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H. Chunwen
H. Chunwen

Ordered the Butternut Chicken Pizza ($8.30) containing chicken, squash and rosemary herbs and the Mushroom Truffle Pizza ($8.30) containing white button and Korean shimeiji mushrooms.
*Note, $8.30 is the member price (if u follow their FB and Instagram) while original price is $11.90!

Would have to say that the pizza crust was really thin but the amount of ingredients were generous and it might seem like a small portion but one pizza is filling enough as a meal 😂 The squash in the Chicken Pizza really complemented the chicken as it was sweet while the chicken and cheese were savoury. Personally, I preferred the truffle pizza to the chicken pizza. The aroma and taste of the truffle was really strong and I absolutely love it! The price tag is considered affordable for something that is so generous in ingredients, and I love how the crust is thin and makes me feel less sinful with eating carbs 😂 This would be such a good supper snack. That being said, there’re better pizza options out there if you’re not looking for a less sinful snack 😝

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Came at 6pm on the first day dine-in is allowed. There were 2 tables occupied so plenty of seats were available.

Ordered the Classic 001 Double Cheeseburger ($13) with an add on of fries (+$3) and Cold a brew Coffee with Oat Milk ($7).

The Cheeseburger came with brioche buns, Black Angus beef patty, Caramelised onions, Gherkin, Master Sauce and Chipotle Mayo. The brioche bun was really soft and had a really strong and flavourful butter taste but the bottom bun was kinda wet and slightly disintegrated from the sauces and caramelised onions. It was also quite salty (I think from the salted butter used to toast the bun + the myriad of sauces). Beef patty was really thick (refer to photo) so I personally feel that a single patty is sufficient. Also, certain parts were dry and tough but the beefy taste was just nice.

The fries were really crispy even after sitting out for a while and it wasn’t dry. However I’m not sure if it’s better with or without the Cajun seasoning because some parts ended up pretty bitter. The cold brew coffee with oat milk had no sugar added and was really smooth; gotta say this is something I would get when I come here but then again this place has so many unique drinks 😂

Will come back to try their other burgers!

Cycled to dabao this and it was still warm by the time I consumed it. Ordered the Smash Double Cheese Burger ($8.40) with Cheese fries (+$2.50) and Pulled Brisket Burger ($7.50) with Truffles fries (+$3.50).

The Smash Double Cheese Burger had really juicy patties, which were packed with flavour but a tad on the saltier side. It’s a good burger and is sufficient to satisfy a burger craving but there’re better ones out there (nonetheless, worth it for the price). The Pulled Brisket Burger was really flavourful too, I enjoyed it thoroughly with every bite. Would have to say this was more unique compared to the double cheese burger. The brisket was on the sweeter side and the texture was so good. Unfortunately because the brisket was cooked in sauce, the bottom of the burger disintegrated.

Fries were on the drier side, but thank goodness they were thick cut otherwise I think it might be even drier. Cheese top up was relatively worth it, the amount of cheese was generous. However those of you who aren’t fans of creamy stuff, this might end up pretty jelak!

The aroma from the Truffle fries was so strong that when I took it out from my bag, the whole dining room was filled with the smell of truffle. However, there wasn’t much truffle taste so I personally feel that you’d probably wanna give it a miss and it’s not worth topping up $3.50 for it.

This place is AMAZING✨ Ambience and service was great.

Ordered the cold pasta truffle scallop uni capellini ($88), Ravioli ($28) and Uni/ Scampi Bruschetta mix ($116). Total bill amounted to $276.60 for 2 pax, relatively pricey but it was worth every penny 🤤

The cold pasta truffle scallop uni capellini had a strong truffle taste which was elevated with the sweetness of the scallop and creaminess of the uni. They very kindly separated the dish into 2 plates for us for convenient consumption too!

Ravioli was nice, but personally i think it’s something you can miss out on!

The bruschetta with uni and caviar was similar to the cold pasta truffle scallop uni, except that the bruschetta was really crispy and fragrant and the toppings were generous. Would come back again to try other dishes! (Was eyeing the penne al granchio!)

Visited on a weekday lunch, no queue. Ordered the Classic ($16) and Happy Days ($20).

The Classic contained an impossible patty, pickles, special sauce and cheese while Happy Days contained an impossible patty, cheese, onion rings and smoky bbq sauce. Patties were juicy and fried til the edges were slightly crisp. Tried the patty on its own, tasted EXACTLY like a beef patty without the beefy taste. I’m impressed! Would have to admit that I prefer Happy Days better though; the onion rings added the texture and sweetness while the smoky bbq sauce added a level of depth to the burger.

The burgers came with a side of fries; upgraded one set to truffle fries (+$3). The truffle taste was really mild, you wouldn’t realise there’s truffle in it so I feel that it isn’t worth upgrading it. Wouldn’t specifically visit here to satisfy my burger cravings but if I’m in the vicinity, I would come back!

Got the Angus Striploin ($48) in medium, texture is alright overall but there were a lot of ligaments, making it a bit difficult to chew. Mash potato was smooth, vegetables were okay. Would be better with more sauce!

The Foie Gras Risotto ($34) was well done; texture of risotto grains were just nice and the foie gras was flavourful without being too jelat. Creaminess wasn’t too overpowering as well, but price point was steep even after using Burpple Beyond.


The Salmon Madness ($18) contains a poached egg drenched in Hollandaise sauce upon the Salmon, plated with baked zucchini, carrots, potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. This dish is a relatively healthier option. The salmon skin was not crispy and could have been done better; the hollandaise sauce was flavourful and well done. Could be better done but still relatively good!

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