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Watching Dem Calories

Watching Dem Calories

Healthy food =/= nasty food πŸ˜‹πŸ’ͺ🏻
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

I got the Medium ($14.90) which came with 100 grams of salmon sashimi. It does run on the more expensive side for poke, given the quantity and variety of the bowl. The bed of mixed greens had lettuce, mesclun and arugula. It was topped with cubes of apple and beet, dill and fennel with a tangy dressing.

I really quite liked the lettuce mix. The nuttiness of the arugula really paired well with all the other ingredients. The green apple added an interesting crunch against the sashimi. Which was remarkably fresh and sweet. The mild fragrance of the dill really melded well with the fish as well. The dressing; I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it bound together all the flavors of the poke bowl well.

A most interesting take on the poke bowl, very light and healthy indeed. The only thing is the portion size; it would never be satisfying for a hearty eater and isn't what I consider value for money.πŸ˜‚


Had the medium protein bowl ($13) which came with 1 base (romaine lettuce), 1 protein (baked dory fish), 3 supplements (roasted curried cauliflower, onsen egg and roasted pumpkin) and a sprinkle of mixed nuts. It also comes with dressing but I didn't have any dressing on this one.

I felt the portions were not really good on this one, for $13 I can easily get a more generous bowl somewhere else. I think the weirdest thing I did was to add the mixed nuts, somehow I thought they'd be almonds or something but it ended up just being crushed peanuts. >< The fish is quite good though, flaky and with a crispy but not oily breadcrumb exterior. Can't really go wrong with the onsen egg which is a really good pairing with the lettuce :) I felt the roasted pumpkin was a weird one, it felt soggy and it was mashed which I didn't like.

Not too bad!! Better options out there but with a one for one deal I'll take it for a healthy, fuss-free, kinda-yummy lunch :)


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I quite like the fuss-free concept and minimalist store. They give the same standard rainbow toppings for each bowl; cherry tomato, shredded carrot, sweet corn, honey pineapple, cucumber, chuka wakame and pickled beetroot. I had the romaine lettuce base and you can choose up to 2 types of poke (I went for original shoyu salmon and shoyu tuna). I had tobiko for the topping. It cost $12.90 and NUS students can get 10% off by flashing their student card. :D

I heard some bad things about this particular poke place but I ended up really liking it!! I liked how the fish tasted really really fresh. I don't even enjoy tuna that much but the cubes in here were really good, with the light, fresh-tasting marinade really enhancing the taste of the fish. And the toppings were really good too; providing a different variety of tastes, textures and flavors. The pineapple was definitely the most interesting addition, while the the chuka wakame soothed the bite from its tanginess.

Overall, while slightly pricey, I don't mind paying for good quality, well-curated food. :) Which is exactly what I got in this delicious bowl.

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This delightful bowl was from Shake Farm's brunch menu. I was so happy and surprised to see macro counts on the menu; this delicious looking bowl cost $26 and packs 41g of protein for only 600kcal. Arugula, sauteed spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes and sweet potato-carrot mash provide a bed of veggies on which sliced ribeye steak and two sunny side eggs. The rainbow of colors looked so eye-appealing, exactly how I like my salad bowls.

The steak was well cooked. It was rather thin but still retained its juiciness and was well seasoned with black pepper, albeit rather oily. The soft yolks of the eggs were like a salad dressing, pairing well with the earthy bite of the arugula, juicy pops of the cherry tomato and the sweetness of the mash. Altogether, it was a filling, satiating post-workout meal.

I liked the whimsical, colorful feel of the restaurant. The fairy lights, strings of flags and neon signs stood out from the more minimalistic nature of the other food places in the area. Also, the fact that it is open on weekends is a major plus.


Maki-San is one of the most nostalgic food places for me; from their Cathay outlet when I was in secondary school/junior college to their NUS outlet when I headed to university. I love that you can choose the proportion of carb and protein you want. Its like a Subway and a sushi restaurant mashed together, and its always such a fun and whimsical experience here.

