Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Bubbs, Bobas, Teas & Coffee

Not a fan of boba but the boba’s growing in me. Here’s a compilation of the bubbly chewy balls which keeps the interest in bobas boiiinnggg!
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

For those who haven’t already guessed it, matchadamia is an agalmation of matcha and macadamia! I especially love the nutty creations from FLASH! The nuttiness was strong and certainly made you feel like money is quite well spent here. The matcha notes were slightly masked and could be stronger tho. It was definitely a pleasant surprise in terms of the taste combination and I’m looking forward to trying other signatures! Great deal with Burpple 1-1!

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I've heard raving reviews of the white magic coffee and had been wanting to get a few bottles for the husband (then fiance) during the circuit breaker period but was constantly missing out on the order slots! Am glad that we finally got to try it this time and my, the smoothness and creaminess of the White magic was indeed, m.a.g.i.c.a.l. Priced at $6.90 per bottle, this is rather steep but I'd say, worth it. It's perfect for coffee starters, and peeps who generally do not enjoy particularly strong coffee. There's no strong acidity in this, nor was there any bitterness or sudden, strong hit of coffee-ness at first sip. I love how the coffee flavour emerges slowly with each sip, and particularly how creamy and smooth this drink is!

'Xmas special and an incredibly pricy, sinful drink. Everything festive and x'massy comes at a premium I guess! & perhaps a good excuse to indulge in something cute and tasty? To make you feel like you've got your money worth, it's worth noting that this came along with a whole candy cane and also, a shortbread nutcracker cookie decorated with icing, some pretzels and loads of marshmallows cushioned with fluffy whip cream! Yes, it tastes as dreamy as it looks - leaves you floating up high from the super and creamy goodness. If only calories aren't real and non-existent like dreams do~

Wickedly refreshing twist to an otherwise rather ordinary mocha. Mixed with strong notes of peppermint, this reminds one of an After Eight in liquid form. Now you know where the wicked bit is. Also, the interior of the glass was glazed with streaks of chocolate - not too sure if it's just pure chocolate or peppermint choc because... the drink was simply stirred and slurpped up! Served with a peppermint leaf as garnish - this certainly toned down any sense of evilness as a whole. This is less sweet than the Generra. If I were to choose between one, I'd say it depends on mood! The Wicked was a tad more 'refreshing' and 'light' as compared to the Generra but nonetheless, both were pretty heavy for a post-meal drink - think: milk, coffee, chocolate in a wicked mix?!?!


Don’t give this a pass just because of it's hard-to-pronounce name! Otherwise known as the orange mocha for the layman and woman, this was a rich mocha brew with really strong hints of orange. The hit of orange notes reminds me of orange dark chocolate slabs - strong in flavour and yet complements well with the slight bitter notes. I love this! It's a pretty unique coffee offering that I dont see elsewhere - only here thus far? It's flavour is accentuated with an orange peel (not the dried, salty kinds favoured by ..older gen dont worry). Would give this 5/5! But would think this is an acquired taste for those who doesnt appreciate fruits in their drinks. Also, the fiance found this too sweet for his liking.

Decided on the Genmaicha ice-blend as I was swooped off my feet with the Genmaicha gateau cake at Hvala Chijmes. The earthy roastyness was intense and i thought the genmaicha ice blend would taste great as well! I wasnt wrong! Love the roasty, earthy and wheat-y notes of the genmaicha blend - it came with the option of less syrup and can be a lil' bland if you opt for the less-sweet option. It's my
3rd drink on the ice blend menu and.... my favourite is the Hojicha ice blend! This comes as a close second!

Dramatic presentation with an old school cigarette + hickory smoke, this was definitely one of the instagrammable drinks available in house. It's a lil too strong and bitter for my liking, but the fiance loved it v much. Accordingly, it's a tribute to the pot smoking ancestors who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the building of our nation. hmms. For one who prefers fruity notes in my alcoholic drinks, I can only say that the intensity of this cocktail brought me sweat and tears...

Located at one of the ulu-est mall I've been, this was a pleasant find and made the trip worthwhile! Love the unique mixes of coco available - Oreo, Salted caramel, Hazelnut. Pictured here's the Signature Roasted Coconut and Hazelnut, at 0% sugar level and blended in bits (selection of chunky available). 5/5 for the fresh coconut, texture of the drink and rather unique flavours!!

Smooth, creamy and rich in the tea flavours. The blend of Matcha and Hojicha complemented well - with nuances of matcha and hojicha taste with each sip (yums!) Worry not if you're concerned of a weird-tasting, overpowering tea blend. This indeed tasted as good as it looks and definitely worth the price paid for the drink, the aesthetics, and the ambience of the cafe.

My favourite drink of the day! Served without milk so it was less creamy compared to the latte counterparts but was smooth nevertheless. Great option for a light, refreshing drink on the palate after a heavy meal. Hojicha flavour was strong and ice was blended fine and perfect!

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2020 Asia’s best 50 bar, #1

What more can I say? Nothing but impressive cocktail concoctions with Asian-influenced ingredients that comes (shakes) so well together.

A tad expensive at $25++/drink.
So come for the Happy Hour, drinks are at $16++! Tho limited selection but good start to conquering all the others when the pay check comes in 😂

Unique blend of beans that you can’t find at Starbucks or Coffee bean & Tea leaf. Not exactly mindblowing like Arabica’s but nevertheless a good cuppa for a chillax people-watch noon

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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