OISHI おいしい

OISHI おいしい

Featuring Misato, Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Tampopo Grand (Ngee Ann City), Sushi Tei (VivoCity), Genki Sushi (Orchard Central), Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura), Kanshoku Ramen Bar (ION Orchard), Gochi-So Shokudo (One Raffles Place), Ichiban Boshi (Marina Bay Link Mall), Katanashi An
Chu Ning
Chu Ning

I was starving and this indeed was pretty filling
Hahaha 10 gyozas and 3 chicken karaage for a price tag of slightly above $10

Tho gyoza was abit nua but that can’t be helped due to delivery. However would still suggest you to dine in there instead !

Good meal

Love the addition of the crispy thing that adds a different texture. Noodles not too hard either
The meat was good, just that the noodles clumps up when it’s delivered

Served fresh off the grill, the saba skin was crisp while the flesh was white, smooth and moist.

The entire portion was almost boneless. Oh and the dip that came w it was good. Gave it abit of saltiness.

For the price point, I would say it’s worth it.
The other place I go to would be ichiban bento to satisfy my Saba cravings.

Queued 45 mins on a Friday night.
Entered at around 6.50pm and was told dining time was limited to 30 mins during peak period.

The beef and the portion is decent for its price but wished that there were more gravy in my rice

Overall this is cheaper then yoshi

For someone who hates spring onions and veggies, this fried rice was perfect for me.

The rice was fried with egg and a hint of black pepper and while it was a pretty decent plate, it lacked abit of the wok hey. Gyoza was not bad but I find the chicken karage abit tough for my liking.

My friend commented that their fried oysters were amazing.

Mentai sauce was pretty generous
Skin was crispy but I felt the salmon was a little dry.

This is what happiness looks like !!!

After a long and tiring day of work, digging into warm fluffy rice drenched with sweet sauce and biting into the juicy chicken ball, what more can I ask for ?

Tried also their shoyu chicken instead of the normal karage and I prefer the former. It comes in smaller chucks so it’s easier to bite and also has a distinctive flavour to it.

Also a huge fan of their gyoza and prawns. An essential to my bento box.

All in all, tori q never fails to light up my night with its delicious and affordable offerings

Pasta with uni, sakura ebi, ikura and truffle mushroom cream sauce.

While the taste of truffle was strong, I hope that the dish can be turned into a hot dish instead of cold pasta.

Tempura was enjoyable.

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Ichiban serves up some pretty good bento

Love that the Saba was a good portion with Minimal bones !!! Came with a gyoza and 2 tamago

Enjoyed 15% thru foodpanda pick up

Love donbori that comes w onsen eggs
The pork was thingy sliced and grilled. The pork on its own was rather bland and that’s why it was served w a dish of sauce.
Simple yet satisfying
Service time was pretty fast

Felt like the standard dropped abit as I remembered the truffle used to taste stronger

Still enjoyed the tender Char Siew and pork gyoza

I love unagi and I love beef, so this gonna be the perfect combination!

I love how affordable their unagi bento are, with pricing starting as low as $9.80.

Got to admit that their beef wasn’t the most tender but it’s still decent quality. Unagi was soft and charcoaled beautifully.

Set came w chawamushi which I thought was okay only

Chu Ning

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