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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Egg was average cos floury, I didn't have the oysters.

Their free soy beancurd dessert was pretty good

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They didn't have signature tofu and sifang tofu on the same day, quite ridiculous.

This was decent though, the spices were surprisingly somewhat perceptible and the minced meat was generous enough

Not authentic obviously but it's a passable rendition

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Fresh grouper, quite ex for the portion, but this was a solid version. The curry was satisfying and thick enough, veggies were cooked well and the fish was well cooked

Solid, recommended. Just annoyed that they didn't have Assam sauce that day

Good portion, this is a very good version. The sambal has enough umami, is sweet and there's heat. Veggies were cooked well, petai wasn't too smelly, and the ikan bilis was very crispy.


No more char kway teow mee

Quite a good portion, feeds 5 easily because it's quite filling despite the portion

The sauce was nice, seafood was quite generous, and the yellow noodles were decent

So overall a v good mee goreng

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This is legit

The fats wobble beautifully as it should, meat was reasonably tender, and it is very sweet as dongpo meat is supposed to be. An authentic version thats hard to Find

Must try if youve never had an authentic rendition

Now comes with scallops. But the sauce has this petai smell, which isnt supposed to be there. And i had a bit of diarrhea the next day, maybe it's one off

Their mee goreng is pretty decent, the sauce is flavourful and thick while carrying a significant amount of spices as well as heat. White restaurant, unlike other tzechar restaurants in shopping malls, really dont compromise on heat and i love it. Thus this might be slightly difficult for one pax to finish unless you're good with spice, considering how thick and filling the sauce is

Good stuff

Seasoning was quite good, the rice was abit dry and has quite some bite, which was decent as well. Theres some wokhei as well

A note worthy rendition

Not particularly good, it's dry and not v zippy

Not a usual version, this one has wok hei and is quite eggy, with strong tomato notes that's not overpowering. Also has squid and prawns

Quite a decent rendition, there's good reason why ppl order this when they're here already.

They use mud crabs from india/sri lanka, and they were of exceptional quality. It's tender without being mushy

The black pepper sauce was strong, sweet and heavy on black pepper, yet it works with the sweet crab meat. It's quite unbelievable, it's difficult to imagine how they did it because it sounds so eclectic. Imagine a sweet black pepper sauce! The underlying secret ingredient that ties it all tgt is coffee

Service is not good tho, it's really u acceptabke to me that we are paying hundred bucks and they wont even charge our phone, saying electricity is expensive(I even offered to pay!)

Only cash and paynow accepted here. The Food is alright, particularly the quality of the crab, the sauce is different but not exceptional. Personally if im going to pay so much id rather choose somewhere with better service, more comfort, and less ulu


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