The Mega-San salad ($9.90) comes with a choice of base (mixed lettuce), 5 essentials (avocado, edamame, grilled chicken strips, cherry tomato, shredded carrot), 1 sprinkle (bonito), 1 sauce (soba sauce) and 1 special (salmon sashimi and I added $3 for an extra special of teriyaki chicken).

Its hard to go wrong with a salad place like this; the combinations are endless and the food always tastes so light, healthy yet hearty. I also like their consistency from outlet to outlet as well as over time. I do have to complain about the portion tho; $3 for a tiny mound of chicken with barely any meat is not worth it at all. Tip: students can flash their student card for 10% discount *finger guns*

I love the environment in this outlet; from the whimsical carousel decoration to the peaceful window seating overlooking the bus bay.



Seriously, how much more eye-appealing can they make a salad look 😍 like, peep those rainbow colors!!

This is a Large Bowl ($14.90) which came with 1 base, 1 dressing (I decided not to have dressing), 2 mains, 3 sides and 1 topping. For the base I opted for mesclun salad greens, the mains were salmon sashimi (+$2) and black pepper roast tofu, the 3 sides were piccalilli cauliflower, maple baked carrot and cherry tomato salsa. Finally everything was topped with a sprinkling of almond flakes (always so nice to have a crunch in your salad!!)

The standout for me was the maple-glazed carrot. Sweet, crunchy and refreshing, it paired really well with the undressed greens. The black pepper tofu was really spicy though surprisingly. I also appreciated the seasoning on the cauliflower which elevated the flavor profile of the entire bowl. Portion sizes were average for the price.

This meal was a satisfying one and a good option for healthy eaters in Holland Village, located a stone's throw from the MRT.


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I ordered the salad bowl which was a romaine-mesclun mix with 5 toppings and 1 dressing. For the toppings I added feta cheese (premium topping equivalent to 2 normal toppings), baby potato, sweet corn and broccoli and the dressing was citrus dressing. I also added grilled cajun chicken and chargrilled king oyster mushroom for $2.20 and $3.30 respectively. The bowl came up to $14.10 and then I added $2.50 for the coffee (Americano with a dash of milk).

The bowl looked so delightfully appetizing, with all the different proteins arranged in an eye-appealing colorful manner on the plate. I loved the cajun chicken, it was juicy and tender and slightly spicy. The chargrilled mushroom was coated in a thick sweet sauce that went really well with the veggies. And the feta cheese really helped enhance the flavor of the dish with its salty kick. I drizzled a little citrus dressing on the veggies which hadn't quite caught the seasonings of the chicken and mushroom, and it was light, tangy and palate-cleansing.

A very satisfying, flavorful, fuss-free lunch with good coffee. I definitely will be back!!


Look at this bulging bowl of goodness :D the box could barely fit this. But finally trying the 'OG meal prep place' as my dining partner puts it.

$15 bought me 2 bases (romaine, purple mashed sweet potato), 2 proteins (chicken breast, chili-lime shrimp), 3 supplements (broccoli, maple-glazed tempeh, egg whites), 1 topping (pomegranate seeds) and 1 dressing (honey mustard). To be honest the dressing is quite unnecessary; all the food is pretty well seasoned already so I only used it as a dipping sauce for the romaine. Or perhaps the lime squeeze might have been a better option.

The standouts to me were the chili-lime shrimp, which were fresh and crunchy with just the right amount of tanginess and spiciness from the seasoning. The tempeh is a good option for vegans and vegetarians looking for their protein fix; it was flavorful although I could barely taste the maple glaze.

All in all, not my favorite healthy salad place (personally I prefer more simply cooked food rather than the deluge of clashing flavors I got here) to eat in the CBD, but definitely worth it for the price and generous serving.


This review is mainly about the Impossible patty, which is a sous vide plant-based patty with the texture and taste of a beef patty. The 150g patty cost $14 and here I've paired it with broccoli, sweet potato and mushroom medley.

