Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Not a fan of boba but the boba’s growing in me. Here’s a compilation of the bubbly chewy balls which keeps the interest in bobas boiiinnggg!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

2020 Asia’s best 50 bar, #1

What more can I say? Nothing but impressive cocktail concoctions with Asian-influenced ingredients that comes (shakes) so well together.

A tad expensive at $25++/drink.
So come for the Happy Hour, drinks are at $16++! Tho limited selection but good start to conquering all the others when the pay check comes in 😂

Unique blend of beans that you can’t find at Starbucks or Coffee bean & Tea leaf. Not exactly mindblowing like Arabica’s but nevertheless a good cuppa for a chillax people-watch noon

The long, endless stream of queue on an odd-hour weekday noon speaks of the quality of drinks at Arabica! Stepping into the minimalistic, cosy-spaced coffee house, we were immediately swooned by the aroma of their coffee beans. We ordered Spanish latte, one of the highly raved drinks at Arabica. Indeed, it didn’t disappoint. We love how it came with some condensed milk with a dash of vanilla beans - the black little specks of vanilla beans thrilled me to bits! Taste was unique, unlike any other latte. I loved it a latte!!

Dark dark chocolate peppermint drink to ring in the holidays! Love the thick chocolatey taste that’s more bitter than sweet (makes you feel healthier!). Peppermint taste was pretty prominent and doesn’t taste artificial. Grab a bottle before it gets sold out!

PPP’s coffee beans are great! Aromatic enough but not as strong as that of other places. Perhaps it’s the choice of drink? We ordered the papa’s iced coffee that came in nice hues of whites brown and coffee jelly. Love the added texture from the coffee jelly. The red brew was a recommendation from the staff - someone new perhaps who was not great at marketing “tastes similar to that of Pokka’s tea but nicer” LOL. We didn’t have much of a choice as they’d ran out of their signature white cold brew 😔 At $8.50/cup it’s definitely not the cheapest. Very pricey in fact! Thanks to Burpple beyond, we’ve got a good coffee deal for the noon!

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Left: Oolong w red bean
Right: Oolong w oats (repeat flavour, v yums!)

Had tried the oolong w oats (many thumbs up) and reviewed it earlier so in this review I’ll focus on the red bean. It’s a.... miss! Skip this on the menu and go straight for the oolong w pudding/ oats. The mushy red beans just don’t go oolong well w the milk tea..

With so many bbt options out there, the bar for the “wow” factor is definitely high. I keep a lookout for really fresh, quality tea leaves. My cup of light, aromatic oolong leaves paired with milk at 0% sugar and scoops of rolled oats was a WOW! The rolled oats were a healthy twist to the usual boba; loadsa mouth work in the chewing of the oats - there’s definitely no compromise in the texture of a boba tea! This is definitely my go-to drink at Chun Yang Tea from now!

Craving for some really good Chinese tea? Well here’s the place where you’ll get your fix. There’s a pretty good variety of oolongs if you’re a fan - the aroma of freshly brewed tea was.... too hard to resist! For such quality tea, it comes at a really incredibly expensive price $7++/serving, as pictured in here. Defo thankful for Burpple beyond that made this worthy!


For the uninitiated like me, heytea has a rather limited range of menu compared to other bubble tea chains out there. They’re famous for their cheese series and therefore, I’d reckon the cheezos will be a safe choice. Here’s one of their signatures, the grape cheezo, with thicccccc layer of ‘premium’ cheese foam. Priced at $9.50, it’a gotta be one of the most expensive bubble teas in town. But I told myself the ‘premium’ cheese is probably worth the price. Also, the aesthetic is rather pleasing isn’t it! As you sip past the layer of thicn cheese, the premium grape juice in the form of a slushie greets you! And if you suck hard enough; the last layer of grape jelly, slithers into your mouth. It has the texture of real grapes! Who knows, perhaps it’s indeed just pure grape flesh!

Light and refreshing, perfect with Konjac jelly!
Can’t wait to conquer all their tea items on the menu someday!

Slightly tangy, with true quality oolong brew 🍂
I LOVE Chicha’s premium tea leafs

Brown sugar boba with fresh milk - yummmmy! Q pearls that were gooey at first and chewy as it cools from the cold milk.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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