Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Featuring Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Clinton Street Baking Company, Cake Spade, Percolate, Baristart Coffee (Tanjong Pagar), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Katong), CHICHA San Chen (313@Somerset), Café de Nicole's Flower, Hoshino Coffee (ION Orchard), Glyph Supply Co. (111 Somerset)
Alicia Ng
Alicia Ng

The dark chocolate ice cream was good, but the cookies n cream had this added “mint” flavour which was not great at all

Ice cream: $5.80/scoop

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Tasted better pancakes! The texture of the pancakes were a little harder than expected

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$7.50 | Affogato

The caffeine was really strong and it goes so well with the vanilla ice cream.

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$9.50 | Strawberry watermelon cheese mousse slice;
$8.50 | Roasted pistachio & rose slice cake;
$8.50 | Tropical mango yuzu coconut slice cake

The cakes at baker’s brew ain’t fantastic. The strawberry watermelon was one dimensional and flavours do not blend. The pistachio cake was overpowered by the rose flavour (not in a good way) and the berry within the cake. The only saving grace is the tropical mango yuzu coconut - refreshing.

The mochi was warm when I got my drink. It’s actually very soft! However, the drink was just not doing it for me. The milk tea does not taste fragrant at all… I thought it even had a slightly odd taste.

Comparing this to Chinese Toufu Magician, I’d say overall, the drinks at CTM taste better although their mochi are not served warm (but equally tasty and soft nevertheless!)

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$18.20 (inclusive of GST)
Cocoa almond sable, roasted hazelnut praline, crunchy fuilletine, dark chocolate cream (1 serving)

Nothing mind blowing compared to the original cheesecake - might want to skip this and just stick to the original cheesecake 🤞🏻


Literally nothing tasted good here. Run sis, away from this place.

Plum jam donut $6.50 - the plum filling was sooo intensely sweet and tasted cheap. Did not go well w the donut at all.

Peanut butter milkshake cruffin $8.50 - tasted better cruffins elsewhere.

Yellow pink croissant $7.50 - just a bunch of yellow pink icing on top of your croissant. Horrible.

Herb grilled chicken burger (single w fries) $7
Burg’s classic cheese burger $6 w Cuban fries ($4.80)

They could do with a bit of veg sandwiched between the burger, currently it feels very one-dimensional. Cuban fries were very generously filled w pulled beef tho 👌🏻

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