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Places I Have Tried

Places I Have Tried

Featuring Nesuto, KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, Uncle Kiisu, Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Burger & Lobster
The Picky Eater
The Picky Eater

I personally have been to scaled a few times and I am never disappointed so i am here to write my thoughts on each dish I had and where I felt it did well and where it was lacking. Personally I feel like this could be a signature by itself. The pairing of the deep fried mantou dipped into just one of the best curries I have had. There is only one word for it. That is SHIOK.

3 additional buns come for an additional 2 dollars which is simply affordable. The mussels were fresh and tasted absolutely delightful.

9.5/10 only because nobody’s perfect but this dish is pretty darn close.


Cakes were great especially the tiramisu. Worth it with the burpple beyond but may be a bit expensive otherwise :)


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Had French onion and Boston clam chowder. Both soups were nothing like the soups I had in France and Boston respectively. Pretty watery and bland.

Sort of disappointed but with burpple beyond, it is a good deal. The meal was saved by the traditional pohpiah. Which tasted fresh and amazing.

8/10 for pohpiah

3/10 for soup.

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Waited about half an hour before I could come in. We arrived at 11.30am and finally met our love at 1pm. The lobster was very good and well cooked. Perfect doneness and paired great with the garlic butter sauce.

This is arguably one of the better lobster rolls around. Definitely an option for lobster lovers. We had the Mayfair as well and the patty was extremely succulent ... OISHI



With burpple beyond, this is an amazing deal. Quiet during the lunch hour. Exquisitely designed and unique cakes for you to enjoy while sipping tea.

Brings out the inner Atas Kia in you.

9 out of 10.

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Lovers of muah cheers definitely need to try this beauty. I love when someone takes my favourite local snack and jazzes it up with the kind of finesse they did.

Well done. :)



I don't think I can agree with some of the reviews below. I used the burpple beyond to redeem this and while I agree that the taste was good. I did not get the big chunks of lobster and seafood that was suggested by other reviewers. Without burpple beyond, I fear if may be a little too expensive.

I would have liked that the buns got toasted a little longer and that the fillings were marinated better so that the filling would be more moist which can contrast better with a more toasted bun .

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Just for your info. You don't really need burpple beyond to enjoy the omakase one for one. It already is one for one. All burpple beyond does is one free drink.

A couple of good courses. All the bowls were tiny up till this one which was just shockingly large. Food was good and consistent but did come in a little lukewarm. I think it can be split into an additional course to pace the food.

Loved that whiskey truffle at the end but I think it could do with more finesse at the end because two truffles just don't look so impressive.

Probably worth a try if you haven't tried because the food is pretty good and a whole lobster! ( If only it was served hot)

I don't think the oysters were good so don't order them.

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Cookie monster would approve of this cookie and ice cream . Match cookie and pistachio ice cream . Go team green. Will be back !

Felt the cookie filling could be more gooey for more awesomeness.


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