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My Food Adventures

My Food Adventures

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Joo Bar, Masizzim ([email protected]), Kok Sen Restaurant, Old Hen Coffee Bar, Salted Caramel, YY Kafei Dian, Pasta J, Alfero Artisan Gelato (Macpherson)

We had soft shell crab curry ($17) - the crab was crispy and had a good amount of meat, truffle salmon mac and cheese ($17) - cheesy and tomatoey without being jelat, and fuel+ iced tea ($5.5) - I like the citrus kick. Burpple 1-1 makes it even more worth it!

We had earl grey tea latte with cocoa pearls ($4, 0%) and black tea latte with coffee konjac ($4, 0%). The coffee konjac is one of my new favourite toppings! I definitely prefer the tea latte range at Hollin to my previous experience with their fruit tea range.

We had the $11 bowls, 1-1 with burpple. Teriyaki chicken breast and beef - both were tender and fairly flavourful but the beef slightly fatty. The potato and cucumber salad was more like mashed potato however, I was expecting chunks. I liked the marinade for the curried cauliflower and the spicy edamame.

We had the burnt chilli chicken 2.0 ($10), chinese spinach with prawns ($10) and short grain rice ($0.50 each). The food was definitely tasty and the chicken super tender, a very good deal with burpple 1-1!

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We had the Korean milk tea and green milk tea ($3 each), 0% sugar! Wanted to try the toppings but was quite full. The tea tasted distinctly different and I like the wheaty taste of the Korean milk tea.

We had basil minced pork with eggplant and petai with prawns, both $8.90 each. A good deal with burpple 1-1 and conveniently located opposite MOS burger near Toa Payoh MRT. My first time having petai, tastes a bit like Brussels sprouts :P

We had 2 scoops for $7.50 (pistachio and jasmine tea). Pistachio was creamy and nutty, but could be a little less sweet! The jasmine tea was disappointing, it was icy in texture :(

We used entertainer and had ebi don buri ($12.8) and char siew don buri ($13.8). Decent with 1-1, but nothing to rave about.

We had gashouse eggs ($13), smashed avo toast ($13) - with burpple beyond - and a flat white ($5). The gashouse eggs were cheesy with a runny yolk and the bacon jam was a nice crunchy complement. The avo toast was not soggy at all and I like the crunch of the almonds.

We had fish you mian ($4.50) and pork you mian ($4). Generous serving of noodles and ingredients, with a light broth.

Wan Ton mee ($3) was yummy with springy noodles and a good amount of charsiew, with both fried and soup wantons. I also like the kolo mee there that I had last time!

I got 25% sugar, it’s a bit too sweet! Will try 0% next time. Pleasant chrysanthemum taste, $3.70.


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