Typical Hawker Food

Typical Hawker Food

Featuring A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (Tyrwhitt Road), Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (Hong Lim Market), Taste Good 好味 (Sim Lim Square), Quan Ji (Amoy Street Food Centre), Jia Yuen Eating House (Tanjong Pagar MRT), Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice (Plaza Singapura), Hong Kee Beef Noodle (Amoy Street Food Centre)
Lyvia Simano
Lyvia Simano

One of the highly recommended places for beef hor fun but it didn’t really leave any impression.
Overall just okay, nothing to complain except that the veggies were bitter.
Gravy thickness was good, but I really expected more flavor from the appearance. The flavor was a bit too single-dimensioned. There was some wok hei on some of the hor fun strands, but not enough imo. The hor fun texture was also just ok.

A lovely bowl! Priced at SGD 4.50, it came with nice amount of char siew
wantans were decent, the noodles were flavor and texture wise great, although I’s still prefer them to be less oily.
They are more known for their sio baks, but they char siew was delicious!
It wasn’t the fibrous meaty type but more to the hard type typical of char siews, but not hard to chew at all thanks to the nice fat-meat ratio that was enough to make it conveniently chewable without adding too much unpleasant fattiness

With a much higher price tag compared to other hawker stalls, I think the amount is paid off!
The toppings were all damn great, I HATE supper fatty pork but their chashu had great meat-fat ratio. The onsen egg was perfect as it appears, and their Wantans are VERY GOOD! Fully loaded, taste nice, cover in very nice and thin wantan skin too.
Also super love that prawn covered in some curled crispy potato.
Overall VERY SATISFIED with the amount paid and would absolutely love to have it again!


This was above my expectations!
The soups was rich but not over flavorful, the kwayteow had nice texture, the beef was nice and tender.
Recommended if you’re visiting Amoy Street Food Centre!

Surprisingly, everyone was Indonesian!
Ok now to the main topic, their famous 🍳salted egg chicken rice🍗🍚
The sauce had the right texture, creamy but not too creamy. The salted egg flavor was notable, however, I think it’s a little too sweet and might need more curry leaves to get that curry ‘kick’. The chicken pieces were quite good, the batter decent.
Overall, I enjoyed it! If it were less sweet it would’ve totally been better!
Tip: if you want a fried egg in your rice set, you have to specify!

📍Taste Good, Sim Lim Square
Closest MRT: Rochor
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🍳🍗🐟 @irvinsaltedegg
Lil bit of story, Irvins actually started out as a restaurant but the fish skin they sold out-famed the restaurant itself!
Now they are having a pop up booth at Takashimaya’s B2, selling “Messy Bowls” that include this salted egg chicken rice as one of them.
To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this good! This is my FAVORITE salted egg chicken so far 🤩! Firstly, the salted egg sauce was just right! Strong salted egg + curry flavor, not too sweet, the right texture. Secondly, they use bigger chunks of chicken meat with decent batter so you can actually feel like you’re eating chicken, not batter 🙅🏻‍♀️
While it is obviously more expensive than usual salted egg chicken rices (at S$10.90), it’s still acceptable because the chicken are generous and (this might be trivial) the lettuce was romaine and fresh, and there’s some edamame haha.
I hope they continue having pop ups so I can have this dish in another given time! 😄

📍Irvins pop up booth, Takashimaya B2. LIMITED TIME ONLY
🚈Closest MRT: Orchard
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In frame is the Creamy Salted Egg Chicken Rice which was indeed the creamiest of all salted eggs I’ve tried.
There were still solid substances in the sauce which were probably chipped cheese slices because they’re textured and tasted like one.
Taste-wise the salted egg was there but of course kinda overpowered by the creaminess. It was very luscious and delicious at first but of course, it was so creamy and it gets a bit overwhelming towards the end.
Another thing I’d like to point out is probably the batter-chicken ratio which was a little bit below satisfactory. If you see the ‘generous’ amount of chicken right there, hmm there’s actually also lots of batter there too!
If you’re a fan of creamy stuffs, Jia Yuen’s “Creamy Salted Egg” should definitely be on your bucketlist!
They also have non creamy aka regular “Salted Egg” which I suspect will be less creamy and I’m curious to find out.. if only they were closer to MRT station haha (I almost got lost coming here wkwk)

📍Jia Yuen Eating House, Singapore
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Ok guys I lanjut pake bahasa Indonesia supaya jelasin perbandingannya lebih gampang.
Kalo soal rasa, kwetiau di Indonesia masih no. 1, tapi char kway teow ini mungkin lebih ‘ngena’ di tekstur. Kalo di Indo, you either have kwetiau goreng atau kwetiau siram, tp yg ini itu kayak goreng tp ada basah”nya dikit, which was quite pleasant and made it tasty. Sometimes I fine kwetiau goreng di Indo terlalu dry that’s why for tekstur I like this one, tapi of course kalo rasa kwetiau Indo gaada tandingannya, sebenernya as a conclusion kwetiau Indo masih no. 1 di hati haha. But actually the two are incomparable tapi klo gini caranya I think kwetiau sapi mangga besar deserves a Bib Gourmand award too!
Kalo penasaran gimana boleh mampir soalnya antriannya masih ok, but actually gak ada yg spesial gimana haha apalagi buat orang Indo yaa
OHH tip! Add eggs for SGD0.5, trust @veronicaphua ‘s advice! Makes the kway teow better!

📍Outram Park Fried Kway Teow, Hong Lim Food Complex
Closest MRT: Chinatown
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Giving Michelin starred chicken rice a try!
The rice was indeed flavorful, chicken meat tender. The soup and sauce served along with it was also amazing!
For the hainan rice I’ve actually tried better ones. I just did’t get that ‘Michelin good’ feeling i guess. But it’s still wayyy above average so give it a try. The price wasnt too bad either compared to other restaurants in the mall!

The soup didn’t use any flour so it’s to my liking! I love the way the eggs are done in this one
At the back is the Cai Po omelette and you should definitely try it! The slightly salted omelette combined with the sweet-ish cai po, then stir fried to perfection 🤤

Wouldn’t have anything that are not worth the calories ✌🏻

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