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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Somehow this large portion is the minimum order, 4 of us didn't finish it

It's pretty solid, quite thick and got a bit of heat. Could do with more spices and more umami

Mutton ribs pieces were rlly tender but the bones were v annoying. Overall very overpriced

With heart attack fried rice, potato wedges

It's pretty good, with sufficient meatiness and tenderness. Flavour was there as well, and quite addictive due to the size. Unfortunately there's still a bit of chew, but acceptable.

The fried rice is actl q mild, is on the softer side too so more like flavoured rice

Idk why it was so mindblowing the last time I had it(few years ago? Maybe I haven't had good steak then) but while this is good, personally I wouldn't pay so much again. It's definitely not mindblowing, there's no crust either(nor crispiness)

Very crispy batter, most likely deep fried. Pork Jowl was bouncy, and surprisingly it's got a very good smokiness(I'm assuming they flame the top).

The execution was fine but somehow it wasn't as good as it could have been. The sauce lacks character too, even tho it seemed interesting on paper

A dry version, not too dry though. Wok hei was quite strong, an affordable main here

Serves 4

Excellent rendition. I love yam paste so I enjoyed this so very much, I can't recall the last time I've had a better one(must have been 3 years at least, east side got one institution)

The coconut milk was not v sweet at all, and the yam paste was more like puree, intense, sweet, and exceptionally smooth. The pumpkin didn't help at all tho, it wasnt sweet enough

I believe this is the smaller serving. Textbook. That's all that needs to be said.

Rmb to ladle extra sauce else it's not salty enough cos the buns are somewhat thick

The crunch was there but not optimal, there's a sandines and emptiness to the shell.

The sauce is quite unique tho, it's not those golden gravy sweet kind, it really is just broken up salted egg chunks so it's very savoury.

It's fine, the mushrooms were quite unique but still nothing wow. Portion was v small too, it's just one tiny bowl per person(3pax)

The soup was thin in flavour but thickened with starch?

The egginess was decent, overall it's a fine option

As expected of an elite zichar place with bib gourmand, the seafood was done impeccably. Props esp to the squid with minimal bite and very tender

I'll admit I'm not quite sure what gan Xiang is, but probably there's no standard answer either. However the version here makes me think of dry mee Siam actually, with a lot of similar spices but distinct at the same time. It's got a decent heat, one of us couldn't handle it. A solid option for mains I'd say, but not special enough to be a must try

So they removed the smallest option and call the medium the new small

Anyway this obviously isn't small at all not meant for one. Garlicky as you expect, but the problem is that it's spicy from the chili padi so it's difficult to eat. Would have been quite decent if they went easy on the chili padi

Very good. It's simple but executed well, the best I've had in recent memory. There's wok hey, there's enough savouriness, and most importantly there isn't this massive pool of oil at the bottom. So do give it a try, and I challenge anyone to find a superior version

Would travel for food

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