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Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

Look at how beautiful and colorful this bowl looks! 😍 This entire bowl became vegetarian by accident 😂 For $16.90, it comes with 1 base (cauliflower and egg white rice), 2 vegetables (baby peas and leeks + curried cauliflower) +, 2 proteins (kale frittata + baked quinoa falafel) and 1 dollop (hummus) on a mesclun salad base.

I really liked the falafel though. It was crumbly, sweet with the flavor of tahini. And there's the frittata, which is really packed with kale and the tangy tomato topping is really nice. I loved the cauliflower rice too, which always tastes so clean and flavorful. Peas are also a rare thing to find in protein bowls which popped in my mouth like candy.


This is super worth it at $8.50 :)

Sure, it's a simple, basic bowl; lettuce base with 5 toppings (beetroot, cucumber, corn, long beans and cherry tomato) and a dressing (Japanese sesame). I added on two proteins; slices of BBQ chicken and some smoked salmon.

But it's surprisingly satisfying and all the veggies tasted really fresh and crunchy. For that amount of protein I really do think it's rather worth it even though taste wise it was pretty average at best. The smoked salmon didn't smell 'bad' or overly fishy. The BBQ chicken slices had no taste of BBQ at all (they were literally paper thin) but at least they were edible haha and satisfied the palate.


This cost $11.50 and I had a base of soba noodles, a protein of smoked salmon and topped with edamame, onsen egg, carrot, cherry tomato and wakame seaweed. I also had a creamy dressing of honey mustard. It's served in the cutest heart shaped salad bowl.

It tastes really clean and delicious. The soba noodles are served warm which is really interesting. The smoked salmon is really good. The edamame is well-seasoned and crunchy. I just am not sure about the onsen egg which is really watery.

Their ordering system means you can either conveniently order online or through a computer they have in-store. It is a really cosy, homely restaurant and in the center of it all is the lovely owner, who served me and all other customers with such incredible enthusiasm and cheerfulness.


I have officially found my newest favorite meal prep location. This is so unbelievably affordable and delicious. The Active bowl ($8.90) comes with 1 protein (added $3 for picante steak), 1 base (romaine lettuce), 3 supplements (roasted pineapple, sweet potato, egg white, added $1 for an additional supplement of curried cauliflower) and 1 dressing (ponzu citrus).

The highlight for me is definitely the steak. I have two huge slabs of steak which were cubed and it is SO juicy and tender (no rubbery pieces of beef here). And the roasted pineapple...its basted with French butter and then baked till the pineapple is all caramelized. It's like eating a pineapple tart, that's how soft and juicy and sweet the pineapple flesh is. Pairs perfectly with the steak. The only complaint I have really is the purple sweet potato, it is way too dry.

But totally worth it for such delicious yet healthy food. Omg it really tastes amazing. Definitely don't underestimate this takeaway stand.


This is such a gigantic, value-for-money salad ($16); a mountain of salad greens, kale and spinach drizzled in a tangy tahini dressing. It's topped a generous amount of feta, sun-dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, walnuts, quinoa and cucumber. I added $5 for a heap of marinated chicken.

This is how to salad properly; leaves that are fresh and crisp, exciting, bold pops of flavor from the sun-dried tomatoes, umami from the tahini, crunch from the walnuts and the saltiness of the feta. And the chicken was slightly dry but still quite tender and flavorful. I'm glad it wasn't the chicken breast but the chicken thigh which is generally more forgiving. I think it really needs the protein to make it a proper satiating meal. But still really delicious.


They've got tough competition with TDC just next door, so I really wanted to see how their food compared to its neighbor.

The regular bowl is $10 and comes with 2 bases (I chose soba and sweet potato mash), 1 protein (curry turmeric chicken), 5 greens (edamame, green bean, cucumber, kailan, beetroot), 1 sauce (truffle shoyu), 1 lux (beetroot hummus) and 1 topping (tobiko). I paid $13.50 as the chicken and sweet potato required additional topups.

It was really good. I really liked the beetroot hummus; rich and creamy and absolutely delicious. The portion of carb and protein were definitely generous too. I had two heaping scoops of bright orange mashed sweet potatoes. The curry chicken was really well done too; not too spicy nor too oily. And the truffle shoyu that the veggies were tossed in was really strong too. I was fully prepared for the crunchy veggies to taste a little on the bland side but that wasn't the case at all as the truffle scent permeated the area as soon as I opened the lid.

Can't wait to try their pre-selected bowls!


