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My Food Adventures

My Food Adventures

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), Joo Bar, Masizzim ([email protected]), The Plain Jane, Kok Sen Restaurant, Old Hen Coffee Bar, Salted Caramel, YY Kafei Dian, Pasta J

I got 25% sugar, it’s a bit too sweet! Will try 0% next time. Pleasant chrysanthemum taste, $3.70.

We got black tea latte with taro q 25% sugar ($4.80). I love love love taro q and the black tea latte was decent too! Potentially can choose 0% sugar next time because the taro q is slightly sweet :D

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We had 500g cockles $18, la-la $14, curry mussels with mantou $16 + extra 3 mantou $2, smoked fish pate with sourdough $16, sea bass nori pasta $22, and canto garoupa $26. My second time back at Scaled (without burpple beyond) and I will still come back! My family really enjoyed the food (my Uncle practically drank all the curry), atmosphere and service. Really worth a visit but remember to make a reservation!


We had steamed char siew bao ($4.20), charcoal chicken and shrimp siew mai (~$5), shrimp and spinach dumpling (~$4) and xiaolongbao ($4.20). The skin wasn’t too thick and everything tasted good. Will be back!

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We had the regular açai and mango juju bowl ($8.50 each), a great deal with burpple 1-1! I ally liked the smoothness and the toppings given, especially the cacao nibs. The blueberries could be less icy though.

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Barramundi with cous cous and heirloom tomatoes ($32) and kurobuta pork belly with apple chutney, pumpkin purée and sweet potato crisps ($32) — slightly on the pricey side for a casual brunch, but really really good quality food. Please use your burpple 1-1 if you haven’t already!!

Cereal milk latte ($7.5) and iced latte ($6) — I’m having the cereal milk latte again because I love it, and it is very worth it with burpple 1-1!

We had the white tonkotsu ($12.90), jet black ($13.90) and spicy red ($13.90). The broth was porky and I like how we can customise the doneness of the noodles as well as even what kind of chashu we wanted (shoulder loin vs belly, I got the former and it was still shiok). Worthy to be mentioned is their range of free-flow side dishes: marinated bean sprouts, potato salad, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, hard boiled eggs!

Had burpple beyond 1-1 double scoop for $9: pistachio and green tea with roasted rice (premium flavours) and blood orange yogurt and coconut pandan (non-premium flavours). The green tea could be more intense, but I really love the pistachio here. The coconut pandan was fragrant and the blood orange yogurt a nice balance between sweet and a slight sour tang!

We had the New York cheesecake ($8.5) and flat white ($6). Decent, but maybe on the pricier side?

Bento set ($7.9) and mixed mushroom noodles ($7.9) - the sesame rice is 😍, super fragrant and reminiscent of chicken rice rice! I’m not usually a fan of soy but the soy mince is really tasty. Last but not least - the lion mane mushroom rendang is hearty and satisfying.

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$3.80 with pearls, 0% sugar. LOVE IT. There’s a subtle ?roasted taste and it is tasty yet refreshing 😍 the tea latte version is good too!!


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