Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Featuring Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (Marina Square), Dian Xiao Er (Tampines 1), Mak Hong Kee HK Kitchen, Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice (Plaza Singapura), Paradise Classic (Jewel Changi Airport), Jumbo Seafood (Jewel Changi Airport), Din Tai Fung (Jewel Changi Airport), Paradise dynasty.....legend of xiao long bao
Lyvia Simano
Lyvia Simano

Their roast platter was pretty well executed
although char siew was a bit hard, it was a satisfactory platter and my friend I took dining with said it’s still comparable to those restaurants in malls.

A pretty good dish, loved the freshness of the ingredients. The scallops were pretty generous too!

turns out the best dish we had.
Yong tau foo ingredients in a claypot of black bean sauce, REALLY good! Super comforting, especially that soft tofu with delicious minced meat inside that is also easy to chew. I’ll consider a MUST order!

MHK’s sweet and sour pork was really good, really enjoyed it as a sweet and sour pork lover.
The batter was really nicely crispy and remained crispy until the end despite being covered by sauce. The sauce was also nice! Flatter and thinner in shape compared to round shape that this dish usually has in other places, the batter-meat ratio was decent and overall some really good sweet and sour pork indeed!

My target was actually their Chili Crab and Pork Bun because it sounded interesting, but their noodles impressed me more than their bun.
Their noodles were silky smoooooth and just so comforting 🥰. The broth was more on lighter thickness and the wontons were nice. Their wonton had a very smooooth skin and they tasted nice. Truly a comforting dish! Love it! ❤️
Chili Crab and Pork Bun was filled with what its name suggests but doesn’t really taste like original chili crabs as there’s still their signature pork flavor. An interesting dish to try when you’re in Singapore since it’s only available in Singapore!

📍Din Tai Fung, Jewel Outlet
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To get them birthday noodles, me and my fam went to Paradise Dynasty @centralparkmall just for a quick bday noodle fix before my flight back to Singapore just last Sunday.
The noodles here tasted good, there were a lot of toppings (both wok-fried and boiled egg, mushroom, chicken, beansprouts) and there seems to be more toppings than the noodle. My fave part were the eggs, just tasty!
As I have stated in my previous post, Paradise Dynasty has my fav sweet and sour pork but this time they’re sold out so we opted for fish. The fish wasn’t less amazing! The batter was thin so there’s a lot of fish, which was great and the sauce was of course good! Could be better by having crispier batter tho, but good already
I also LOVE the Kungpao chicken here. I love the kungpao sauce
Another veggie I love here is the long beans with minced meat (I had minced chicken) coz I love the flavor of the minced meat along the crispy juicy beans.
Since it was my birthday I received free bday buns! If you’re above 20 u get discounts but I’m not 20 yet so no discount hahah
Yep one of my fav chinese restaurants in Jkt!! 🙌🏻
📍 Paradise Dynasty, Central Park Branch, Jakarta
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Beef black pepper has very tender beef and so goooood. As for the sauce I think it’s just okay because the black pepper didn’t really stand out.

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Nice and comforting
I prefer the black bean sauce in Jakarta as it has less of the sour-y flavor but this one is okay
All comes back to your preferences!

Made me finish like more than half the portion even though it was dinner time 😂 maybe I have something with cereal prawns. Would love it better if it was deshelled tho but already amazing !!! ❤️✨
Their Wonton Soup is also MUST TRY 🤩. Love the meat inside, so delicious both texture and flavor! 💕
Hainan Rice and the Steamed & Roasted Chicken was good
Claypot Black Bean Tofu was okay, I prefer the Indonesian style black bean tho (tausi)

📍Wee Nam Kee Singapore, Marina Square outlet
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Giving Michelin starred chicken rice a try!
The rice was indeed flavorful, chicken meat tender. The soup and sauce served along with it was also amazing!
For the hainan rice I’ve actually tried better ones. I just did’t get that ‘Michelin good’ feeling i guess. But it’s still wayyy above average so give it a try. The price wasnt too bad either compared to other restaurants in the mall!

🍗✨ I love how it’s battered and of course the sauce! It’s like oriental version of chicken wings. 😋
Also the blurred one behind is a cripsy tofu with sweet and spicy sauce. I LOVE the tofu as it was silky smooth and the outer is crispy fried 👌🏻
📍Dian Xiao Er, Singapore
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Long bean was super crunchy and fresh.
Ok time to (aggressively) describe how GOOD THE CEREAL PRAWN WAS. Fresh prawns, thin crispy batter, SUPER FLAVORFUL CEREAL. DEFINITELY SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TRY AND THANK ME LATER 👌🏻. As stated above, I didn’t really want to eat much that night, barely touched my mom’s rice, (well at first) but after the prawn I actually took some rice and eat it with the cereals.. coz it was that good no kidding.
Can’t wait to come back and try other menus! Btw the chestnuts u ‘get’ (u pay for it) at the beginning IS ALSO SO GOOD and it’s amazing when u eat it with the cereal 👌🏻

📍Paradise Classic @paradisegrpsg , Jewel outlet
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Wouldn’t have anything that are not worth the calories ✌🏻

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