Family Favourites

Family Favourites

Featuring Candlenut, National Kitchen by Violet Oon (National Gallery Singapore), Chuan Kee Seafood (Lower Delta), Famous Treasure (Capitol Singapore), Nakhon Kitchen (VivoCity), Long Ji Zi Char 龙记煮炒, WANt Food Taiwanese Delights (Cross Street Exchange), Paradise Teochew (VivoCity), Tambuah Mas (Tanglin), EatAlley

New foodcourt in orchard gateway featuring Malaysian hawker food!

This was a really well executed plate of Nasi lemak. The beef rendang was cut into bites size pieces which is slightly different from the chunky pieces of meat we usually get over here. The portion served was generous and every element tasted good!

Sautéed egg white with conpoy and fish meat. Very good dish to have if you’re on a protein diet! Breaking the egg yolk and eating it with the rest of the dish added a more silky texture. Overall a good dish.

Ordered some other dim sum items and found them rather pedestrian. Has CJ standard dropped? I remembered they used to do pretty good dim sum…

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Possibly the best Lu rou fan (卤肉饭) in Singapore! Melty pork belly in a very savoury sauce which just kept me digging for more.

The fried chicken (盐酥鸡) stayed perfectly fried even after a 30min journey home!

I have yet to try the other best seller vermicelli. Will have to go back soon!


Quintessential breakfast for many Singaporeans. We decided to opt for their otah toast to try. I like the thicker toast that they pair it with so that it blend nicely with the spicy fish paste.

This is different from the usual crab beehoon that you get from other stalls which is usually in a white/milky base soup. The gravy/soup is filled with umami flavours and every mouth of the thin beehoon is embodied with it. The crabs are also very fresh. Crab cravings satisfied!! 😃

Hands down the best beef rendang I’ve had before. The sauce is tasty with just the right amount of spiciness. The beef is so tender that I can break it using a spoon. Kueh pie tee, assam fish and Ayam buah keluak are pretty good too. Sayur lodeh is too watered down. Will stick to chap chye next time for my veggie intake.

Nasi kuning is abit too wet to my liking. Will recommend the crispy roti prata and jasmine rice to soak up all the delicious gravy from the dishes.

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Best steamed prawn dumpling (Har Gau) imo. The prawn filling is crunchy and generous. Every other dim sum dish is competently executed as well. Xiao Long Bao, fried prawn & mango roll, siew mai, steamed Teochew dumpling are the must order each time too!

One of our family’s favourite meal. I think they make the best tauhu telur. Beancurd and egg deep fried to perfection drizzled with a sweet dark sauce with peanuts.

Other must order includes satay, rendang and fried chicken.

We ordered direct from the restaurant and it’s really convenient to have delicious, warm Indonesian food on the table. 😋

These were the starters from the dinner set menu.

Lobster Kueh Pie Tee
Lamb satay (they changed it to pork if you don’t take lamb)
Roti Jala with chicken curry
Coconut shrimp

Everything came perfectly portioned for a small group of eaters. Our favourites were the roti jala and satay.

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Stuffed our faces with a lot of dishes for two.

1. Thai green curry chicken
2. Fish maw soup
3. Prawn cake
4. Spring rolls
5. Thai basil pork
6. Pineapple fried rice
7. Fried tang hoon
8. Mango sticky rice

We also ordered fresh coconut and lemon grass drink.

Total bill came up to $65 for the above. It’s definitely value for money. Although this place has a perpetual queue, turnover is pretty fast as all the dishes are served very quickly. They were playing Asian disco music in the background making one want to eat faster too 😂

One of the best dish of the night alongside their Assam fish head. Those holding a uob card gets a free Irish duck if you’re spending more than $200.
Looking forward to trying more of their modern nanyang dishes in coming visits!


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