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Lyvia Simano
Lyvia Simano

Their cheese tarts are NICE! Tbh it ceased away my worry that B**E is closing down, this one is comparable! So nice!

Didn’t expect that I would be this impressed by this sandwich
Flavor is towards the salty side coming from different kinds of ham and cheese, as well as sourness from pickled veggies. These strong flavors are balanced out by the fresh veggies like lettuce. A recommended sandwich!

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Great pastry, fine quality chocolate within. Would definitely love it even more if it has more chocolate inside

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as a Choco-Banana lover, I APPROVE of this!
It is not rare for me to get disappointed on choco-banana breads when the filling is meager, but Keong Saik’s fillings are generous and of good quality!
Banana wasn’t hard (some bananas in real-banana filled bread gets hard fyi), it was sweet along with the chocolate that you know it’s of high quality!
Do try this if you’re into choco-banana!


Even though it was just a little amount in the middle, I can taste that the burnt cheesecake filling was delicious! 🤩 the cheese flavor is there (it’s made with 4 different types of cheese!) with the right sweetness! The croissant was also nice and I actually liked how the parts close to the cheesecake turned a little soggy and there’s also the crunchy parts more to the outside.
I heard great reviews on their burnt cheesecake, really should’ve tried them too but oh well next time again then!
Their CHOCOLATE BANANA croissant was AMAZING! 🤩 as a chocolate banana fan I really approve of this! Love the generous portion of banana and chocolate inside, topped with gorgeous almond biscuit layer, really enjoyed it!!! If you love chocolate banana you should get this trust me! You know how some choco-banana bread comes in disappointing amount of filling (& sometimes the banana turned hard :/)but not this one!

📍Keong Saik Bakery, 41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore
Closest MRT: Outram Park
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When the only cro-yaki store closes in Jakarta I was sad and now I’m in Singapore and found ove in 313 Somerset! @soetamjiak
Here is a Chocolate Banana Croissant Taiyaki that’s bear shaped instead of fish! 🐻🐟
Theirs is overall ok but the filling was rather meager. Would have been perfect if there were more fillings, but enough to satisfy my croyaki cravings for now!

📍Soe Tam Jiak @soetamjiak , 313 Somerset
🚊 closest MRT: Somerset
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Palmier is crunchy and very good
Their pineapple cake is also amazing! The pineapple filling is SOO far from being too sweet and their buttery crust is just 👌🏻 can totally taste the quality! 💕

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All the breads I’ve tried, including the testers provided by the kind waitress 🥰 are SO GOOD! (except for the hot chickn bc there was more green chilli than chicken but maybe it’s just a matter of preferences). The 🥥coconut gula melaka🥥(most left) tasted like kue mangkok as we call it in Indonesia. There are various kue mangkok and this one tasted like the brown one that you eat with coconut except in bread form which is 👌🏻. Curry chicken (bottom left) is filled with green curry chicken that’s GOODDD.
Mentaiko (top middle) DAMN THEIR MENTAIKO IS SO GOOD. They also have mentaiko baguette and their mentaiko is just sooooo good u gotta try it.
Ah pollo (top right) is polo bun textured filled with custard. This one is also a must try! Their custard is sooooo good 😫💕. Btw I also tried a sample of the brown sugar bun and it was the fluffiest bread I’ve eaten like ever.
Second picture is their palmier and pineapple cake. Palmier is so good and I love love love the pineapple cake since it’s far from being too sweet and damn the buttery crust is just 👌🏻✨ one of the best nastars I’ve tried.
Didn’t get my hands on the award winning bread Lychee Rose and Longan Red Wine even though I can at 10 mins after the batch was released 😤. Can’t wait to try em!
📍Wu Pao Chun, Capitol Piazza 🚇 Nearest MRT: City Hall
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Salmon spinach quiche was good, accompanied with nice salad! The sultana was brioche textured but I prefer the croissant textured sultana although it was still okay.

VERY GOOD! I say they have the perfect amount of sugar during the dough laminating process because their kouign amann is not too sweet but just perfectly sweet and has a very good texture! Totally in love!

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Wouldn’t have anything that are not worth the calories ✌🏻

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