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Featuring Nesuto, Matchaya (The Cathay), The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Creamier (Tiong Bahru), Small Potatoes Ice Creamery ([email protected]), the kins', The M Plot, Beans & Cream, belle-ville Pancake Cafe (100AM), Cha Tra Mue (Global Kitchens)
Jelene Ong
Jelene Ong

Revamped place with a much wider variety on their menu selling everything from mains to desserts to drinks.

I was most attracted to their dessert menu. Not only do they retain their parfaits and soft serve, they also serve crepe cakes, tiramisu and tarts now.

Ordered a Matcha Yuzu tart($8.50) and it was pretty well done. The tart was not too thick and the matcha ganache was very creamy. The circumference around the ganache within the tart was surrounded by Yuzu jam and gave it a nice sweetness. However I actually hoped that the Matcha taste could be stronger but still, this is good enough.


Ordered the strawberry and mixed berry pancake (4 pieces) which cost $14.40 before GST.

Definitely one of the best pancakes around. So moist and soft with layers with cream.

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Ordered the pistachio chocolate cake ($9) and Ondeh Ondeh cake ($9)

Can't really taste the pistachio cream as it was overpowered by the chocolate. The ondeh ondeh cake was light and fluffy, with layers of pandan cake and gula melaka coconut shavings.

The drinks were normal and kind of expensive, ranging from $7 onwards for the small cup.

Chocolate tart ($9) and Single Origin hot chocolate ($8.50)

The hot chocolate was sinfully pleasant. There's a few degrees of chocolate to choose from and I got the 75%. It can be slightly bitter but good for people who enjoys dark chocolate.

The chocolate tart was so so. The ganache could be richer, albeit the texture was rich.

Will visit again for their hot chocolate drink.

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Average around $9 per piece, each item is crafted pretty.

Comes with variety of unique flavours. Great place for Instagramable desserts.

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The best pistachio ice cream. Waffles were airy and comes with a crispy edge.

Be prepared to wait as this place is too popular.

$3.50 for this cup. Nice creamy with a strong hint of Thai tea. They have the green tea and mixed flavour too at the same pricing. Packaged Thai tea are sold there so you can buy them home when you want a sip of Thai milk tea at your own comfort.

Queue is long during lunch hours but the staff moves fast. Approx waiting time around 10mins.

Used the beyond deal for these macarons. A little too sweet but I guess that's how macarons are supposed to be. Ordered the raspberry lychee rose and chocolate pralines. Cost about $8.50 each. The raspberry macaron is more pleasing to me with a balance from the sweetness of raspberry and fragrance of lychee.

Nice ambience to spend your weekends at.

Big fan of their cold churros, especially the pistachio. Very generous in their coating with finely ground pistachios. Got a hazelnut chocolate soft serve to go with.

The churros are priced at $3 each.

Good deal costing $9 for two scoops and waffles. Flavourful creamy ice cream with fluffy waffles. Hands down to one of the best matcha ice creams around.

Done right. Creamy cheesecake with cream cheese oozing out from the centre with a side of sweet cream. Not the cheapest at $7.50 but I'm sure gonna visit again

Had to top up $4 for the gold flakes to use the Burpple Beyond deal. Each cup cost $5.50 without the golden flakes usually. Total $9.50 for these two cups. The texture is good and creamy but probably won't visit again.