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Desserts/Ice Cream 🧁

Desserts/Ice Cream 🧁

Featuring Curious Palette, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), Tsui Wah (Clarke Quay), The 1925 Brewing Co. (Joo Chiat), Ellenborough Market Cafe, Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore, Rich and Good Cake Shop, Harrits, Dessert Hut @ People's Park Center, Ottoman Kebab & Grill
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

Pretty rich, and both walnut paste n almond paste have distinct flavours. Traditional cantonese desserts and sweet soups. Great dessert on a cold rainy day but u probs need some water on standby cos it’s rich haha

Pretty chewy/bouncy with a fragrant matcha flavour n some fruit on the inside

Ellenborough is rly famous for its durian haha I saw lotsa ppl scooping durian pengat n piling it into their bowls 😂 This dessert was rly smooth n v pleasant to eat bc it was soft n stuffed w durian, the coconut ice cream on the side was rly refreshing as well

Dang this was rly good hehe the buns were buttery and toasted but still soft, paired w condensed milk, this makes for a simple yet tasty dessert after good ol HK food!! Cha chaan tang vibes indeed but classier HAHAHA

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Ice cream is fragrant n rly yum w lotsa interesting flavours (but I alr did a review on the ice cream so imma talk more abt waffle). The waffles r so good man crispy on the outside soft n fluffy on the inside. Just the way I like it teehee. Paired w sweet maple syrup mm

Really soft and filled with cream cheese. Pretty good balance and it does live up to its name haha. Tried the kaya and chocolate ones which were tasty too. My colleagues were raving abt the coffee one as well. Heard they always get sold out so I just bought bc I don’t pass by that area often (tbh didn’t know it was that famous either)

Floral notes in a fruity pie! I liked it! Plus there were 3 layers w varying textures, pretty interesting not to mention gorgeous too look at dem beautiful purple swirls n bits of petals

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Very fluffy n gorgeous 😍 Loved the addition of the toppings which went pretty well with the thick pancake, only gripe was that I could barely taste the rum in the rum sauce. Other than that alls good, heads up it’s pretty filling u rly must share w a friend if not u might die

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Delightful Turkish dessert. Man I love it although it’s real sinful. Crispy fried bee Hoon encasing soft chewy mochi-like thing w cheese, drenched in sugar syrup and condensed milk. Then sprinkled w pistachio nuts. Oof unhealthy but Soo good

A plethora of appealing ice cream flavours r avail here, personal favs include rum&raisin, nutty beer (so unique) and grape yakult yogurt! The cone is so good too it’s like a mix between a cone, biscuit and cookie 🍪

I liked it!! Quite boozy n fluffy it’s a good tiramisu imo :-)

Abit too sweet for me and tbh why is bingsu so ex actually HAHAHHA but it was enough for 3 of us so :’) Shaved Ice was rly milky and smooth, only thing is it gets rather crowded after awhile so can’t stay to talk for too long

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