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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The takeaway portion is 8nett whereas the dine in version is one plate for 4nett.

Theirs is really unique cos it's umami packed but not too strongly seasoned so that you can keep eating, and the sweetness makes it go well with a huge plethora of mild foods, including their milder stir fried dishes

This one tastes pretty normal, but quite worth for the amount of meat for 1nett

The umami is good but it's quite mild for me. Say real tho the pork ribs is quite tough

The chili sauce was really good, it's kind of like a mix between those bean paste sauce carrying savouriness and a bit of funk, as well as chili crab sauce w the thickness and the sweetness. The heat was just nice too, and meat was pretty fresh

Just get this over here, skip the rest

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Tastes pretty normal, siew yoke came in sizeable chunks tho

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Pathetic portion for large, this feeds at most two. Very bland too. The cuttlefish texture was decent

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Feeds 2 perfectly. It's weird how I end up eating more ckn now when prices have risen alr

This was godly. The kampung chicken is done to perfection. It's isn't overly steamed so it's a lot more chewy in a pleasant way, which is the right way to do these chicken. The flavour is incredible as well.

Pair that with a salty sauce which is equally flavourful but doesn't have much character to distract from the chicken, and the grassy mild ginger sauce for MAX PLEASURE

Must visit

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The beehoon has a good bite despite being braised. I prefer it softer but there's nothing wrong w this. The pumpkin soup takes 48hours to boil allegedly, and is pretty thick. I quite liked it but it's salty and the main taste is a sourness from veggies apparently

The seafood was fine but the extremely tiny pieces of concentrated pork lard was the highlight. Incredibly smoky and full of umami, plus it's crispy too.

The dude doesn't know what he's talking about tho. He said it's dried shrimp when it's clearly not, and he said there's crab when there wasn't.

Their chili is absolutely delicious, you can taste the freshness of the chili flesh and it's so simple yet stunning

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So there's 18/23 or sth and 20/25

The 20/25 are the thicker cuts, which I obviously would go for.

The sambal was fiery, it's got good heat and good sweetness, medium spiciness though.

Stingray was well grilled, it's crispy at the bottom, but the meat itself wasn't good, so it requires a lot of chewing.

I'd say just go for the sambal sotong? if u want to try the sambal, hopefully that's better

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Not v impressive. The stock is fine but can't rlly taste what's in it, the seafood taste isn't strong at all. There isn't much crab taste, not much wok hei, nor was the crab v sweet(average quality)

Pretty pricey for this quality. Maybe they used to be much better but not much reason to visit now, I've had a few crab beehoons and while they were all highly raved, it doesn't change the fact that this was the least impressive I've had so far

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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