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Loong Wye Kwan
Loong Wye Kwan

Kangkong sambal ($8.50++)

Small plate for the price. The sambal is not spicy or salty enough, the veg tastes quite bland.

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Bak mee ayam ($8.80++)

Noodles taste very Chinese with the black bean sauce. Noodles is abit too soft and overcooked. Ingredients were average.

Nasi lemak set b ($14.50++)

Comes with sambal prawns and beef rendang. Rice can be more fragrant. Sambal chilli is nice. Sambal prawns can be spicier.

Beef rendang ($8.50++)

Price is for about 5 pieces.

The beef is tender and the sauce is very lemak. Nice to go with rice!

Chicken wings (6 pieces,$8.80++)

Batter was quite nice and chicken wings were still slightly moist.

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Chicken satay 6 pieces ($9.80++)

Chicken was rather tender and well grilled. Went well with the peanut sauce. More sauce can be given and portion is also quite small for the price.

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Tahu Telur ($8.50++)

Sauce was nice and the fried egg and tofu were nice as well, but it was a tad oily. Good for sharing.

Nasi Padang ($9): Beef rendang is flavourful but is not as tender as i would like it to be, the sambal (green) chicken is not too spicy and very well balanced! Kangkong is fresh!

Ayam Bakat with Bergidil ($6.90)

Bergidil is add on, it has chicken meat inside of the fried potato!!

Chicken is grilled nicely and is flavourful.

Worth the money. But still prefer Riverside panggang.

Ayam panggang ($6.50)

Vegetables came free with the set, no need to top up. Curry was very aromatic and lemak. Chicken was tender and well grilled and the bbq sauce was yummy. Even the chilli with ikan bilis went well with everything. So value for money as it also came with a big slice of egg omelette and bowl of corn soup!

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