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Bubbs, Bobas & Teas

Bubbs, Bobas & Teas

Not a fan of boba but the boba’s growing in me. Here’s a compilation of the bubbly chewy balls which keeps the interest in bobas boiiinnggg!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

It cannot be any more ordinary! Doesn’t taste significantly fragrant or special from normal milk tea, tho the staff introduced this as one of the more “intense” teas, alongside dahongpao. Without Burpple beyond, this would be a disappointment and a pain to the purse😔 Not that bad but not fantastic either

Oolong with white grape - delightfully fragrant and sweet!

Mixed fruit with oolong - very refreshing and mildly sweet (I asked for less sweet. At $5.80, it’s pretty pricey without Burpple beyond! The stall’s thoughtful to also provide a spork for the fruits!

TGIF celebration calls for some self-indulgence with bubble tea! At Hollin, one can never give the rock salt macchiato series a miss. T'was love at first sight when I first tried the pink grapefruit series. This time, i'm giving caramel a try! At 0% sugar, the caramel fragrance was a lot more pronounced. As always, the creamy rock salt foam layer completed the drink incredibly well. I like to give it a swirl and mix it when my cup is half empty. The 50-50 ratio gives rise to a pretty intense, 'milky'/ 'creamy' drink.This time, I've decided to add rock salt pearls too (Friday's flavoured pearls). It was ....a small disappointment! Given their specialty in rock salt drinks (& doing incredibly well in it), I would expect intense rock-salt flavoured pearls. Unfortunately, it simply tasted like any other normal pearls - in fact, just chewy and pretty much tasteless. It doesnt even taste salty too. I'll probably stick with pearl-less drinks in future!

Tried this before and decided to + Rock salt pearls this round. The resulting effect? A more insta-worth looking drink with the added translucent layer at the bottom but wouldnt agree that there's added value in terms of taste! The rock-salt pearls did not carry any distinct taste but definitely, can consider for peeps looking for added texture/chewiness to the drink.

🍠 fragrant much! The taro Milk was way better than the oolong pudding milk tea. We had it without sugar - somehow the yammy fragrance was a lot more pronounced this way! It wasn’t bland at all!

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Located in a rather secluded corner of the HDB enclave, this place serves decent teas. Wouldn’t say it’s exceptional - tastes like any other oolong milk tea tbh. I like the combi with pudding - it gives a nice texture in the mouth. The consistency of the pudding was just nice - not too hard (like nate de coco), not too soft (like soya beancurd) Great deal with Burpple beyond!

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3rd time because it’s just so-gooood! ‘Love the rock salt macchiato series. This time, I tried the strawberry rock salt macchiato 🍓 (on the left) which came with a thick bubble tea straw because of the strawberry purée that has to be slurped up! Ie. Real strawberry bits to sucked up! On the right is pink grapefruit rock salt macchiato which I’ve tried before. This time, the bf had it and... ... agrees it’s awesomely refreshing!

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Milk tea! Hard to have a classic which stands out...but this kinda did! V strong fragrance of freshly brewed tea leaf!

Loved the refreshing vibes from the slightly tangy and pretty fragrant taste of grapefruit. Initially had thought it’s some kinda caffeinated drink. Do not be fooled by the misleading reference to macchiato. There’s no caffeine at all, but yes there’s a foamy layer. Not too sure what goes into the foam-making, hence daren’t claim there’s no milk tho I couldn’t really taste any milk. The foamy layer tasted pretty salty (nice, refreshing salty. Not the gross msg-ish kinda salty) I like how it’s extremely velvety

Tried the boboshake at the Clarke quay outlet & kinda fell in love with it! This’s the one from the Ion outlet and I’m happy to share that - yes! The consistency is there! I’m trying the taro pearls for the first time and I really really really love it! Chewy and Q, with a nice hint of yam fragrance (tho I’d prefer it to be stronger) 🍠

Beautifully crafted tiger strips that impressed at first look and excites more at first touch. The base of the cup was warm due to the freshly boiled brown sugar pearls- scooped right up from the slow cooker and dropped into your cup. At first sip, the gooey mess slips through your mouth so smoothly, like melty marshmallow! Slowly but surely, the brown sugar pearls solidified as they cool down from the icy milk. The pearls are a lil’ more chewy when solidified, while remaining soft at the same time too. R&B’s brown sugar pearls offer an amazing experience where you get to taste different textures, chewiness and gooeyness of the pearls all in a cup. The brown sugar fragrance was strong- makes you feel that it’s so worth it! By far the best brown sugar bubble tea I’ve tasted!

I chew like a hamster 🐹 with my chubby cheeks. Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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