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Yohana Agasta
Yohana Agasta
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This tasted pretty splendid, the salmon was freshly cooked. The sauce, though inadequate, binds the fish and greens together.

The crust was a little underwhelming but an interesting touch to the dish.

However, the portion was really small. I would only recommend it if you are looking for a lighter meal :)

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The only trouble was that there was absolutely no sauce (not even mayo) in the burger and it made the burger really dry and hard to consume. The only sauce given in this meal was the spicy mayo in a saucer, presumably for the fish. Meat portion was okay, 2x palm size fish + 1x palm size chicken.

Good quality fish but slightly lacklustre in taste, batter was a tad bit chewy for fish. Chicken, nothing out of the ordinary. Bun was on the sweeter side, grilled with a bit of butter which was a plus point.

Overall taste was passable but don’t expect to be wowed by this dish. Will I order the same dish again? Nope :(

Overall it’s a very decent and pleasant dish, there’s sufficient sauce for the spaghetti and it’s not sick at all. The batter of fish is well done and not floury, the fish itself is pretty fresh and sweet too! Although it is a mentaiko dish, don’t set your expectations too high as it only constitutes to a portion of it :)

I ordered this because it was a safer choice for a first timer and BAM! Okay maybe not bam but whoaah not bad at all. The cream was pleasant and not too overwhelming. The prawns were firm and fresh, and the bonito flakes was the power factor.

I ordered spaghetti instead of linguine, just let the waiter know your preference. -Picture was an initial wrong order but they were nice enough to change it-

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