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Bowei Teo
Bowei Teo

If you’re here for the first time, you should try the fried version with their in-house sauce. They goes well with the yong tofu. Their Lava egg is delicious as well, something that you won’t usually find in a yong tofu place.

I had ordered the foie gras gyudon, the beef is tasty and tender. The don really taste very good after mixing the egg!
They are working on a new dinner menu, do look out for it!

If you are having russian food for the first time, feel free to approach the friendly staff. They will be glad to assist you with your choices.

I really like the cheese chebureki and medovik!

I had ordered half a dozon of salmon sashimi, the serving of each piece is thick and fresh.

Next in line would be garlic pork belly. It is well grilled, juicy and fragrant.

Lastly I had the cheese scallop, i like that it is torched with cheese and has mentaiko underneath the cheese.

I had the unagi rice bowl for lunch, the unagi is really fresh and the shimeiji mushroom really goes well in the dish! I personally like it a lot. Gotten the chocolate cream bun and kochi yuzu pana cotta as my dessert, the bread is so soft and the chocolate filling tastes just right. The yuzu pana cotta the pudding taste is just nice and not overwhelming while the yuzu has a refreshing taste to it.

And lastly! Their service is extremely good. Keep it up!

The Te Kah Beehoon is very fragrant and the Beehoon is soaked in the Te Kah gravy which is very delicious and not dry. The Har Jeong Kai's batter is very fragrant and crispy!


Great italian restaurant tucked at the basement of KINEX.

Had Bruschetta Salmone while waiting for my mains, the crostini bread is well toasted and crunchy which i really like. The smoked salmon is generously wrapped on top of the bread.

Ordered pescatora pasta, the seafood that was served with it is generous and fresh. As for the pizzotto pizza, the dough is soft and not too thick which suits my liking! The ingredients was well portion as every bite i am able to taste it.

The pork tenderloin was so soft and juicy. The morels mushroom sauce really elevated the flavour of the pork and it was really delicious. I chose the thin fries as the sides and it was really tasty. Overall, i had a good experience at coucou, will definitely recommend this place!

Ordered the meanest pork ribs in town with Alabama White Sauce, the sauce goes well with the pork ribs and the meat is very soft and can easily slide off from the bone. Had two sides to go along with it, Chili Cheese Fries and Sauteed Mushroom. The portion of the servings are very generous, I had a satisfied mid-week dinner from Meat n Chill.

Do remember to make a reservation prior to your visit! As the seats are greatly reduced due to the safe distancing measures.

My favourite dish from this cosy modern place in the middle of chinatown is their fresh prawn fried rice, its so fragrant and delicious at the same time! Will be back again for their delicious fried rice!

Went for a brunch with my partner, upon reaching i can feel that the atmosphere very chilling and relaxing.

Duck confit was de-boned and tender soft, however personally i felt that the serving not very filling for me.

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How nice that the Icelandic cod fish and chips comes with Mentaiko sauce on the generous serving of fries!

As for the foie gras lotus leaf rice, my partner really against the foie gras but however she likes this foie gras that is being served together with the lotus glutinous rice.

The BBQ Iberico pork ribs serving portion is huge, can be too overwhelming for one person. Ideal for sharing platter.

The Icelandic cod fish and chips and BBQ Iberico pork ribs are month of July special.

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