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Andre Teo
Andre Teo

I was waiting for @jooeunchung in the Novena area and decided to join the (45 minutes) long queue at Loong Fatt.

Loong Fatt is an institution in the Balestier area, famous for their sweet and salty tau sah piah (or green bean paste biscuits). I personally prefer the salty version which is (a lot) less sweet and more savoury.

There is a queue because each batch of tau sah piah is packed fresh from the oven and everyone orders boxes of these. Best eaten fresh and warm the oven, the pastry has a nice buttery crust which practically melts in your mouth.

This is definitely worth the wait!


@coocacasg is a relatively new store which specialises in açaí bowls. I am not too sure if it can be classified as a dessert store per se since açaí bowls have taken over salad bowls as the new superfood rage for the health conscious.

I first tried açaí during my grad trip where it was cheap and readily available everywhere in Brazil, and loved its earthly and subtly sweet aftertaste. It is only in recent years that it has become readily available in Singapore.

@jinseisayshi recommended their açaí and yogurt twist soft-serve ice cream topped with homemade granola and almond butter. Needless to say, I enjoyed it!

Tangsuyuk is like Robin to Jajjangmyeon's Batman. They are good on their own but even better together.

@jinseisayshi brought me to @mukjja_sg at Novena Regency recently for their samseon jjajangmyeon (삼선쟁반짜장면) recently (which I forgot to take a picture of).

"Samseon" means fresh delicacies from the land, sky and water but it usually used in korean-chinese cuisine to mean a dish with various types of seafood. At MukJja, the natural sweetness of the seafood complements the slightly earthy, sweet yet savoury notes of stir-fried chunjang (black bean paste). The tangy sourness of the tangsuyuk elevates this messy delicious noodle dish to the next level.

I still personally prefer the jajjangmyeon at Hwang Sil but this is a close second!

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@whiskandpaddlesg is a little idyllic riverside cafe along Punggol Waterway. @jooeunchung and I love how their alfresco veranda overlooks the "river" and greenery. It does however always seem to rain cats and dogs whenever we visit 😂😂😂

I usually have their breakfast pan which gives you a little bit of everything --- 2 eggs cooked in your style, a smoked pork sausage, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob, green salad, sourdough bread and sea salt butter. The food is decent and satisfying.

Sambal seafood on a pizza may sound weird but it somehow works. We love the fiery spicy punch of the homemade nonya sambal on the thin crust pizza and it surprisingly works well with cheese.


Repeat after me --- extra pork chop and chap chye, fried egg, sotong and prawns. That's your must-order at Beo Crescent No Name Curry Rice.

It is legendary.


Besides the traditional lor mee, Jue Dai also serves lor mee with yam rolls, chicken cutlet or battered cod fish.

Its traditional lor mee comes with braised pork belly, yam roll, shredded fried fish and a hard-boiled egg. I think it's a good decent bowl of lor mee -- the gravy is kinda too thin and limpy for me. They are however generous with their noodles and ingredients!

Fatty Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee serves a good plate of hokkien mee.

I like that it is on the moist side and you can taste the savoury prawn stock in every mouthful. The chilli however is definitely the star as it packs a nice fiery punch.

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@miznon_tlv was featured by @thehungryfatty back in November 2016 when I visited their main store in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I really enjoyed their minute steak pita sandwich which featured juicy and tender cuts of
minute steak with radish, coriander and tahini, stuffed to the brim in a warm, soft and fluffy pita bread. The flavours are rich and striking yet blended harmoniously well together.

I was therefore excited to discover that Chef Eyal Shani has brought @miznonsg to town! I don't usually fancy lamb but their Abu Kebab just blew my mind. Imagine taking a bite out of the fluffiest pita bread, stuffed with the most juicy and flavourful lamb meatballs, and creamy tahini.

Simply divine.

The key to a good plate of char kway teow is imho wokhei.

You can elevate a plate of ckt with the use of fancy ingredients such as crayfish, tiger prawns or iberico pork lard. But it is undoubtedly wokhei which binds together the myriad of flavours in this humble yet complex dish.

@jooeunchung and I were hosted to a ckt lunch recently by one of her Malaysian friends. Maybe I should try my hand at this too one day!

We decided to try something new when we spotted some razor clams on sale a couple of weeks ago at the @songfishsg at Northpoint.

I am not too sure what is the difference between razor clams and bamboo clams but the best way to eat them is of course steamed with sauteed garlic and soy sauce. Work in progress as @dorischua88 figures out how long they should be left in the steamer but still yums!

Fuzhou oyster cakes is one of those traditional food dishes which is gradually vanishing from our local food scene.

The ladle used to make this dish gives it the unique UFO shape. Rice flour batter is first poured into the ladle. It is then filled with fresh oysters, minced meat, prawns and chopped parsley. The filling is then covered with more batter. The ladle is then lowered into boiling hot oil and deep fried till golden brown. For those who are not familiar with this dish, it is conceptually and textually similar to takoyaki except bigger and with way more ingredients.

Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake is one of the few stalls keeping this dish alive. The oyster cake is crispy on the outside and yet soft tender and savoury on the inside. I recommend having it with the chilli sauce provided on the side.

I am not too sure why this dish has fallen out of vogue as it can be eaten as a snack or as part of a meal. But do support them if you are in the area!

Lee Fun Nam Kee is a landmark in the Toa Payoh area as the frontage of their HDB shop is adorned by emerald green chinese palace roof tiles.

They are famouse for their soya sauce chicken. Their chicken is soft and tender. I personally prefer a stronger and flavourful braising sauce but for those who like it mild and healthier, you should check Lee Fun Nam Kee out.

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