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Featuring Mad For Garlic, The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), Saturday House, Knicker+Bockers (Shaw House), Cluck Cluck
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Knicker + Bockers is tucked away in a corner of Shaw House and is very hard to locate at the moment because of the ongoing renovations, but it’ll be a waste if you miss this out!

Their pizzas are really affordable for its portion. With two big eaters, even this was a struggle!

You can either choose from a range of pizzas from their menu, or make your own (add as many ingredients as you want for a fixed price!) - this was really fun to do and was delicious as well.

Staff were friendly, and it’s real cheap considering how much food you’re getting for a pizza place in town! One of my favourites! :-)

Grilled Chicken + 2 Sides // Chicken and Waffles

Tucked away at the first level of NAFA, this place was a hidden gem for me. I think it’s newly opened and they don’t have many staff working either, but it’s manageable with the small crowd.

Their chicken was great; waffles a little on the soft side but suitable for my tastebuds. Their side dishes are pretty limited (only 5 options), but you’ll make do!

Most importantly, their food is decent and price is really cheap too. One dish ranges from $9.90 to $13.90, and their drinks are an average of $3.90. We had a dish + a drink EACH, and ended up only paying $16.80 for 2 pax! (That’s less than $10 per pax for a full meal!)

We went home pretty satisfied with their service as well, so that’s a plus!

*TLDR: great food, great service, wallet-friendly, and I will come back again!

10 butter scones, a 2pax Afternoon Tea Set, and three mains were a perfect portion for a group size of eight with small stomachs. Their afternoon tea sets are inexpensive and really delicious. As for their mains - their crab meat pasta is SUPERB!

Ordered 4 dishes here: Saturday Beef Burger, Sambal fish, Grilled Pork Collar, and BBQ Chicken Leg. Loved the food here, and it’s even better with Burpple’s one for one.

Only downside: they don’t provide water... so be sure to bring your own!

We ordered the Garlic Lasagna ($24), and Garlic Ragu Fettuccine ($26).
Garlic Lasagna: sauces and cheese were a perfect blend with tons of garlic. However, the cucumbers and eggplant were an interesting mix that did not quite fit our usual lasagna tastebuds. Without it, perhaps, it would’ve been perfect for us.
Garlic Ragu Fettucine: absolutely delicious with a perfect mix of garlic, tomato base and beef cubes. Though beef cubes were slightly tough to bite through, the pasta tasted pretty bomb as a whole. This was our favourite dish!

Food is great, but it is slightly on the pricier end. The bill still comes out to be about $30++ for two. If you’re a huge fan of garlic, however, this will satisfy your tastebuds!

ws k

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always a good time for fud 🍔🍕🍗🍟🍣

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