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Healthy Wealthy

Healthy Wealthy

Featuring Fuel Plus+, Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, Coocaça (Liat Towers), Haakon, Duo Gallery
Yvonne Soong
Yvonne Soong

$7.50 ..really worth it acai regular sized cup.. size is more like the large serving of an açai affair but half the price. Here the acai has a softserve almost fudge like texture which appeals to those who dont like theirs icy
Overall a winner!

Nut oh-so-delicious butter acai bowl from Haakon $12.90 Of all the acai offerings this is the best IMHO. Here they take cate to roast their nuts and granola, the nut butter is generously spread throughput and theres the bottom bit of chia seeds to offset getting jelat of acai. The only downside is that sometimes the chia seeds are clumped together like its just been out of the fridge and not left long enough to thaw
Compared to the other nut bowls where some just give a boring tasteless mix of raw seeds Haakons bowl always makes me enjoy every mouthful. The acai may be a little sweet and icy for some but thats how i like it, not the soury fudgy type.

Healthy eating at a beautiful cafe today.. a plateful of goodness to start the weekend right.
Fresh spinach, kale,cranberries and nuts tossed lightly in olive oil.
I guess this gives me a license to indulge in a little cake this weekend 😊

Fuelplus cafe really lives up to the plus+! We had the neighbours curry and salmon madness $18 each and used Burpple 1-1 so it was really worth it. Portions were sizeable ..think ang moh portions..the curry was rich, flavourful, smacked with vegetables and sambal and a whole well seasoned chicken leg. Salmon madness saw a generous portion of salmon with root vegetables. Finished off with coffees and the lavendar earl grey cake ... satiated😜

Nutty party and Cocoglow for lunch today as a meal replacement and now am full of fluid and nut butter😛 Was alone and tried redeeming 1-1 but was told that 2 humans needed to be present for that. Tried catching a random stranger but failed so ended up with a paid small cocoglow which was perhaps the wiser thing as i cant imagine doing two large acai cups😂

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