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mad yums
mad yums

at a price of $10++ on Thursdays, this burger was quite a steal. a small mountain of pulled pork sat atop fluffy brioche buns, completed with onions, pickles and sauce. while the meat was juicy and tender, I would opt out of pickles next time because I felt that it made the whole burger slightly too acidic!

one of the best yakiniku I’ve ever had!!! beef slices were tender and well marinated; upon grilling they didn’t become dry at all no matter how well done I’d cooked them 🙌🏻 the marinade was kind of like soy sauce but the meat’s smokiness complemented it so well. sides like kimchi and miso soup complete a set to balance everything out and really made me feel that this pricing is worth it! 😊

again, opted for the smaller 200g cut and it was filling enough - maybe also due to the accompaniment of 2 complimentary sides that were well portioned (though the picture may not look so)!! comparing this to the striploin, I actually prefer the latter because it had a higher ratio of fats which I personally feel adds to the meat’s flavour and makes it more tender as well hahah! but this was also cooked perfectly to my request of medium and had a wonderful texture as well! the mac & cheese was pretty unique as well; the cheese used tasted slightly different and better than usual mac&cheese from other places!

got the smaller 200g portion and it was filling enough for me! I requested for the meat to be cooked till medium and to my delight it was served with a nice outer sear while its interior was still slightly pink - just what I wanted 😍 the meat was tender and easy to cut through yet still chewy and I love that it wasn’t totally lean and had some fats to contribute to its flavour. I opted for an herb butter sauce and LOVED IT!!! fragrant and buttery, it combined with the beef juices and elevated to whole dish. the free sides made my meal feel even more worth it as they were substantially portioned. I’d definitely come here more often if they weren’t so far away 😢

I like that you can customise your own bowl of ramen and make it unique from everyone else’s, from the richness of the broth, to the spiciness level, to the noodle thickness. For this bowl I chose a light broth and they delivered. light and easy to drink whilst still sufficiently maintaining a pronounced tonkotsu flavour, this broth was addictive. the thin noodles I opted for were perfectly cooked and not too soft; easily slurped up as well.

rating: 4/5

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ordered level 8 spicy and it was soooo good 🌶!!! the spice rly has a kick as it travels down your throat without being too pungent or peppery! it almost feels comforting 😂 the soup base by itself is really rich and you could tell it was packed with fatty pork bits that enhanced its creaminess. I opted for pork belly and it was quite a decent size with melt-in-your-mouth fatty parts and tender, fall-apart lean meat 😍! the noodle portion was really big as well!! this was one satisfying meal :D

rating: 4/5

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at a special Tuesday promotional price of $10, this double-pattied(!!!) cheeseburger is amazinggg. the patty was flavourful and well seasoned with hints of smoky charcoal fragrance. leaning towards a medium-rare doneness, the meat was slightly pink in the middle and remained tender throughout, melding perfectly with the cheese.

oh and the bunssss 😍 slightly crackly tops, insanely soft and fluffy insides. buttered as well!

so glad I finally made the trip down. will be back every Tuesday from now on 🤪 also if you’re planning to go as well, do make a reservation beforehand! it was really crowded when I went and I was so thankful I made a reservation because there was a queue 🙊


this was miiiindblowingly good!!! I expected myself to prefer the burnt chili chicken as it was highly raved about on food king after all. but this plate of pork took my entire heart the whole dinner 😋 the combination of light crisp skin surrounding soft flavourful meat that had a good ratio of fats worked sooo well. I could finish a whole plate on my own HAHAHA just come and try it for yourselves!

after using burpple beyond it came up to $5.50/pax for 2 of us who ordered 2 bowls of rice, burnt chili chicken 2.0 and this plate of goodness. for the flavours and portion, that’s extremely worth it!



i thought this set was quite worth it as it came with a bowl of rice, 1 hot and 1 cold deli, a soup as well as an onsen egg even!! everything i picked was delicious and the servings were pretty generous as well. i really like the meatballs as they had a meaty fragrance without feeling artificial and had a nice chew. the tomato sauce complemented the dish well as it lent an acidic kick.

rating: 7.7/10

this is the risotto of my dreams. extremely flavourful creamy sauce that was fully incorporated into every risotto grain which was also perfectly cooked with a substantial chew. the mushrooms were deliciously seasoned and i basically slurped up the whole plate. that’s how wonderful it is.

rating: 9.7/10

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my first bite sent me straight to pasta heaven. if you are a cream based pasta lover, or not!!!, u will definitely love this. i actually prefer aglio olio style pastas because i find cream pastas too heavy after a while but this sauce is magical.. perfect balance of creamy and light but sooo rich in flavour, with a seafood-y fragrance that’s enhanced by the fresh and fleshy lobster meat chunks scattered generously throughout the dish. also can i just mention that this was my first time trying squid ink pasta and boy am i glad it was this plate.

rating: 9.8/10


with eatigo’s 50% off, my hotpot buffet lunch only cost me $12 😱!!! suuuper worth it and they also recently introduced two cuts of beef - short plate and cube roll; which made the shabu shabu experience feel more atas hahah! i definitely love the beef short plate the most as it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat; it basically tasted like pork belly but beef version 😍 we also ordered the tonyu miso soup base which is my personal favourite as it has a rich milky taste that does not overpower the meat flavour at the same time, yet is not too salty or heavy on the tongue.

rating: 8/10 (w eatigo!!)


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