Sun’s Out, Buns Out

Sun’s Out, Buns Out

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin), Bread Yard (Galaxis), Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), 25 Degrees Singapore, Two Men Bagel House (Holland Village), Five Guys (Plaza Singapura), A&W (Jewel Changi Airport), 6 Letter Coffee, Wolf Burgers (Funan)
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $6

💬: as my bf would say: SOOOOOOLIDFRIES!

For $6, this was super worth it with its fluffy bun and juicy beef, complete with hot cripy fat fries, but my patty though juicy, had quite a bit of tendon in it, some of which i spat out but overall, this was pretty damn close to perfection 😍🤤

💸: $16

💬: Still prefer porchetta over this! The fried chicken could've done with a crispier batter which stuck to the meat

White kimchi was amazing when paired with the fried meat 🤤🤤

💸: $14

💬: Definitely know why there is such a big hoohaa over their burgers because not only is it yummy, it was bloody affordable!!!!! the number 3 was good, but I'd still stick to number 1 the next time I'm there, strong flavours and yet tastes very comforting

💵: $9.20

🤔: Chicken was flavourful, though not the moistest or juiciest
Would have preferred a burger of a more substantial size because this didn't fill me up at all...

💵: $14.50

🤔: Food took way too long for a restaurant with only 2 occupied tables, but I will say that their burgers are not too bad, though on the pricier side

💵: $12

🤔: This was really yums and affordable! The chicken was tender and well-marinated, paired with some tomatoes & onions which helped to cut the greasiness - though there was hardly any - all stuffed in a piece of fluffy buttered bread. Got a tomato soup along with it and that too was pretty good!

💵: $12

🤔: The perfect breakfast bagel. Might seem pricey but the taste definitely makes up for the price!

💵: $15

🤔: Roast pork was definitely comparable to Fook Kin's, fat, tasty and delicious, pairing well with the sour notes of the other toppings.

📈: 7/10

💸: $17.10 (w Burpple Beyond)

🤔: The fried chicken sandwich - or rather burger - was to-die-for. Just a plain ol’ chicken burger done well in my opinion. Fried chicken was still juicy and crispy after being left to wait for about 5 minutes while we were waiting for our mushroom melt to be served. The brioche bun went well with the fried chicken, providing a tinge of sweetness to the burger. The mushroom melt sandwich on the other hand (not pictured) , was not as well-received by my friend and I. Never been a big fan of arugula due to its bitterness but that’s my personal preference. Was a little jelak from the third bite onwards so I decided to just eat the bread without the mushrooms. The rye bread was definitely the saving grace for the sandwich as it was everything i like in a bread - tough, dry and yet chewy. Would definitely only return if I have burpple beyond as it would otherwise be too expensive.

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

💵: $18++

📈: 8/10

🤔: Super yummy burger, really loved the juicy patty and the bun. Would have hands down thought the patty was a normal meat patty as it not only tasted like one, but even had the texture of it. Better than Veganburg IMO, but it is pretty pricey for a burger n fries, so maybe something I’ll only have when I feel like I deserve a treat.

Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything

💵: $13

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Juicy beef patty topped with melted cheese and "all-in" toppings, this made for a very filling meal despite it being a 'little' cheeseburger. Would be better if the patty had more of a bite to it.

💵: $18

📈: 6.5/10

🤔: My friend commented that the pasta smelt like petrol, so maybe the oil used was rancid or could be expiring soon. Could use some more flavour or chilli flakes. Plus side would be the fat and sweet scallop!

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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