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Featuring Peony Jade Restaurant (Clarke Quay)
Donovan Teo
Donovan Teo

Peony Jade’s Signature Fried Cappuccino Pork Ribs Paired with Crispy Roasted Duck

This is the signature dish of the restaurant. The flesh of the duck is tender and not too tough. The best part about this dish is the skin of the duck. It is super crispy and accompanies the tender flesh of the duck well. The pork ribs is soft and tender as well and you can taste the rice flavour of the coffee essence behind it. The blend of these 2 meats goes well together.

Per entry parking of $3.50 after 6pm on weekdays at Liang Court nearby.

Braised Tender Duets Seasonal Greens with Slices Australian 2-Head Abalone

This dish is a mixture of broccoli and spinach with rich and tender abalone slices. It is accompanied with a thick and rich oyster mushroom sauce. Some of the broccoli stalks may look a little yellow but it is braised just nice and crunchy. The spinach is cooked well and soft enough that you can swallow it directly without much chewing! Where most places serves more of the stem from the spinach, this place serves more of the leafy parts.

Double-boiled Premier Shark’s Fin Bouillon with Conpoy and Chinese Mushroom (Soup/Broth Section)

Look at the amount of shark’s fin given. The soup that accompanies the shark’s fin is thick but not too starchy. They are generous with the mushroom and scallop inside. Every scoop is rich with some ingredient. The soup might be a little salty but it does not over power the entire taste of the soup. Overall, it is not too bad.

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I am grateful for every meal placed in front of me...

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