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Dessert For Days

Dessert For Days

For when you’re feeling stressed, or just because!
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💵: $22

🤔: Shared this and a side of sweet potato fries (don't get those lol, small portion, exp & not that tasty) with my friend and both of us couldn't even finish it because it was very jelak....
Flavours were good, but it was pretty one dimensional

💵: $-

🤔: Sent over by a parent for Teachers' Day and these were surprisingly good, think I might buy them soon....
Cookie was slightly chewy which I LOVED, though I preferred the white choc to the milk choc one which was odd bcos i am not the biggest fan of white choc but 😋

💵: $14.90

🤔: The mochi balls were really chewy and yums, though it'd have been better if it was smaller! Ice isn't as flavourful comapred to other bingsu places', but still a pretty good one overall!

💵: $2.50

🤔: Well-worth the money, though it is a messy one to eat

💵: $5

🤔: Probably the densest banana bread I've ever had, but that was in no way a complaint :o The banana flavour is also vvvv strong, i love~

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💵: $5

🤔: The fudgiest brownie I've ever put into my mouth.... Wasn't too sweet, and the addition of sea salt also helped to balance that out a little

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💵: $4.50

🤔: This was pretty nice!!! Mango was sweet and the sago wasn't too soft, though the pomelo were pretty bitter

💵: $8.90

🤔: $4.50ish for a pot of this chocolate-y deliciousness, cake isnmt as 'moist' as advertised, but when paired with the chocolate fudge, it hardly comes off as dry
favourite dessert to get @ M&S!!!!

💵: $4.50

🤔: Second pistachio ice cream I've ever had so far, but I can already tell it is gonna be one of my top few because the roasted nuttiness taste was strong, icecream itself wasn't too sweet and the icecream texture was PERFECT love love loce this

💵: $1.30

🤔: We were lowkey expecting this to be bad but it was surprisingly good! The pulut hitam was fragrant and had a nice chew, this was slightly less sweet than the taro pie

💵: $1

🤔: Yam paste was on the sweeter side, but for $1, this was a great snack, especially if u r craving for some orh nee

💵: $13.90

🤔: Must have been so deprived of acai because this tasted extra good?????? They used to be more generous with the cookie butter but 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ still my fav place to get acai

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doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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