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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

So they removed the smallest option and call the medium the new small

Anyway this obviously isn't small at all not meant for one. Garlicky as you expect, but the problem is that it's spicy from the chili padi so it's difficult to eat. Would have been quite decent if they went easy on the chili padi

Very good. It's simple but executed well, the best I've had in recent memory. There's wok hey, there's enough savouriness, and most importantly there isn't this massive pool of oil at the bottom. So do give it a try, and I challenge anyone to find a superior version


Probably very far from what you expect when you hear lor mee. The noodles have a lot of bite, and the soup was slightly thick with depth. Really hard to describe, it tastes so familiar and is kind of what you expect when you see it, v good though

The Assam sauce was bomb, really tangy and quite hot too. Unfortunately the squid was quite overcooked

Really expensive place imo, idk what I was expecting though

Think there's a 10% markup

The ckn was tender, q mild. Good thing is that it's boneless and quality ckn meat(prob thigh) but the mountain of ginger slices more than made up for the convenience of deboning. Not to mention it covers the fact that there isn't that much chicken

Idk if there's svc if you dine in but their service is quite good. The takeaway box is very tightly sealed, to the point that it imploded basically as the soup cooled lol. The takeaway box and utensils were very nicely designed and gf was impressed by the aesthetics

Soup itself was pretty good, very thick and even when you scoop it w a spoon you can see it's opaque. Ckn was tender too. Very deserving of their fame. Chili was average though, just sour

It's fine but the pieces of pig stomach were too big for the flavour of the dried shrimp to penetrate. Portion is quite substantial though.

Only available for dinner usually, call in to check if it's available for lunch

Yes, this tiny portion is for sharing. But it's super creamy inside so it's probably good for two. Well steamed and sauce was nice as well, only problem is that they didn't remove the soft bone, which made it taste like there's a lot of plastic pieces. Eat fast cos it gets bitter when it's cold

This place is absolutely packed on a weekday evening. Better call in to reserve

The fish soup is pretty good, it's like normal fish soup but amped up w umami if you catch my drift. The seaweed taste is very strong as well. Big, satisfying chunks of perfectly cooked fish. Nothing too crazy,but I think it's well deserving of the price and the popularity

You just tell them sambal tofu and they'll ask you if it's tofu prawn without prawn15nett. So u save half the money lol

And rightfully so, because what you're really here for is the sauce. It's reminiscent of chili crab but milder and more savoury than sweet. Quite delicious

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Amazing. Kangkong was very tender, no idea how they achieved it. Cuttlefish had a pleasant texture too, but the sauce was what pushed it over the top. Hints of sambal, thick and gooey, yet a lil diff from anything I've tasted. Worth a try!

Idk the price but q affordable.

This is one of the most unique versions I've tasted. The sambal was quite sweet and sticky, with occasional punches of savouriness and smokiness coming through. Somehow there's a slimy(in the best way haha) transparent gravy covering everything and the flavours were satisfying but still agreeable. Only complain was the portion, it's basically for 1 pax lmao. Worth a try!

Would travel for food

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