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Donovan Teo
Donovan Teo

Red Velvet Waffles with 2 scoops (Run & Raisins and Spooky Dark Chocolate) - $14.70
This is part of a combo.
The combo consist of:
1) Waffle of choice with more than 10 different types/flavours
2) Syrup of your choice (more than 6-7 different choices)
3) Ice Cream scoop: Every combo has 1 scoop. Subsequent scoops would require additional cost
4) Drink of your choice

The S’mores and Strawberry Shortcake waffles are known to be the best selling here.

There is a wait time depending on the crowd. There would be a longer wait time after 9.30pm onwards, towards the late night period.

Brewed Ginger Beer with Malted Barley and a Squeeze of Lemon - $5.

Very strong and refreshing leaves a nice ginger aftertaste that stays in your mouth for a while even after you have finished the drink.
It is not too gassy so for those people who do not fancy gassy drink this is something worth trying.

A definite good drink to accompany your bitter-sweet chocolate ice-cream.

85% Dark African Chocolate and Himalayan Salted Caramel Ice cream with Original Waffle - $11

Honey Comb and Dark Chocolate with waffles. Served with a dash of maple syrup.

This is worth sharing with friends but the ice-cream melts rather fast. So this speaks a lot about the texture of the ice-cream.

One of the very few ice-cream cafes that opens past midnight.

I am grateful for every meal placed in front of me...

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