OISHI おいしい

OISHI おいしい

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Chu Ning
Chu Ning

Can’t believe it took me this long to finally try out sushiro !!! Probably daunted by the limited outlets in the past 😂 but now they are everywhere so yup this is my new fave sushi restaurant apart fr genki

Personal faves were the premium unagi which just melts in your mouth and the prawn with cheese. Sooo good that I went for second servings

Food was delivered pretty fast and service was good !! Will def be back

Solid meal.
Great variety of seafood such as prawns, squid and also veggies such as lotus root and long beans.

The dish was served with snow crabs and 3 slices of unagi for $19.90. The Portion of the snow crab wasn’t a lot but can’t expect much. There’s even a card that guides you on how to eat this dish. It came with condiments and soup I think.

Vegetables were really fresh and I could hear the crunch from the peas and the lotus root.

Skip the gyoza.
It was served cold and pretty lumpy.

Love the udon !!! And the whole flavour of this dish. It’s not as creamy as the normal carbonara

This was so good. Truffle taste wasn’t over powering the unagi

Always a fan of unagi but while the unagi portion was pretty generous, I felt that the unagi had lots of tiny bones. I get that we can eat the soft bones in there but I don’t really seem to experience this issue when I consume the unagi in other restaurants...

The meat was not as tender as expected but still a good portion of it.

Came with onsen egg and avocado.

Good for sharing

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The broth has a much richer and saltier taste. Probably too salty imo.

Would prefer their curry over this

Curry wasn’t the usual thick Japanese kind but instead it’s slightly watered down.

The onsen egg was really runny which was a good addition to the curry.

Beef portion was a lot but there’s some fatty parts in there. Can’t complain cos it’s cheap.

Udon was really smooth and thick and went really well w the beef and curry. Will be back

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They named it sweet and sour pork but this dish didn’t fare v well with our tastebuds. It was more of a meatball coated w teriyaki sauce. Kinda too sweet for me

The cheese was oozy and stretchy and inside the breaded ball, there was also mashed potato w some corn if I didn’t remember wrongly.

Eating this as a starter was great

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Gyoza was great as well. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside

Chu Ning

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