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Hungry Fatty
Hungry Fatty

The perfect companion in a wet chilly night is a warm comforting bowl of bak kut teh.

I usually prefer the Teochew style BKT, a fine, light brown consommé that is garlicky and peppery. However, I have recently gained a newfound appreciation for the herbal style BKT preferred by the Hokkien and Cantonese.

Hong Ji Claypot Herbal BKT is a chain of hawkers stall islandwide which specialises in herbal BKT. Their aromatic broth is light on the herbal taste, savoury and comforting in the tummy. I didn't manage to try the pork ribs as they were sold out for the day but their sliced pork was fresh and tender. Portions were a little small though and their service was kinda brusque.

Yat Ka Yan is a family-run 糖水店 that serves both traditional desserts and savoury snacks. The oldies have always been fascinated by the long queue outside the shop whenever we walk by after lunch but never got to try cos we were always headed elsewhere.

We finally did so one evening whilst waiting for Miss Korea. I thought their chai po chee cheong fun and glutinous rice were decent. The oldies did however enjoy their bowl of chendol which was apparently prepared from scratch. They thought it was on the light side and not too gelat. Coconut milk and my tummy aren't chummy so I had to give the chendol a miss. Their soursop ice jelly though was not too sweet and refreshing after a heavy meal at the Tokyo Curry Express.

They apparently do a really good walnut and black sesame paste which is one of my favourite desserts. I will hopefully be back soon to give it a shot!

We also love their rack of pork ($31) which is served with garlic confit, truffle mash potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. I was actually amazed that they served it with an entire rib bone bone-in. The meat was tender, slightly sweet and savoury, juicy and cooked to perfection. The sides went really well with the pork, in particular the garlic confit.

We have been back a couple of times since and the food has been consistently good. If you are in the mood for good western food in a comfortable, unpretentious and homely setting (I.e. you can walk in in your haviannas and not get judged), do check out the Lazy Lizard!


@lazylizardthepromenade is located in a mixed development in the middle of a landed property enclave behind Kovan Mrt Station. We actually live nearby but have never heard about it until recently when it won an award from the Singapore Food Masters.

You probably won't be the first to mistake it for a pub due to its name and how it looks. Yes, it does serve a range of beers and cocktails but there are always several groups of families here for their really good and unassuming food.

For their pizzas, you get to choose the base (tomato / herb / squid ink) and different toppings. We really love their seafood mentaiko squid ink pizza ($24). The squid ink crust was shattering crisp and they were really generous with their portions (8 large slices!) and ingredients (loads of prawns and squids!). We love how how combined the flavours of cheese and mentaiko to create this umami packed and savoury dish.

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@solapislygood first started out as a business selling kueh lapis brought in from the owner's hometown of Kuching but quickly pivoted to a home-based business selling savoury birthday yam cakes using their family recipe following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Each of their birthday yam cakes go for $50, which is comparably pricier than ours. However, their cake uses premium Thai yam and is significantly denser and hefty compared to others.

They also do not contain mushrooms, lap cheong or haebi. It is therefore "heavier" on the palate which the crunchy and savoury chai poh (preserved radish) filling with hae bee hiam and shallots help to balance.

I personally prefer my yam cakes to be a little more savoury but I am sure the older folks will love the heavier "earthy" flavours of their cakes!

P.s. I am really grateful to the folks at SoLapislyGood for accommodating my last-minute order and we love how they decorated the cake with spring onions!

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@burgerandlobstersg is a relative newcomer to the local dining scene but is the one of the OGs for lobster rolls and probably the "inspiration" for several of their local competitors.

Each lobster roll features a toasted brioche roll topped with chilled wild-caught Alantic lobster meat dressed in Japanese mayonnaise and lemon with a lemon and garlic butter sauce.

I personally think B&L serves one of the better if not the best brioche buns. The brioche buns are soft and pillowy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside. The lobster meat is kinda on the dry side so I will recommend drizzling the lemon and garlic butter sauce over it.

At $31 ala carte or $37 with fries & salad, it's probably the most expensive. Its good but not that good for me to fork out the extra dough. Once in a while or for a date night, okay lah!

