Vic’s FAV Places ❤️

Vic’s FAV Places ❤️

My all-time fav food places I love going to
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

This is one of my all time fav restaurants and I always get the exact same thing every time I’m here - the Akashi bento set. The Saba fish is grilled sooo well so crispy outside n tender af inside. Sashimi & tempura also adds variety n pizazz so that’s gr8. Basically everything in this set works so well tgt love all the components 🤩 Oh btw the food is cheaper during lunch than dinz for some reason haha

So warm so moist so fluffy mmmmm loved it 😍 Super huge tho haha would recommend sharing btwn 2 ppl n the chicken and waffles were real good too!!! Def one of the tastiest pancakes (to me)

Saw this on insta it looks hella amazing I wna try one day 😭 looks dreamy af 😭 putting here so I don’t forget to go when I’m richer!!!

2nd Saturday in a row eating this n it’s sooooo good eh I think this might overtake hoe nam as my fav prawn noodles in SG 🥺 Ordered the signature prawn noodle set (+ add Onsen egg) as ush n components r all amazing: crispy pork lard; fragrant & salty chilli, flavourful grilled pork belly, peeled (this is v impt!! Cos lazy) prawns n a hugeass handmade pork ball mmmmm. The prawn stock also WAH So much prawn Essence no cap. Obviously this is damn sinful n p unhealthy HAHAHHAHA but fk it tastes so good 😍 Worth a try if u can brave the Long queues (moves abit faster nowadays but last time the wait was so Long n sian that I left the queue on 2 occasions haha). But probably one of if not my fav prawn noodles in SG 😳

ONE OF MY FAV GELATOS ON EARTH. Damn this rly mindblowing tbh it’s $8 which is q ex but worth it la after I licked it I understood man... Anyways this is chocolatey, rich, soft n creamy Actly tastes like atas ferrero richer hahaha. ive nvr been to Italy but I imagine this is how gelato tastes in Italy. Would totes buy again foshure


Best prawn ever got some special batter damn tasty n good af 💯 loml

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Soya sauce on fried egg w runny yolk. Beauty n delicious af too, think this might b the best pic I’ve ever taken of an egg 🥚

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Crispy flaky outside frm the crackly sugar n fluffy chewy soft buttery goodness inside 😍 Their coffee is good too :’) Used to eat it for bfast when I went to work n it was a real comforting n happy bfast hehe

One of the most ex cakes ever I think ard $12-$14 for just ONE SLICE but it’s p huge n cant deny its worth its price!! damn gotta b one of my TOP 5 fav cakes 😍 Super boozy n moist chocolate cake w lotsa cherries just amazing n after eating u feel like ur in a gr8 mood HAHAHA

Fav is coco glow but tbh triple A is not bad too :’) Açai here is Super refreshing to eat on a hot day n instantly cools down ur entire body temp, perfect for SG esp this crazy summer weather. Q generous w their fruits n sauces too. Lov it n Super worth w the 1 for 1 (used it up alr but still buy their açai bc it’s goood)

Ok I love Fruce esp all the chewy yummy toppings mm 😍 First thing imma do when this lockdown ends is head straight to town n get a drink Fruce bc damn their drinks r good gotta b one of my fav drinks/bbt stalls v Glad they r opening another outlet at Nex

Ok lemme tell u how melty n delicious the A4 Miyazaki is like damn !! I mean look at the marbling n the Wagyu was literally cooking in its own fat, after placing on the hot stone, sprinkle w the salt flakes on the side = perfection!! We didn’t eat w rice but I’m sure it would have been a perfect pairing, n anyway the other sauces on the side were real tasty as well :’)

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