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Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

9,000 won seemed pretty reasonable given the size of the tiramisu, which was seriously gigantic 😹 it was about the size of a brick or more, hence no wonder why almost everyone couldn't finish it. As much of a dessert person i was, this took me quite some time to finish too 😹

A thin layer of matcha powder coats the top of the tiramisu, coupled with sprinkles of chopped pistachios, completed with some fresh fruits. You can't tell from the picture, but there is a pretty thick bottom layer of coffee soaked sponge so you aren't just downing spoonfuls of green tea cream.

The green tea cream was thick and velvety-a little on the richer side, so the assortment of fruits was definitely needed to prevent it from getting jelat. The bottom sponge layer had quite a strong coffee fragrance too, achieving a pleasant bittersweet balance with the sweet cream layer.

Had also ordered a Yuzu ade (8,000 won) which was citrusy and served as a refreshing accompaniment to the tiramisu.

Madeleine was a little on the dry side. There wasn't a very strong matcha fragrance despite it looking like matcha "gao" Don't really understand why there were so many good reviews for this 😅
The outermost layer of the madeleine is crisp which i liked for the contrast it provided with the soft madeleine, but despite its green appearance seemed go taste like just regular sugar icing.

This fared better than the matcha to me- at least there was a slight roasty fragrance to the madeleine. Somehow feels like this applies most of the time to the matcha/hojicha flavoured stuff in korea though i'm not sure why 🤔

Nearly skipped past these as i felt that the packaging seemed quite similar to the wasabi almonds, but upon closer look realised that its green tea 😍

The green tea isn't too intense, but was definitely present and wasn't too sweet. These are actually by far one of my favourite almonds from the brand, with the almonds being generously coated with green tea flavoured chocolate and then coated with crispy rice bits which gave them a super addictive crunch😋

I've always loved injeolmi bingsus, so i knew i had to give this macaron a try when i saw it. There was a pleasant, nutty fragrance that you would find familiar if you have had the bingsu before and also a faint buttery fragrance.

The cream filling of the macaron was a tad too buttery and had a rather oily mouthfeel. Perhaps because i had this the last of the 4 macarons that i bought, so the filling had melted a little so the texture wasn't as good. Couldn't really taste the sweet-salty notes of the salted caramel too😅

Macarons in korea are generally more expensive, perhaps because they are larger than usual. The macarons here are still on the pricier side though, the other macarons i bought were below 3,000 won. Couldn't resist getting green tea when i saw it though 😹

Was wondering where the kitkat component of the macaron was, and was answered by the presence of a mini crunchy kitkat in the middle of the macaron. I liked how the green tea wasn't at all too sweet, and the subtle tea fragrance a delight to my tea-loving tastebuds 😊😋

Really loved all the macarons in korea because they are like at least 2x the normal size haha. Not really a fan of oreo, but these were quite nice, the flavour resembling that of cookies and cream, and the oreo crumbles weren't at all "lau hong"(not crisp) The macaron shell was also crisp with a chewy mouthfeel hehe

Wanting to try a little of everything (and also because we are very indecisive people) so we got an assortment of 4 pancakes- mung bean, gamja (potato), kimchi and leek.

If you're watching your diet, you can forget about these because they were really oily, especially towards the end😹The pancakes were really good though, and the pancakes managed to retain its crisp exterior despite being left aside for quite some time as we were busy finishing our other dishes and also taking photos😹

The leek pancake was really fragrant, and the kimchi one was also super flavourful. The potato one just tasted...like a potato i guess 😹 The mung bean one was my personal favourite, being thicker and the pancake chewier, but with added textures from the variety of chopped vegetables and minced meat pieces added

We wanted only 2 pieces of Pork and Mandu respectively because we just wanted to try the dumplings but already had too much food prior 😅 but the owner just gave us the normal serving portion of 4 each anyway 😹

Was drawn to these dumplings because of their unique shapes, but these mandus definitely fell short of our expectations with fillings that were a tad dry and also lacking in flavour, though the amount of fillings seemed rather substantial. The skin of the mandu was the slippery soft kind, which i wasn't a fan of because it lacked a degree of bite i seek

A common korean drink made from cooked rice. It is sweet in flavour, though not overly so. Not sure if they added any sugar syrup, but i would think they did!

Its a really pleasant drink to wash down the oiliness of the other street food that we had bought in the market, and i liked the subtle nuttiness the drink carried.

Between the matcha and hojicha milk spread, i preferred the hojicha! Despite its sweetness, it boasted distinct notes of the roasted tea.

Not sure if this is sold in Singapore because i have only seen the matcha milkspread but not the hojicha.

Find me on insta @fatpigdiary for my foodventures 😛

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