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Featuring Ristorante Da Valentino, I'm Kim Korean BBQ, Genki Sushi (Orchard Central), BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse (Plaza Singapura), Café&Meal MUJI (Plaza Singapura), Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet, Suki-Ya (Kallang Wave Mall)
mad yums
mad yums

i thought this set was quite worth it as it came with a bowl of rice, 1 hot and 1 cold deli, a soup as well as an onsen egg even!! everything i picked was delicious and the servings were pretty generous as well. i really like the meatballs as they had a meaty fragrance without feeling artificial and had a nice chew. the tomato sauce complemented the dish well as it lent an acidic kick.

rating: 7.7/10

this is the risotto of my dreams. extremely flavourful creamy sauce that was fully incorporated into every risotto grain which was also perfectly cooked with a substantial chew. the mushrooms were deliciously seasoned and i basically slurped up the whole plate. that’s how wonderful it is.

rating: 9.7/10

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my first bite sent me straight to pasta heaven. if you are a cream based pasta lover, or not!!!, u will definitely love this. i actually prefer aglio olio style pastas because i find cream pastas too heavy after a while but this sauce is magical.. perfect balance of creamy and light but sooo rich in flavour, with a seafood-y fragrance that’s enhanced by the fresh and fleshy lobster meat chunks scattered generously throughout the dish. also can i just mention that this was my first time trying squid ink pasta and boy am i glad it was this plate.

rating: 9.8/10

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with eatigo’s 50% off, my hotpot buffet lunch only cost me $12 😱!!! suuuper worth it and they also recently introduced two cuts of beef - short plate and cube roll; which made the shabu shabu experience feel more atas hahah! i definitely love the beef short plate the most as it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat; it basically tasted like pork belly but beef version 😍 we also ordered the tonyu miso soup base which is my personal favourite as it has a rich milky taste that does not overpower the meat flavour at the same time, yet is not too salty or heavy on the tongue.

rating: 8/10 (w eatigo!!)

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my favourite thing from genki ❤️ boasting three variations of salmon sushi, this allows you to savour different flavour profiles from one plate! 🍣

the mentaiko and black pepper salmon feature thick slices of aburi-style salmon with a generous drizzle of mentaiko mayo and black pepper mayo respectively. combining creamy and silky textures along with the slight chew from the half-cooked salmon, savoury and sweet notes hit the tastebuds as they merge together.

while the basic salmon sushi may look plain in comparison to the others, the generous, fresh slice of sashimi that almost envelopes the pearls of japanese rice beneath provides a substantial chew that lending a rounded eating experience.

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used eatigo at 50% off so it was only $15/pax after all the discounts and gst+svc charge!! wuhuuu first time trying im kim’s dinner buffet and the meat selection was expectedly larger and better than the lunch’s!! they had significantly more beef choices and i really liked the short ribs and some bulgogi thingy that totally tasted like the yakiniku beef strips in rice bowls 🤤

rating: 3.3/5

firstly, i love this place. i always book it on eatigo at 50% off which only amounts to $11/pax after adding gst and service charge and let me say there is not a single more worth it steamboat buffet out there!! not only is it extremely affordable, i personally find the quality and taste of their meat to be very good, especially the “tender meats” on their menu. those are marinated with egg before serving to you and once cooked, the egg thoroughly enhances the flavour of the meats, not to mention how silky smooth the meat is as well. their pork belly has a really good fat to meat ratio and the beef and mutton are yummy too 😭 for spice lovers you can try the “spicy meats” on the menu - they come marinated in chili flakes and i can assure you your lips will be (satisfyingly) on fire after eating it!

for the soup base my favourite is the pork bone one, it is really flavourful and fragrant. the mala soup is also a good option as you can choose the spiciness level just like you do at a mala xiang guo shop!

additionally, they also have ice creams, side dishes like nuggets and potato wedges, fruits and even cake on some occasions! once i had this really yummy matcha&chocolate cake 😋

all in all, this restaurant’s extensive variety of food and tasteful meat at such an affordable price really impresses me!

rating: 4/5

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moving away from the more popular sirloin or ribeye steak options on the menu, i was not disappointed with my choice of flap and flank steaks (150g each). the meat was served perfectly medium as i’d ordered and was very tender, disintegrating easily as i chewed into it, almost melting in my mouth. i found the flap steak to be slightly more fatty than the flank though both were equally as enjoyable. the meat’s smoky, char-grilled fragrance enhanced its beefy flavour profile. i also enjoyed the fries and mushroom sides.

furthermore, at the end of our meal we were even served complimentary ice cream! which made the whole experience feel even more value-for-money in my opinion. if you visit Bizen, do consider giving these cuts a try! despite being one of the cheapest options on the menu, the taste is definitely not being compromised. also, there is no service charge!!

rating: 3.9/5

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