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Pretty basic but some places do it well!
Heidi Kang
Heidi Kang

Super worth it with burpple beyond! Each item was hefty and decently done. I really liked the sausage - substantial and fragrant. The sourdough was slightly on the tough side, even for sourdough.

This was better than the other dish, if only because it’s harder to get wrong. Other than the slightly lacklustre breading, everything went well together. The mushroom sauce was like a rich mushroom soup and went well with the fried chicken breast and creamy mash.

I quite loved the ambience at Breko Cafe! Easy-to-chat place, sturdy benches, natural lighting that doesn’t blind you, relatively soft music choices. Food-wise, I enjoyed the salmon - crispy skin and not overcooked like many places do it. I do feel that the portion could have been bigger though. The tomyum cream sauce was pleasantly mild. The potato salad was alright but the truffle lotus... would have been great if slightly more crunchy and if they hadn’t been so liberal with whatever spice it was laced with (most likely aniseed). I would give the other sides a try if you’re not a fan of aniseed.

In all its grisly goodness. They have good cream cheese, although i felt it lacked a little scallion. Super generous with the smoked salmon! It really is huge though so unless you’re really hungry, probably not the best idea.

This was pretty awesome! Waffles were crispy on the outside and soft, almost chewy, inside. The berries were fresh and yogurt always makes it better. I don’t remember how much it was but i think it was a tad expensive.

This was still sedap though. And that unmentioned truffle oil.... :-))))))

Yeah i know, i can’t believe i’m back so fast too. And there’s no burpple beyond. Honestly it’s not that the food is fricking amazing but I do think it’s a very decent cafe all things considered. No GST/service charge, clean and sunlit environment, gets noisy because it’s so packed all the time but I only waited 10 minutes for my food.

The fish and chips this time didn’t taste as good as I remembered - the halibut was not as sweet and substantial but at least the batter was crispy. Their fries though were still done to my liking - not sure if it’s the type of potato they use but it was more fragrant than average. And i love the purple cabbage slaw and their tartar, latter being tart enough. I’m hoping this dish will be back to its former standards the next time i’m back!! 2 big pieces of halibut please.

This was alright! I was really impressed by all three dishes (Halibut Fish & Chips, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Eggs Florentine) the first time I went so I would say I had high expectations when I visited the second time. The duck was seasoned nicely. I appreciated the sprinkle of spice (idk what it was though) atop the eggs which would otherwise have been pretty tasteless. But that’s what you get for poached eggs I guess. The hash though was surprisingly bland - salt seems to have been omitted.

It’s overall an alright dish, although I now think duck confit is best served as a duck leg haha. I’ll still be back to try other dishes!

(Ok those are definitely not the real names of the dishes.) It’s my second time here and we weren’t disappointed (despite probably having picked the wrong dishes). I changed my mind last minute at the counter and picked the french toast, and it was decent - we really enjoyed the ?salted caramel, the super fresh berries and the caramelised bananas, though the toast was too dry for me. I’m not big on salads but the passionfruit dressing was refreshing. Coffee was good and strong!! but the tea was not our thing.


This dish was pretty amazing - I normally wouldn’t attempt a mac & cheese dish on my own, but this wasn’t nearly as surfeiting as I expected it to be. While the cheese came through clearly (along with the truffle), it was still light on the palate. Would definitely come back for this again!

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