Their new dessert pizza! Hazelnut spread, walnuts, cheese and pink boba. Not a fan of walnuts, but the flavours are good. I still prefer the OG boba.

Portobello chunks, honey and truffle paste.


Streaky beef, wakame seaweed, sesame sauce and onion jam.

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Braised lamb, roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, garlic and onion jam.

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What could go wrong with this pairing? Intense but not heavy cheese flavour.

One of my childhood favourite snack to have. Creamed corn, desiccated coconut, peanut butter and cheese on fluffy pizza crust. Love the crunchy sugary bits on the top.

Though not a huge fan of assam laksa, it’s hard not to go for seconds on this pizza. Can’t wait to see what the guys at mypizzalab comes up with next!

Smoked duck, garlic, onion jam and topped with juicy pineapple and jalapeño. Simply delicious and not too heavy so you can try their other pizza flavour. Seriously, I would buy a jar of onion jam if they sold it. It’s just so yummy.

Been wanting to try this pizza since I first saw it on the menu. Finally got to and my only regret is why didn’t I try it sooner. Creamed spinach, blue cheese, minced garlic and onion jam. Couldn’t taste the blue cheese. Onion jam gave a slight sweetness to the pizza, in a good way. Squeeze a little lime for a bit of tanginess.

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