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Best Local Eats in Petaling Street

Best Local Eats in Petaling Street

A foodie's paradise for locals and tourists alike, Petaling Street is where you'll find KL's best local delights. Uncover age-defiant signature recipes in decades-old stalls churning out their signature dishes we know and love. From late night Hokkien mee to simple and tasty fish porridge and made-to-order muah chee, here are 12 best local eats in Petaling Street.
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Burpple Guides

Mention this kopitiam to any KL-ite, and they’ll say you must have the La La Bee Hoon (RM10). Each portion sees delicate noodles in a fragrant broth of ginger, chilli and Chinese wine, crowned with a truckload of fresh clams. On rainy days, this dish truly hits the spot. If you’re here with a meat-loving friend, point them to the popular Beef Noodles (RM10), which Burppler Michelle T. declares one of the best in KL (alongside Shin Kee Beef Noodles that's also on this list!).
Photo by Burppler Shaowei Ho


Some of Petaling Street’s most well-loved makan spots can be found on this busy lane. There’s asam laksa, curry laksa and yong tau foo to devour, and since you shouldn't have to choose just one, bring the whole family along to share a feast. Burppler Sauda Ng’s pick is the Curry Laksa (from RM7), while Burppler Sok Chien Lim is a fan of the fresh Yong Tau Foo (RM1.50, a piece). While you're at it, add on an order of Chee Cheong Fun (from RM3) from the neighbouring stall bathed in a duo of sweet soy and chilli sauce. Pro tip: It's stuffy in here, so dress lightly.
Photo by Burppler Sok Chien Lim

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Bookmark this simple yet downright delicious porridge along Jalan Hang Lekir for a solid breakfast before the work day begins (they're open from 4am!). Get the signature Raw Fish Porridge (RM7) that comes piping hot and drizzled with sesame oil. Throw in the accompanying raw slices of carp, fresh ginger and coriander, stir and enjoy. Other favourites on the menu include the Crispy Innards Porridge (RM5.50) and the Homemade Pork Ball Porridge (RM5.50).

You’ll hear this stall before you see it: The speakers connected to Madam Tang’s muah chee cart blares a recording of her saying "Top quality, silky smooth muah chee" in Cantonese. Order the muah chee by the box (RM5), and watch as she cuts and shapes the soft and chewy glutinous rice balls to order. For the finishing touch, she coats them generously in finely chopped peanuts. Madam Tang also makes other funky muah chee flavours like Ribena, Pandan and Lychee. Get them in a variety pack for only RM5!

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When we asked the Burpple community for some of their fave local eats in Petaling Street, it was a unanimous vote for Shin Kee’s Beef Noodles (from RM9) – some even say it's the best in town! Think a heavenly combination of handmade noodles and savoury minced pork served with a bowl of intensely beefy soup brimming with more meat. There’s also a soup version available that's just as flavourful!
Photo by Burppler Rose Lam

Easily accessible via the Pasar Seni MRT is this homely restaurant that serves up a variety of Chinese rice and noodles dishes. A house speciality is the “Ying Yong” With Tomato Sauce (from RM10) which Burppler Sok Chien Lim aptly describes as an Eastern version of Pasta Bolognese. This dish sees crispy vermicelli and flat rice noodles buried in a thick egg sauce mixed with ketchup for added sweetness – what a way to up the ying yong game! The sinful Pork Luncheon Meat Fried Rice (from RM12) is also a must-order.
Photo by Burppler Nicholas Ng

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Never leave Petaling Street without taking a box of these egg tarts home with you. These sunny Egg Tarts (RM2, per piece) are freshly-baked, and with trays flying out of the oven regularly, you're guaranteed to get your hands on piping hot tarts. Each egg tart is perfection – flaky, savoury pastry encases a smooth and sweet egg custard. Other yummy flavours also available are Durian Egg Tarts (RM3), Bamboo Charcoal & Sesame Seed Egg Tarts (RM2.10) and Green Tea Egg Tarts (RM2.10). Ps. Note these tarts are non-halal as the pastry contains lard.
Photo by Burppler Calie Tang


KL is home to many delicious Hokkien mee shops, but this institution in Petaling Street (they have been operating since 1927!) is a must-add to your foodie itinerary. They’re open till 4.30am, so bookmark this spot for supper after drinks. All you need is the wok hei-heavy Hokkien Mee (from RM10), which Burppler Kaelyn Pu describes as, "... the best traditional charcoal fried Hokkien mee, drenched in thick and black gravy and topped with crispy fried pork lard." Enough said. Don't forget to have it with a dollop of the spicy sambal!
Photo by Burppler Kaelyn Pu


Find this soya bean stall situated right opposite Madam Tang Muah Chee’s cart. There’s always a line for the drinks, but the queue moves fast, so get your order ready. Go for the silky smooth Tau Fu Fah (RM1.80) drizzled with a sweet gingery brown syrup that’s a match made in heaven with the warm soybean pudding. Pro tip: Burppler Esther Seletyn Chai says you can have it drizzled in soya milk too. On hot days, you can’t go wrong with the simple Soya Bean (RM1.80), or the Soya Bean + Cincau (RM1.80).

Next on your Petaling Street food adventure is wanton mee from this decades-old stall. It’s a small shop, and the crowds throng in during peak lunch hours, so eat and move out quickly! Order the signature Char Siew Wanton Noodles (from RM6) and look forward to a dazzling plate of springy noodles slicked in a tasty dark sauce, accompanied with sweet and tender char siew slices. The dry version comes with a delicious bowl of soup with plump wantons. Follow Burppler Shao Wei's lead and have your noodles with an extra serving of steamed chicken – no regrets.
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh


The clay pot loh shi fun from this Petaling Street stalwart is a must-include on your foodie's list! Open till the wee hours of the morning, China Town Seng Kee’s Claypot Pearl Noodles (RM13) is a soul-comforting dish worth digging into after a night out. The silky loh shi fun (rat tail noodles) is coated in dark soy, topped with a mountain of minced pork and finished with a raw egg yolk. Mix thoroughly to create a beautiful viscous sauce that perfectly coats the noodles. It's so good that Burppler Kenneth Lee had two orders of this dish – you might want to do the same.
Photo by Burppler Polly Wei

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This shop along Jalan Sultan only serves chicken rice, and they do it very well. Forget the menu and order these dishes right away: A mixed platter of roasted and steamed chicken (from RM25) both equally juicy, amazingly charred Char Siew (from RM7.30) dressed in a sweet glaze and Roasted Pork (from RM7.70) with skin that ranks high on the crunch-o-meter. For balance, get the Spicy Sour Vege (from RM2.60) and Bean Sprouts (from RM2.10). Wash your meal down with a glass of Herbal Tea (RM2.80) and prepare for the food coma that’s soon to follow. Sorry, not sorry.

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