Featuring Colony (The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore), Beauty in The Pot (KINEX), Joo Mak Korean Restaurant (Beauty World Centre), Dookki (Suntec City), Lam's Kitchen (Race Course Road), AFURI, Tampopo Grand (Ngee Ann City), Joo Seng Teochew Porridge, Hokkaido Marche, King Of Fried Rice
A. Ling
A. Ling

Original $5.90
Mentaiko Cheese $6.90

Waited for about 30 mins from queuing to getting the food on a weekday evening. Size of the tako yakis was quite big, filling was very soft and flavours were just right. However, we still find it slightly different from those we tried in Osaka but its a lot better than local ones. Mentaiko cheese was quite a unqiue flavour with rich sauce but it tasted it how it should be with no surprises. We still prefer the original ones. Will choose this over local tako yaki brands provided I have time to queue for them.

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Total: $34.80

Nothing special about this meal, just normal bkt with some side dishes. Actually find it abit expensive for the portion and quality but it’s a shop in a shopping mall, so this justify for the price? To be honest can find way better quality BKT with the amount paid.

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Buffet $18.80++

Will always come back here when I wanna feel Korean or crave some Korean rice cake and kimchi fried rice. We always ask staffs to help us mix the sauce for our rice cake stew. There are a great variety of rice cakes and other ingredients (e.g. vegetables, luncheon meat and sausage, etc) for your stew. My favourite one will always be the rice cake with cheese fillings! They also have some finger fried food available, dip them into the stew for the full Korean experience! Loving the skewer fish cakes too as I will spam the soup in case the rice cake stews got a bit sickening towards the end. Always end with some kimchi fried rice where I will add a lot of kimchi and seaweed for the authentic flavour! Have to say the price is really affordable for this buffet as food are of superb quality with free flow drinks.


Dinner Buffet $96++

Colony is a spot where you definite will land on when you google best hotel buffet in Singapore. All items available at the Ice Bar were fresh and of superb quality e.g. the Alaska king crab and poached live prawns. The cooked session did not disappoint too with a great variety of local and international cuisine. The highlight of my meal were the A La Plancha Boston Lobster , the steam custard bun and the bailey ice cream. It was such a pity my stomach couldn't accommodate all the food I wanna try. Service was excellent too, with very friendly and efficient servers who were always attentive to our needs and request! The colony is definitely an awesome place to go to when you feel like pampering your family, friends and yourself for a special occasion.

Yuzu Shio Ramen $15.90
Yuzu Tsukemen $15.90
Gyoza $6.90

Finally get to try this popular ramen joint from Japan. Really love the gyoza, super juicy and flavourful with great sauce, complements the ramen really well too. Prefer the Shio ramen to the tsukemen as we cant really taste the yuzu in the tsukemen but texture of ramen was how we liked it. Whereas for the broth of the shio ramen, the yuzu smell was very fragrant and not too strong. It was very refreshing even till the last mouth. Overall it was a pleasant experience as staffs were friendly and quality of food was up to standard as to price.

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Went at around 2PM on a sat afternoon, there was a few tables occupied. Staffs were friendly and attentive and offered to help us peel prawns.
Ingredients were fresh and have to say their Mala soup base is the most authentic one I had ever tried in Singapore. The kind which numb both your mouth and stomach kind. Food was just a portion we ordered as we bought vouchers from Chope. Overall, quite a pleasant experience, with good soup base, ingredients of quality and good ambience.

My go-to place place for cheap and good tonkatsu set.Quality and taste can totally compete with bigger brands restaurant that also
serve tonkatsu. Love the bunch of salad and the sauce,makes eating the tonkatsu less sinful cause of the large amount of veggies that comes with it, lol. Best is there is no GST and service charge.

Bought a voucher from Fave for $7 that includes one MVP set, one drink and a free toast. Chose Bulgogi, Ham Special and cold americano. Tried
Isaac before in korea and was quite disappointed cause what I have gotten was far from the ones I tried there. Not sure is it cause its a voucher deal as the sandwich was significantly smaller? and the sauce was on the sweeter side and got really
sickeningly and oily till the end. Lucky I got the ice americano if not we couldn't have finished the sandwiches. Overall, $7 was a good deal compared to their original pricing in Singapore but quality

Suddenly had cravings for Jjajang Myeon and decided to pay my favourite korean restaurant a visit! At $12, the portion is really big, can barely finish the whole bowl and I am a normal eater. The Jjajang was sweet and savoury at the same time, rich and fragrant but not too sickening till the end. Think its more meant to be shared such that you can try other yummy dishes the restaurant offers. As usual, the side dishes were the best, boosting my appetite and luring me to be back again and again!

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My all time favourite spot for collagen soup for premium hotpot! Queue is not insanely long like HDL at peak hours and ingredients are all fresh and reasonably priced. The star of the show will always be their collagen soup, which I can drink like 5 bowls on its own lol. Its so rich and hearty, making you feel like all of your organs are nourished. Other than the wide range of dipping condiments and sauces available, the side dishes were of good quality and variety of fresh fruits were provided too. Last but not least, the complimentary dessert ,the yuzu ice blended drink, always steal our heart. Being so light and tangy it makes you feel refreshed after a heavy meal.

USA Premium Tonkatsu $23.90

Very well balanced meal with just the right amount of everything. Tonkatsu was tender and juicy, perfectly fried. Sauce made it more refreshing and appetising even till the end of the meal. Extremely worth for the set. Miso soup completed the meal with its homey and heartening taste. Queued for 5-10 mins on a Friday evening around 7PM.

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Total : $23.70

Taste of food feels very homey.However, we think the portion of the salt baked chicken is a bit high for the size ($13). Maybe we should have tried their noodles with abalone. First time trying salt baked chicken in Singapore so dont have any refernce to compare to. Quite like it but dont think I will return unless its to try their noodles.

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