This 2-month old joint is hidden away at the 2nd floor of Frasers Tower. Its really affordable too, at $10.90 for 1 base, 1 protein, 5 sides, 1 sauce and 1 topping. (I didn't take the sauce cause the sides were flavorful enough already) I also got some cold brewed genmaicha tea at $1.50 :)

I had romaine lettuce for base, tender chicken breast for the protein (although they ran out and I got a little bit of honey soy chicken too) and for the sides I had YoBo's kimchi, broccoli puree, roasted brinjal, shitake mushrooms and cauliflower rice. The topping was sliced honey almonds!

Everything is done with so much care and attention. The kimchi is housemade every week (so it won't be too sour). I loved the broccoli puree most of all. So creamy and rich with an almost soup-like texture! All the other sides were very well executed. The tender chicken breast was poached with a slight hint of lemon and the honey soy chicken was juicy and flavorful.

Props to great service and a convenient online website and macro calculator! Definitely will be back!! 👍



This was such a delightful, refreshing salad. ($12.90 + $4 for chicken) The salad base consists of kale, lettuce and spinach and its sprinkled with cranberries, crunchy red apple, pecans, feta, edamame, cherry tomato and quinoa. The salad was drizzled with a lemon oregano dressing and also came served with a slice of toasted brioche. Somehow everything just worked and all the flavors melded together beautifully, with the different contrasting textures and flavors. And it was surprisingly filling paired with the chicken and bread.

Its very clean and fresh-tasting, but definitely needed the extra boost of protein from the chicken, which tasted pretty average and definitely not worth $4. The brioche too, was rather dry and crumbly, but still had a nice rich milky flavor.


This is the most value for money poke bowl. For $9.90 I got a base (salad greens), choice of one poke (I chose shoyu salmon), and toppings (pineapple, carrot, tomato salsa, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and ikura). I added $3 for an additional scoop of yuzu soy ahi tuna. Each scoop is 75 grams of fish, which is whopping by poke bowl standards. There's the option to add on superfoods like avocado and pomegranate for $1 each, which is a fair price as well.

It was so good!! I love how the poke is cut into such huge, satisfying chunks. The fish itself is really fresh and tender. And the marinade adds just the right amount of flavor. The shoyu with its saltiness and the yuzu with its subtle citrusy flavor, combining well with the pineapple and tomatoes. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. It was all in all just so satisfying and such a large portion too.

Conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, this is just a fantastic place for a post workout pick me up. :)


This cute little joint is tucked away on the top floor of Bugis Junction. Their basic bowls come with 1 grain (I topped up $2 for cauliflower rice), 1 salad (romaine lettuce), 1 poke (original, which according to the staff is shoyu-sesame), pineapple, lime wedge and scallions. There are standard add-ons for $1 and I selected the edamame and chuka wakame. Premium add-ons are $1.50 and I chose a scoop of avocado.

Its actually not too bad. I liked the freshness of the salmon and the marinade, and they also have quite a few options for the choice of poke. I also quite liked the cauliflower rice because it had cranberries and raisins which added a touch of sweetness. The pineapple added a burst of tropical flavor to waken up the taste buds and is such a good combination with the fish. But somehow I felt it just wasn't value for money for the meagre amount of poke I got (my entire bowl came up to $16.90). Its good as a clean pre or post workout meal, but there are definitely better options out there.


I got the Medium ($14.90) which came with 100 grams of salmon sashimi. It does run on the more expensive side for poke, given the quantity and variety of the bowl. The bed of mixed greens had lettuce, mesclun and arugula. It was topped with cubes of apple and beet, dill and fennel with a tangy dressing.

I really quite liked the lettuce mix. The nuttiness of the arugula really paired well with all the other ingredients. The green apple added an interesting crunch against the sashimi. Which was remarkably fresh and sweet. The mild fragrance of the dill really melded well with the fish as well. The dressing; I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it bound together all the flavors of the poke bowl well.

A most interesting take on the poke bowl, very light and healthy indeed. The only thing is the portion size; it would never be satisfying for a hearty eater and isn't what I consider value for money.😂


Had the medium protein bowl ($13) which came with 1 base (romaine lettuce), 1 protein (baked dory fish), 3 supplements (roasted curried cauliflower, onsen egg and roasted pumpkin) and a sprinkle of mixed nuts. It also comes with dressing but I didn't have any dressing on this one.

I felt the portions were not really good on this one, for $13 I can easily get a more generous bowl somewhere else. I think the weirdest thing I did was to add the mixed nuts, somehow I thought they'd be almonds or something but it ended up just being crushed peanuts. >< The fish is quite good though, flaky and with a crispy but not oily breadcrumb exterior. Can't really go wrong with the onsen egg which is a really good pairing with the lettuce :) I felt the roasted pumpkin was a weird one, it felt soggy and it was mashed which I didn't like.

Not too bad!! Better options out there but with a one for one deal I'll take it for a healthy, fuss-free, kinda-yummy lunch :)


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