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Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Not a fan of boba but the boba’s growing in me. Here’s a compilation of the bubbly chewy balls which keeps the interest in bobas boiiinnggg!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Brown sugar boba with fresh milk - yummmmy! Q pearls that were gooey at first and chewy as it cools from the cold milk.

Much hype over Chicha and I can understand why with the extraordinary brews. ‘Totally the kinda osmanthus yea appealing to all Millenias and Gen-Zs - with interesting mango topping (jelly form) that added some tinge of sweetness to the drink (so ask for 0% sugar!) and chewy konjac for some added ‘bite’ to the drink

Signature ☕️ ($6.50++)
Aromatic coffee beans infused with velvety bandung (milk?) Definitely a laudable execution of floral-y coffee, with just the perfect ratio of bandung vs caffeine such that neither overpowered the other.

🍷 Non-alcoholic Irish whiskey,
☕️ Non-boba milk tea,

*blown away by the richness and legitimacy in flavours for both teas, albeit without the alcohol and boba essentials*

Wintermelony enzyme (vinegar) drink - slight hint of wintermelon sweetness to mask the rather intense acidic taste

Lychee enzyme drink. Taste? Lychee-flavoured vinegar drink. Not for the faint heart (or rather, tastebud) ~
Warning for those who hate vinegar

Perfect combi w the brown bobas!!! Scooped into the cup, direct from the slow cooker = gooey, warm bobas that glides down the throat. Let the bobas sit a lil’ & ‘solidify’, you’ll get a significantly chewier texture 😋
Ps: Ask for 0 sugar for your milk tea cos the brown sugar from the bobas is incredibly sweet!

$4.50 for a small cup and $5.00 for a large cup, hence we went for the large!

Thiccccc, creamy velvety blend of avocado, cream (?), milk (?) was perfected - it’s extremely smooth and silky. Way smoother and silkier as compared to Mr Avocado’s (another of my favourite). As it’s incredibly thicccck, you do feel the need to put in a lil’ more effort in sipping up the creamy goodness. While the texture triumphed Mr Avocado’s, I find this slightly less fragrant than the latter’s. Not sure if it’s an issue of avocado species being different or not-in-season. Nevertheless, it’s a good, thick velvety dream come true for avocado fans!

‘Decided to be adventurous to try something new and local. Of course, I took the calculated risk after googling for the ingredients that go into my drink (don’t want insects or meat, yuck!) It turns out that ‘ Haba Al Hamra’ = red seed in Arabic. It kinda swells up in water? Something like Chia seeds. Topped & mixed with saffron, this drink was super dense in texture - somehow, I felt like I was sipping Saffron custard. Sweetness level was mild so no diabetes alert, tho i’m sure it’s still a pretty fattening cup of milk/custard here!

It cannot be any more ordinary! Doesn’t taste significantly fragrant or special from normal milk tea, tho the staff introduced this as one of the more “intense” teas, alongside dahongpao. Without Burpple beyond, this would be a disappointment and a pain to the purse😔 Not that bad but not fantastic either

Mixed fruit with oolong - very refreshing and mildly sweet (I asked for less sweet. At $5.80, it’s pretty pricey without Burpple beyond! The stall’s thoughtful to also provide a spork for the fruits!

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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