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My ah gong's favourite plate of char kway teow is also my father's favourite of char kway teow, and is needless to say my personal favourite plate of char kway teow.

My first plate of this CKT was at the ground floor of a now demolished block of flats behind Outram Park MRT Station and across the road from SGH, and we have followed them wherever they shifted to. It used to cost $2 per plate and now costs $4 per plate but the taste of the wet gooey and umami laden plate of CKT remains consistently golden.

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@gyunamisg is a little hole-in-the-wall Japanese eatery nestled in the basement of OrchardGateway which is sandwiched between Orchard313 and Orchard Central.

They serve an excellent #burpplebeyond deal where you get two dons for $25. I liked their signature wagyu roast beef don. Slices of soft tender roast wagyu beef go round a "mountain" of rice and is topped with an onsen egg. I must say there's something mesmerising about breaking the egg yolk and seeing the golden yellow egg yolk course down the slices of beef. They also serve a nice creamy sauce to go with the beef.

It is a good decent gyu don though the meat portions are on the smaller side. The burpple beyond deal is excellent value but if you do not have burrple beyond, they also have a $15 set lunch promo!

@sinhengkeeporridge is one of my personal favourites when it comes to Cantonese-style porridge or chok.

My go-to order is their signature porridge which is chok-full of ingredients such as century egg, sliced pork, meatballs, intestines, cuttlefish, sliced fish and minced chicken. Every bowl is warm, hearty and comforting, and perfect for the rainy weather these days.

As part of its 7th anniversary celebrations, @dancingcrabsg collaborated with 赌王 @lnxglobal_official to create the Ultimate Trio which features a 800g live crab, soft shell crab, prawns, Pacific Bocourti Fillet and topped with kaffir leaves, crisp almond flakes, popcorn and Li Nan Xing's very own LNX dried scallop hae bee hiam sauce. On a side note, wouldn't "Dan-Xing Crab" be a better name for the dish? You heard it first here!

The dry rub mix of dried scallop, hae bee hiam, kaffir leaves, almond flakes and popcorn was really really good. It was savoury and addictive, and was delicious on its own and together with the deep fried soft shell crab and fish fillet. I can totally imagine how good this will be over rice.

I wasn't a big fan of deep frying the crab though. The crab meat was tougher and drier compared to its cajun sauce cousin. Perhaps this dish could be better served without the deep fried crab or with crab cakes instead!

I really enjoyed my meal at Dancing Crab. The food was good and the service great. Will be back soon!

Besides crabs, @dancingcrabsg also serves a decent lobster roll.

For $42, you get two lobster rolls with a side of fries. I felt that they were a little more generous with their lobster meats compared to their competitors and enjoyed the golden brown toasted brioche buns which were slightly crisp on the outside and soft pillowy on the inside. Unfortunately, the lobster meat was a tad over cooked and dry though it did go well with the rich and savoury cream sauce with a dash of lemon.

After 500++ posts, I have reached the pinnacle of my foodie career by obtaining Supersharer status and snagging a spot at an invited tasting courtesy of @burpple and @dancingcrabsg.

Dancing Crab, is part of the Tunglok group of restaurants, and as its name suggests, specialises in crabs. Besides the usual suspect (chilli and black pepper), Dancing Crab's signature dish is the live crab combo with cajun sauce.

For $108, you get a live 800g Sri Lankan crab, prawns, flower clams, corn and and chicken sausage in a savoury cajun sauce which had enough heat to prick my tongue. In true southern style, the bag of seafood boil is poured onto the table, to be shared communally.

Each of the crab pincers was as big as my palm and needless to say, the seafood was fresh, succulent sweet and juicy. Its a matter of personal preference but I do prefer a bolder and more robust sauce --- more smoky, garlicky and earthy.

In spite of the pricetag, I enjoyed their cajun crab. It is reasonably priced considering how big and fleshy the crab was and the quality of the seafood. It was certainly fun getting your hands dirty eating off the table and the food was certainly tasty.

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