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Save Yo Stomach Space Instead 😥😥

Save Yo Stomach Space Instead 😥😥

Featuring Fat Belly, Ministry of Ribs (Pandan Gardens), CHICHA San Chen (Jem), Swissbake (HarbourFront Centre), Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh (Northpoint City)
Ade Tan
Ade Tan

Sounded more promising than it really was sadly ☹️☹️ Brownie was dry and chocolate tasteless (neither bitter nor sweet), pastry was just dry and bland, overall I guess you can defo get a better cake/tart/dessert elsewhere 😕😕

Interesting mala glaze that wasn’t too oily/spicy but definitely had a strong taste of mala. Ribs were pretty tender and well glazed, but portions was a little small for the price at this kind of setting. Sides of French fries and corn were nothing special and definitelly not worth the 1h wait 😕😕

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The honey glaze was very nice with the tender ribs (but not fall off the bone tender, just not as dry as some other places), but this was a little smaller than what I expected for the price! If you do end up eating here, this is definitely the rib to order. Sides of onion rings and coleslaw were very average and not impressive in portion size. Definitely do not think the quality of the ribs is worth the 1h wait nor the price at a HDB-foyer-type restaurant (and service was a little dismissive), you can definitely get better value elsewhere for the same quality 😢😢

In my personal (though unpopular) opinion, wasn’t very impressed by this drink and was actually quite disappointed after all the hype ☹️☹️ Admittedly the oolong tea taste was pretty nice, the fresh milk taste was pretty nice, the bubbles were pretty chewy BUT they were all simply just not there yet ☹️☹️ Expected a lot more of this drink and was recommended to try it at 100% (I tried this at 50%; but if a drink is truly good, it should be good at every sugar level) and other drinks, idk maybe someday or never again? ☹️☹️

Extremely poor customer service. Made a reservation with them via Quandoo 1-2 weeks prior, and no indication on the application for any remarks to indicate redemption of the Burpple voucher. Not sure if it was a glitch on the application’s part or their part or maybe my phone, but extremely poor customer service when trying to tackle my problem. 2 hours before my meal when I finally managed to get a call through to them, did I finally find out all the redemptions for Burpple was full, and there was no trace of any announcement on any public platforms like Facebook/Instagram. Staff and manager were both unable to provide any inkling of a satisfactory response. Very disappointing and extremely poor customer service, which is unacceptable for any establishment that aims to serve up quality dining. Definitely do not recommend and honestly, don’t bother.

Appreciated the hebi/sambal-like paste as a topping, but the intestines felt a little grimy and wasn’t as flavourful as I hoped 😢😢 Skip this and go for their other dishes instead 😥😥

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Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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