I thought their DTF 排骨炒饭is already fantabulously amazing but THIS is on a whole new level. The sauce is savoury, full of braised flavour, soaked into the lamian kinda noodles. Wokhey is there, green onion adds a good touch, pork is tender. What more can I say.


The Hakka noodles reminds me of the kolo mee I had at my grandparents’ place, back in Malaysia. It’s not a smth you can find easily in Singapore and I’m so so so happy fookkin/roast paradise made it happen.

STORY TIME: a customer mistook the staff for not adding sauce to his noodles judging based on its look. Fret not sir, it’s colourless but it is PACKED with flavours (esp the lard.... oh goodness 🤤)

10/10 must order

Tip: if you’re already ordering their platter or rice/noodle bowl (if not what are you there for man!!) you might wanna skip this. It’s basically roasted meat with the fried mantou!! I appreciate that the mantou isn’t too oily (there’s enough sinful fats from the charsiew/ siew yoke, heyyy not complaining tho!!!)

Here’s the trick tho, in the siewyoke mantou, it comes with pickles cucumber or smth like that. In the charsiew mantou, it comes with their mustard sauce and in the dang gui ya, there’s a pickled radish. I like how all these touches help to reduce the gelak-ness HAHA. Love it actually!!!

they are HELLA generous with their salted egg sauce. The lotus root is fried till crispy yet the slight sweetness of lotus root isn’t lost. Remember to eat them fast!! They are so generous with the sauce that the chips turn soggy pretty soggy

One thing tho.... it doesn’t taste like salted egg sauce, more like a sweet & savory butter sauce hehe, but I still like it regardless

Ahhh Han’s... the VERY overpriced hawker food, $8 was on promotion already. But undeniably, it’s tough to find Hainanese pork chop like these, fried with the mixed vegetable and drenched in tangy sweet tomato sauce. I would say I throughly enjoyed this dish, wok hey is prominent but 💸

This stall is very hidden as compared to their counterpart (Happy Duck). Pretty solid portion and their duck is braised till tender.

Also comes with salted veg, braised egg and taukwa slices.

Overall a very worth it set!!

The sauce is a lot thicker than usual & pretty herbaceous which isn’t too overpowering at the same time.

Comes with bean sprouts, taukwa, peanuts and braised egg!

10/10 soul food

Comes with Premium A4 Kogoshima Wagyu, Horfun that’s filled with wokhei, crispy deep-fried horfun strips, poached egg and of course, their special truffle gravy.

This really sets the standard for horfun so high that it’ll tough to look at your normal horfun the same way ever again......

The beef melts in your mouth while the crispy horfun adds a contrast of texture even after absorbing the truffle sauce.

Overall, this dish is packed with flavours and textures. Nothing from Dragon Chamber is average yknow.

Very unassuming, not one of their signatures but turned out to be one of the highlights of the night. The squid cakes were salty, fragrant and reminded us of fatty pork belly but much much softer :’-)

Literally everything from Dragon Chamber is exceptional!!

The fried chicken really packs a punch!! Very very crispy and the heat makes the dish v shiokkk. We are usual xiaola/zhongla eater & it’s quite spicy for us.
The maple fritters acts like a fire extinguisher haha, very unique pairing & it works!!

Literally the first item on their signature menu. Basically Cheeseburger in this crispy egg roll skin. The sauce reminded us of Big Mac! Pretty decent, interesting take on a traditional cheeseburger!!

My first ever Peking Duck and I finally understood the reason for the rave & the price. I hope the glistening on the duck tells you everything. I’m salivating as I’m typing this. The meat is so so so tender and I also had so much joy 啃-ing the takeaway bones as supper.

Had the chance to try their bamboo clams as well! The 冬粉 absorbs the freshness of the clams and the garlicky- soy sauce so well!! Wa it fits my Asian palette so well on so many levels.

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hardcore 🥑

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