grids & Circles, Hvala (CHIJMES), CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Antea Social, Tiger Sugar (Chinatown Point)
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen

My crazy huge stash of teas from Antea Social meant that I had literally tried every hot tea they have on the menu. I didn't know if matcha, which is pretty milky and bitter, would actually complement lemonade which is sour and light. The colour blocks did look pretty and surprisingly I was in awe of how the lemonade erased traces of bitterness from the matcha and made it less heavy on the tongue too. Instead, it was rather refreshing on a insanely hot day!

I ordered this drink as it had a good combination of some floral notes as well as some sour elements. Although it was a little pricer, it was totally with worth when I had my first sip. I was confused initially because there were a lot of different spectrum of flavours but after a while I realised it had a predominantly strong floral taste followed by a citrus after taste. Highly recommended!

The hype was so strong when they first opened that the queue snaked all the way to the escalator. A few months later, I was overjoyed when the queue has shorten quite a bit. I love how the taste of the tea isn't weakened by the milk. The milk tasted so good but the pearls could have been better as it was a little overcooked and too soft.


Being lactose intolerant can be a huge pain in the ass especially when you are so used to drinking hojicha or matcha with milk. So imagine how my eyes lit up when I saw that Hvala actually had a no milk option for their hojicha. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how the hojicha tasted so good as the sugar didn't overwhelm the taste of the tea. Needless to say, each sip was god sent!

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As a tea lover, one of my favourite things to do is to guess the taste of each tea I try. For this, I had such a hard time because of the many flavours that came up each time I took a sip. My first instinct was malt and honey simple then I realise there was a much stronger after taste to it. It took me a couple of times to figure out that it could be chocolate as well. I love how every sip feels different. Their hidden location makes it a perfect location for an afternoon read as well.

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I don't usually review about the tea I try even thought I am a huge fan of them because most of them taste rather similar. However, the teas in Antea social proved me wrong as the golden pomelo was surprisingly refreshing and pleasant on the taste buds even thought there was a tinge of citrus taste. It complemented well with musky and strong oolong tea to give a light final taste. Will go back to try more of their teas!!

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I took a double take upon realising that the drink tasted more like warm milk. Although there was a slight tinge of sweet potato puree, I felt that the milk overpowered the sweet potato.

I loved this one as it's a lot more original as compared to the iced version where sugar is added. You could literally taste the aroma with every sip and I feel as though I am transported back to that magical place in Kyoto.

I felt like this one was a little of a let down as I couldn't really taste the lavender scent even though there were a few lavender buds. The latte tasted too milky for my liking and in the midst of doing so overwhelmed the taste of the coffee.

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So we have a winner, this has been newly crowned my favourite match latte. The ratio of matcha powder and milk was very well controlled as the milk did not overwhelm the bitterness of the matcha.

Heard all about the type surrounding Tiger sugar and the crazy queue so when I saw that the queue was not as long yesterday, I decided to go for it. I was lucky as the queue was just 10 mins. Paid 5.30 for this and honestly I would not recommend queuing just for this. I felt that it tasted just like any other caramel milk tea

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