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Nice Food From Other Burpplers

Nice Food From Other Burpplers

Featuring Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Springleaf Prata Place (Jalan Tua Kong), Mitzo, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Plain Vanilla Bakery (Tiong Bahru Estate), Ramen Champion (Bugis+), Moosehead, SPRMRKT (Cluny Court), kinki
Nicholas Ray
Nicholas Ray

Chashu, onsen egg, spring onions; uni cream broth made from fresh, premium bafun uni and 2–Michelin Star dashi.

If you enjoy having a Kong Bak Bao, you’re gonna have your cravings satisfied here at @mamasoisg 💯 as they offer several variations to these buns! 😍😍😍 For me, anything with a hot piping fluffy bun works! ✔
🔹️Braised Pork Belly Bao ($11++): features a thick slab of braised pork belly 🐖 sandwiched between soft buns, topped with coriander, crispy shallots, haus relish, crushed peanuts 🥜 & haus sauce! The cut of meat used was pretty lean which I really liked as it wasn’t overly fatty nor greasy! 👍🏻 While I would have loved the pork belly to be more succulent, I must say that it was flavourful! 😋 The crushed peanuts added an alluring nutty fragrance to every bite! 💕
🔹️Beef Rendang Bao ($11++): filled with a generous amount of braised beef 🐄 with burnt chili mayo 🌶 & caramelised onions, I utterly enjoyed the flavours! Very well-marinated & seasoned, the sweet-savoury taste profile really appealed to me. ❤❤❤ Would be perfect if the beef could be even more tender, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! 👍🏻
🔹️Bird Man’s Chicken & Cheese Bao ($11++): just who can resist fried chicken! 🍗 Chicken thigh meat is battered & fried to the perfect crisp, & that layer of savoury melted cheese 🧀 just aced it. Together with truffle mayo & crushed peanuts, this was akin to Chinese take on burgers. 👌🏻
Personally enjoyed the first 2 more especially the Beef Rendang Bao as the braising liquid really permeates the buns, making every bite a flavourful one. 🤤🤤🤤 Would gladly settle with the mess!
📢PROMO📢 Enjoy $5 off your dining bill when you pay at @mamasoisg with your Standard Chartered credit card, by courtesy of their collaboration with @eatigo_sg! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Fret not if you are not with SC - simply explore @eatigo_sg, a discounted reservations platform with up to 50% discounts at 650+ restaurants everyday! 😉

This gourmet mixture was covered with a thin and crispy layer of prata and blasted with melted cheese.
While all the ingredients may sound ordinary, you’ll have to taste it to believe how irresistible each bite is.
Find out more from the link in my profile!

Barramundi in squid ink batter, homemade slaw, sweet potato fries & tartar sauce on the side.

Barramundi was well cooked, with firm and flaky texture, and nicely coated with a thin layer of batter. Squid ink taste was expectedly subtle in this. Came with crispy sweet potato fries and the most amazing slaw 😋

I’m not a fan of lemon or sour cakes, but my colleague is. Fortunately for me, the cake itself is not sour. It’s a soft, moist, dense pound cake with a strong lemon fragrance but with a slight zest. The sourness actually comes from the icing, which I’d recommend rationing out over the cake because it is pretty sour.

Overall, for $4.50, I wouldn’t buy this again although the cake itself was nice. I’d much rather spend that money on their signature almond croissants.

With harissa, arugula and smoked cheddar on wholewheat sourdough, this is the best grilled cheese toastie I’ve had in MONTHS.... This winning combination was so damn delicious I had to go back a second time in a week.

Few things to note: (1) Mother Dough does these toasties only on weekends (from Fri-Sun) and the flavours change monthly. (2) The bakery cafe is quite small and sits about 12 indoors and 6 outdoors, and it gets overwhelming crowded at times. (3) Popular breads and pastries do get sold out fast!

Definitely not for the faint hearted, but you will be duly rewarded so plan your pilgrimage well!!

Cerealsly Crunchy Fairy Pebbles Shake.

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Tim Tam was good. Velvet cake was good. Everything was good in this Strawberry Cheesecake Shake. They never disappoint on their milkshakes. :)

This time it's their Over The Top Don Bowls. The chefs have thought of this ingenious way of stacking up the meats over a regular rice bowl and boy this Oink Don was a real treat!

From top: Deep fried bone-in pork chop, grilled pork chop, strips of crispy pork belly, pulled pork carnitas, scrambled eggs, some veg before we can reach the blardy awesome bacon sambal fried rice! Trust me, the fried rice is damn legit, I'm suggesting them to sell their fried rice on the side 😂😂😂
The Benjamins
Add: #01-20/21 Forum The Shopping Mall
Opens for lunch and dinner
Thanks to for the warm hospitality and Chef Alfie & team for their awesome work of art!

Returned back to Ah Lock & Co. to get my hands on their Hakka Karni Bowl. Created for the meat lovers, the Hakka Karni Bowl features all the different types of meats available at Ah Lock & Co., from Hakka Pork, to Hakka Meatballs and their all-time favourite Hakka Tofu less the greens served atop the same short-grained rice as all the other rice bowls that they have to offer. Having enjoyed the meats in the Hakka Tofu Bowl and Hakka Pork Bowl, the Hakka Karni Bowl was certainly satiating with fried silken tofu that is stuffed with pork for a meaty bite, juicy Hakka Meatballs which were crisp on the exterior and easy to chew within, and the Hakka Pork that comes with a bite without being too porky or tough to bite, whilst also being crisp on the exterior. Still prefer the Hakka Tofu Bowl overall; the Manicai and the other greens provide a good break amidst all the meatiness that gives a better contrast of flavours (aside from being that signature dish of theirs since Day One at Yishun Park Hawker Centre as Ah Lock Tofu), but the Hakka Karni Bowl would certainly do well for those who just simply wants to go for the meat and can't really be bothered about their vegetables; a meat lover's dream!

Ah Lock & Co has a few new items on their menu which include the Hakka Pork Bun, Hakka Karni Bowl and the Hakka Meatball Bowl. Got the Hakka Pork Bun to go, which costs $3.90 ala carte or $5 as a set with drinks.

The Hakka Pork Bun comes with slices of roast pork belly and cubes of slightly sweetened tamago sandwiched in a soft bun. This took close to 10 minutes to be served, which was a little ridiculous for a bun that wasn’t even hot. The ingredients weren’t outstanding, but they were tasty. The roast pork was tender, and the skin was slightly crispy. The tamago was soft and not too sweet, which was great. However, the bun seemed to be sprinkled with some white sugar which made it really sticky and a little too sweet for my liking. Although I do love soft breads, perhaps a firmer bun would’ve done better in this case as it all felt a little too ‘nua’ and I couldn’t get over how sticky the top of the bun was.

Maybe this would be better if it was toasted or served warm. Given that it wasn’t, and the waiting time is relatively long, I’d say to give the Hakka Pork Bun a pass. Just go for the bowls, or the min jiang kueh for a quick fix instead.

Always looking for the best offers and eats in town!!

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