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Featuring Pulau Langkawi (Island), Scarborough Fish & Chips, Hidden Beach House, Huggin' Hippo, Wonderland Seafood Restaurant, Cenang Mall
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights
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The atmosphere here was great! The beach house was just situated right beside the taking off and landing point for the parasailing at pantai tengah, so there is lots of actions going on! Grab a cup of ice cold apple juice smoothie and enjoy the beautiful scenery πŸ’™πŸŒŠ #burpple #hiddenbeachhouse #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #langkawicafe #langkawicafehop #langkawicafehopping #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

We had the normal fish and chips (rm 26) and deep fried snow fish (rm 32). It is rare to see snow fish being sold as a fish and chip dish, but I totally love it! The fish batter here was well marinated. Chips were also fresh and crispy! The only not v nice thing here is the swarm of houseflies that were fighting with us for the food πŸ˜„ (and in case anyone is wondering, it is a no through road from here to the black sand beach. We ended up taking a grab car there. But black sand beach was underwhelming anw, best to skip) #burpple #scarboroughfishandchips #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #langkawicafe #langkawicafehop #langkawicafehopping #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

For this beautiful view + the food! 😍 Featured here is the carrot juice and calamansi juice. But just a note of warning, there are lots of houseflies here (we spent much time and energy flapping the flies away from our food πŸ˜†) #burpple #scarboroughfishandchips #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #langkawicafe #langkawicafehop #langkawicafehopping #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

This was one of our more expensive meal in Langkawi, but I totally love it! And I think we deserved it too, especially after a super tiring, physically draining obstacle challenge adventure at skytrex nearby (just across the road!) πŸ˜„ For the mains, the nasi lemak (rm28++) was super tasty, although the portions and ingredients were kind of little. But pls try this, I really love it! The chilli prawn pasta (rm30++) didn't fare well for us, the sauce was pretty tasteless and the prawn wasn't grilled either. The baked items was the highlight of this place! We had the matcha tart and the fruit cherry pudding and they were amazing! And since we were dying of thirst, we had a coconut each (rm12, kind of pricey though). We loved the ambience here. Wasn't crowded (but we were there for super late lunch at almost 2pm), got AIR CON, and toilet super clean πŸ™ƒ #burpple #theloafbakeryandbistro #theloafbakery #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #langkawicafe #langkawicafehop #langkawicafehopping #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

Tip: if your hotel is near cenang mall, skip paying for the hotel breakfast and just head to cenang mall for a sumptuous and cheap breakfast! Besides KFC, there is also old town white coffee in this mall! Had the zinger porridge set (comes w hashbrown and drink) and zinger croissant. The porridge was so so much better (although it is slightly salty and zinger chicken cubes itself were spicy) than the croissant! #kfc #kfcmy #burpple #cenangmall #pentaicenang #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #whattoeatinlangkawi #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

it is coffeeshop style located along the road and a long kang river . Price was cheap here! But I got the 2 seafood restaurants mixed up (the other was orkid ria back at cenang) and remembered wrongly and thought this place was more expensive. And hence, we didn't order crabs etcπŸ™ (we only realised after our orders were already taken opps). So that also explains the choice of Mantis prawn instead of normal prawns πŸ˜‚. items arranged in order of my preference, starting with my favourite; Salted egg squid (rm12), ginger spring onion clams (rm 12), seafood fried rice (rm12), gong bao style mantis prawn (rm 12), Kang Kong (rm10). As you can tell the mantis prawn was a super wrong choice. It was so fried I can barely taste any meat πŸ˜” (followed the wrong Google review). But I love the super fresh salted egg squid and clams! Plus the clams wasn't sandy! Yes, so pls if you want to eat crabs in Langkawi, order them HERE!! #burpple #wonderlandfoodstore #kuah #kuahfood #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #whattoeatinlangkawi #langkawimusteat #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

πŸ˜„) Our first meal stop was at huggin' hippo, which was just across the road from our hotel at pentai cenang beach area. But we were too early (11+am), so only the all day breakfast and pancake/waffles items were available. We had the Warm huggers chicken sandwich (RM25+), Blue hippo pancake (RM18+) andvCarrot juice (RM10+). It was actually quite a disappointing first stop for me (as I was eyeing the savoury lunch items instead). But the ambience was good, seats have beach view! πŸŒ… #hugginhuppo #burpple #burpplemalaysia #langkawi #langkawifood #langkawifoodtrip #langkawicafe #langkawicafehop #langkawicafehopping #penaicenang #cenangbeach #spoonsofdelightslangkawitrip

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