The higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment. Well, it was a decent soy chicken rice with herbal sauce but meat was served cold which was quite a shock to us. Rice was too mushy for my liking. At least the sauce was okay!!

Had the chance to try their charsiew, which is almost nth like our typical local charsiew but those Japanese ramen kinds.

My first ever Peking Duck and I finally understood the reason for the rave & the price. I hope the glistening on the duck tells you everything. I’m salivating as I’m typing this. The meat is so so so tender and I also had so much joy 啃-ing the takeaway bones as supper.

Had the chance to try their bamboo clams as well! The 冬粉 absorbs the freshness of the clams and the garlicky- soy sauce so well!! Wa it fits my Asian palette so well on so many levels.

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I stay in the far west so travelling to old airport road is not a chore as long as my favourite lormee & roast paradise are there.

It’s super rare to find fatty charsiew in Singapore when most of them are very lean and hard. This charsiew &siobak thoughhhhh, they literally melt in your mouth. I never understood they way food bloggers describe their meat as “melt in your mouth” until I tried roast paradise.

This kind of noodles (that look plain and not much colour) is more common in Malaysia I would say. Do not judge the taste by its colour 😤. Haiya, you have to try it yourself to understand what I mean. But this is really a must try (even worth travelling 1.5hrs for it)

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PARDON FOR THE PHOTO but this is a very comforting bowl of la mian. Hearing “Ramen” made me expect the rich and heavy Japanese ramen broth. Hearing “shrimp” made me expect prawn noodles. This bowl of noodles however, is the complete opposite. The broth is so light with a hint of the freshness from the prawns. The broth is z’enged by the fried cabbage that added another dimension of wokhey in the soup, I KNOW RIGHT?? Wokhey in the soup.

The trio includes prawns, dumplings & the famous ebiko prawn paste from beauty in the pot.
Their dumplings are so good that we decided to order another bowl of dumpling soup. It’s bouncy and springy, very perfect with their chilli (which I added vinegar to it!!)

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Comes with a choice of noodles (got the Sichuan noodles) & dumplings (managed to try the fried pierogi & spicy sichuan dumplings) & a drink (longan osmanthus pu erh & grapefruit thyme strawberry thyme)

Overall I think it’s quite pricey considering the noodles felt a lot like youmian. Seasoning for the noodles were nice but also tasted like spicy dry youmian. Maybe try their unique noodles/dumplings rather than the “红油抄手” u can find almost anywhere. Eg the fried pierogi has truffled potatoes n bacon I think, topped with Sriracha mayo, pretty unique

Drinks r unique!! Am really a HUGE osmanthus fan they had this osmanthus jelly in the drink, loved it.

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hardcore 🥑

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