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Dinner With Good Company

Dinner With Good Company

Featuring Fat Belly, The Lokal, Flavour Flings, TONO Cevicheria, Fynn's, Soufflé, Kafe UTU, THEVAR, The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar, Tamarind Hill
Yvonne Soong
Yvonne Soong

The rebranded Fynn’s at South Beach still serves up lipsmacking good grub at reasonable prices. Their gamechanger brussel sprouts is still on their menu but they’ve added more Italian to their other dishes. Featured here is their special starter burratini which came looking like a huge poached egg and tasted like creamy goodness.
We also had the oh-so-good duck ragout and ended sweetly with a hazelnut semifredo.
Great place for a date night

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Fat Belly lives up to its reputation of serving good steaks at affordable prices coupled with a chill ambience and affable staff. Restaurant didn’t have the usual steakhouse smell which will be a plus point for your clothes and hair😊
I preferred the Onglet which was done medium rare with just a sprinkle of salt to flavour it.
Will defo return!!

Well presented with garlic chips on the side this dish was a well executed medium rare ‘heong’ piece of beef.
Portion was a wee bit small and a tad expensive and at $38 you gotta be a big fan of beef to order this
Located within the sixsenses hotel Duxton road yellow pot serves delicate delicious morsels of chinese cuisine. Waitstaff was excellent and altogether it was a great dining experience

This starter was robust and very tasty. The mushrooms arrived in deep fried cubes with an avocado paste coating. Texture was like chicken meat and paired well with the avocado.
Was it worth the $16? Aye!

Lovely to look at, this bowl of goodness had beetroot goji berries broccoli turnip tempeh and a tangy sesame dressing reminiscent of yu sheng. Prive at ACM is one of my favourite prives
with an old school tuckshop feel and 80s playlist.
Plus point is the walk along the less crowded side of Boat Quay with a picturesque view of the Singapore river and cbd area
Oh and did I forget to tell you about their salted caramel gula melaka cake which had us going oooooh?!😜

At this mod-fusion Indian restaurant their tapas servings of classic indian dishes are pulled off very well.. delicious, innovative yet familiar 👏🏼 However for me their stars come out at the end of the performance.. we had the banana dessert and carrot halwa kulfi which were truly awesome and a befitting end to a truly great gastronomic experience.

Along Rundle Street in Adelaide Lemongrass Thai Restaurant serves decent thai food by sg standards. Although slightly sweeter than i like it the spice level was there and paired well with coconut rice
Pricing was decent too and portions not stingy in the least

Smooth halwa kulfi atop a deconstructed carrot crushed pistachios and puffed rice base to end a meal at Thevar. Food was tasty and waitstaff excellent

Think ondeh ondeh chaat style.. bite size crispy puri taken in one crunchy bite with the masala cream bursting in your mouth. Very flavourful start to a great meal

A casual bistro that serves up decent dishes with great service and wont break your wallet. From top to bottom we had mushroom gnocchi $23 caramelised brussel sprouts(yummy!) $10 and pollo with couscous $26
Gnocchi was crispy on the outside and creamy like inside which i found delicious and the sousvide chicken was cooked to near perfection. The game changer was the brussel sprouts which were crunchy with the right amount of sweet and tangy.
Ended our meal with their banana bread and coffee
Total damage $87.. worthy even without a deal


From when we arrived until we left there was not a moment of dissatisfaction we could fault the restaurant with. Service was attentive, food was good, portions were adequate, pace between courses was not draggy and the price was surprisingly reasonable for starters mains and dessert.
And the view! IMHO the best take of the marina barrage so far
Be sure to go up to the rooftop bar for a great paranomic view of the marina bay
Its a no brainer 8.5/10 for me😊

Started dinner with a small plate of cauliflower done three ways .. fried, pickled and pureed. Added oomph came in the form of pomegranate,pistachios and a ricotta base which complemented the cauliflower perfectly
Great start leading up to dinner