I mean it doesn't really look impressive does it? It looks like a big ol portobello mushroom to me. Cutting into it, I was quite surprised to find it did have the texture of a medium rare patty. It was fork tender and had soft chunks that had the mouthfeel of bits of fat and cartilage. And it certainly had a beefy, meaty flavor to it. The patty was seasoned well; I could see bits of grated carrot, onion and greens inside.

However it lacked the juiciness of a beef patty and there was still something off about the taste that really confused my taste buds. I suggest dipping it in one of Wafuken's sauces like the garlic soy to enhance the flavor of the food.

Overall quite a good option for vegans who crave the flavor of meat. I'm still quite intrigued as to how such a meaty texture is produced without using any actual meat.


Teppei Syokudo has been my go-to place for good chirashi don ever since my junior college days. I loved the DIY concept, which allowed me to choose my fish and toppings depending on my mood that day. (its such a cute and unique twist on a classically Japanese dish) I am also a huge fan of their special Teppei dressing which the fish cubes are generously tossed in.

This is the regular Kaisen salad ($16.80) with sweet onion dressing and zhnged up with their Edamame ($0.80) and Onsen Egg ($2.00). It comes with 4 choices of seafood and I selected salmon, squid, swordfish and baby scallop. The toppings were in a generous portion; blanketing the bowl so the salad could barely be seen. As usual, the seafood tasted delightfully fresh and sweet, cut into the perfect size so one could appreciate a fair amount of salad and fish in a single bite. The shoyu based sauce balanced the bowl out with just the perfect amount of saltiness and the creamy egg, ikura and freshly ground sesame contributed to the variety of textures and flavors in the bowl.

This is a good choice for a fast, casual lunch or a fun dinner date! The only reason why it gets one point knocked off is the price as well as the rice (in the kaisendon) being occasionally overcooked.


This delicious bibimbap contained seared soy citrus tuna on a coriander cauliflower rice base (additional $3). For the 5 toppings, I opted for the 'Let Omma Decide' option, which landed me with corn, chickpea, cabbage, edamame and cucumber. It was a total of $15.90 and I used the Burpple Beyond deal to get a slightly cheaper bibimbap for my dining partner.

It came with a choice of 3 sauces and I chose to mix the Apple Cider Gochujang (mild, spicy, tangy korean chilli paste) and the Soy Garlic Jang (non-spicy, savory sauce). You then cover the bowl and shake until all the deliciousness is mixed up.

I'm not a fan of Korean food and flavors at all, but I really liked this one. The sauces gave the perfect zing and all the ingredients were fresh and wholesome. The tuna, to my delight was seared on the spot and had a fresh, sweet, mild flavor. It was kind of like a more delightful zhnged-up salad. The cauliflower rice was super worth the upgrade as it made the bibimbap even more refreshing and easy to eat. And the cauliflower absorbed the sauces which significantly elevated its flavor. Best of all, all the bibimbaps were below 500 calories so I could definitely feel full and satiated without overindulging. :)



This massive pizza slice-esque sandwich cost $8.90 and 370 calories. I absolutely appreciate it when menus have calorie counts; it helps me really be aware of what I am eating.

Generously packed with smoked salmon and stuffed full of vegetables, the flavor of the sandwich was further elevated with red onion and capers and a smear of cream cheese. All the toppings were mounted on glorious crunchy slices of multigrain bread. It tasted really healthy and balanced.

Topped up $5 for a cream of mushroom soup and iced Americano. The soup was really bad actually; cold with a curiously gloopy texture. My dining partner and I shared a chocolate tart and that wasn't nice as was rich and chocolatey but also astoundingly dry (especially the crust which was crumbly) . But it came with some brownie toppings and that saved the dessert.

All in all, I would come back for the sandwiches if I needed a quick low-calorie snack to fuel a workout. But even then, the price point is rather high.



I lift πŸ’ͺ🏻 I eat 🍩 I science πŸ€“

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