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Featuring Fuel Plus+, Porta, habitat by honestbee, Takashimaya Food Hall, JUJU, iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), Wholesome Savour, Haakon Superfoods & Juice (Holland Village), PocoLoco Microbrewery (Snow City), Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre (Block 347)
Jie Yin Tay
Jie Yin Tay

Wanted to go haakon for their beetroot humus because their beets is super good and their prices are more worth... but it was raining super heavily :((( Anws beetroot cravings satisfied🙌😊🤤🤤❤ but anws dont choose the wholemeal sunflower bread as the buns TnT super dry and hard :(( didnt finish it😅😅ooops

Overall ratings: 6/10 (returned today for the convenience only)


1. Spanish octopus❤
-The octopus was perfectly cooked - Chewy yet tender. This was my mum's favourite dish of the day and she even commented that it was the best cooked octopus she had ever eaten. Yeaps so highly recommend this dish!! The baby potatoes (patatas bravas) that comes along was also very delicious. The exterior was crispy while the interior was creamy like mash potato.
2. Prawn and avocado
- The guacamole was very well-seasoned and complemented well with the corn chips. It didnt feel overly jelat or clogging. I really love the romesco sauce as it brings an additional spice flavour to the whole dish.

1. Iberico pork chop
- Read a lot of reviews about how amazing this pork chop is. To be honest, it was good and tender but not mindblowing or impressively fantastic. The creamy tangy mash sauce can be a little too clogging after some time. Had better and more well-marinated pork chop elsewhere before but i must say that i am glad that the meat is tender and had good fat-to-meat ratio.
2. Pan-seared salmon with pumpkin sauce
- The salmon was a little too dry and overcooked. Probably might be due to the fact that i ordered well done. Could probably have the doness to be medium so that it will be more moist and tender. I was impressed by the pumpkin sauce and felt that it really complemented well with the salmon. Love the subtle natural sweetness of the pumpkin puree.

1. Deconstructed black forest
- The chocolate lava cake was on the sweeter side despite being dark chocolate. Was really impressed by the maraschino cherry's subtle acohol taste😊
2. Deconstructed tiramisu❤
- Ordered this dessert again because i really love their choco/coffee cake (perfect level of sweetness) as it was aromatic and had subtle gao bitter undertone. Really complemented well with the icecream and coffee jelly.

Worth it: 3.5/5 (Good ambience, quality as well as service. Plus the food was really above average... with the burpple beyond 1 for 1 it will BE 100% worth it)
Taste: 4/5 (Hits and misses but the standard is really above average)
Overall: 8/10

#burpple #portasg

I was really impressed by their grain bowls! The portions were quite small tho.. Ordered
1) Salmon shirataki ($13.90)
-The baked salmon fillet was not too dry/hard. Not the best salmon fillet i had but i must say its pretty good for a grain bowl standard.
2) Avocado vegan bowl ($11.90)
- The beetroot humus was really really impressive!! I think its my favourite side!! The humus wasnt too clogging/jelat and i think i tasted cumin (which makes it really fragrant)
- The quinoa cauliflower patty was also very nice! I love the slight crispness and was glad that it wasnt too dry.
-The other sides were pretty ordinary and didnt had their own special flavour. The broccoli felt raw and was quite hard. The roasted curry cauliflower didnt had any curry taste?
-Orange passion vinaigrette dressing was really nice, fragrant and not overly sweet. Really love the passion fruit fragrance.

As DIY bowls werent under the 1for1 promotion, it was a pity that i couldnt customise my bowl. Nonetheless, i am glad they have this DIY option so that i can choose sides and mains that i like hehe😊

Worth it: 2.5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
Ratings: 6/10 (A bit too pricey without 1for1 considering that their portion is decent but on the smaller side. The regular bowl costs $11.90 while the large bowl with additional main costs $13.90. Tbh i still feel that Freshbeets at habitat by honestbee sells the best grain bowl in the sense that every side has its own unique flavour and marination... Just hoping that they wouldnt skimp on the ingredients with the price increase in my subsequent visits)

No go
Can go 😊
Must go


I ordered the Lemon pepper chicken ($10.50) with 2 complementary sides. The broccoli and sauteed brussels are always my to-go sides😅😊 ahahaha because the portion is big and i love vegetables!! Other sides i recommend are the spinach sesame salad and cinnamon pumpkin!! Shall try the baked olive rice next time when i want carbs~

I found that the chicken didnt had any lemon nor pepper flavour and was a tad salty for my liking. Shall not order the chicken from isteaks anymore... quite disappointing. Hahaha i think their salmon is really nice because they cooked till medium well (the salmon remains soft and moist) and their steaks are really affordable. I also love their pork ribeye because the sauce is flavourful and the meat isnt too dry or hard.

Nonetheless, this is my favourite to go place for western food because i find it really affordable (prices are inclusive of gst and there isnt service charge). Furthermore, there are a plethora of sides to choose from such as cheesy cauliflower, garlic butter eggplant and even mac&cheese which is one of their popular sides.

Worth it: 4/5
Taste: 3.75/5 (because it really depends on what you order so i cant really give it a 4 since not every dish is nice)
Ratings: 7.75/10 (the dishes there are either a hit or a miss but for the price point and affordability i would really recommend it!! Their quality is WAY BETTER than astons. Astons was my childhood western meal because it used to be very cheap and affordable to us students...but their prices keep increasing and standard keep dropping☻) haha

No go
Can go
Must go😊


Especially since the discount is ending on 30sep 2019 for this cafe.

1) Honey BBQ ribs ($20)
-Tbh, i really had high expectations for this dish because it is highly raved and is one of the chef recommendations. However, we felt that the ribs were abit too dry and hard for our liking. The sauce was simply too sweet and felt a little clogging and the ribs werent well-marinated (hence tasted quite plain without the sauce). Personally, felt that morganfield's & tony rama's ribs are way better. Probably if you want to satisfy your ribs cravings, its better to head down to a ribs speciality restaurant. Furthermore, the side salad has this thai-style sourish dressing thay werent to our liking. Ratings: 3/10.

2) Salmon Madness ($18)
We felt that this dish was well-executed. The zucchini, baby potatoes, carrots and mushroom sides were nicely roasted/baked and the salmon fillet wasnt too dry. The poached egg was nicely done too. However, there wasnt anything mindblowly nice about this dish. Ratings: 7.5/10

3) Mushroom soup ($6)
This side dish/small bite was unexpectedly the highlight of the day. The mushroom soup was served piping hot. We loved how it was creamy and milky. There were chunks of mushrooms in the soup which provided a really nice texture. The toast was crispy on the outside and yet chewy and fluffy on the inside. Really well done. However, because its creamy and milky, one might find it too jelat to finish on their own! Best for sharing between 2 people. Ratings: 8.5/10

Overall ratings: 6.5/10
(will visit if there is one for one. If not i personally dont think its worth the money because the mains werent fantastic. Would definitely come back to try other dishes, using the 1for1 of cause... because i feel that for this cafe, its either a hit or a miss, so probably other mains would be better??)
Worth it: 2/5 (if there is no discount)

No go
Can go🌗
Must go


To my HORROR, they had a change in the price menu from previously $10.90 (medium: 1base, 1hot side, 1 cold side, 1 protein and complementary soup) & $12.90 (large: 1 base, 2 hot side, 2 cold side, 1 protein and complentary soup) to $14.90 (medium: 1 base, 3 sides, 1 protein and soup/bread) & $16.90 (large: 1 base, 4 sides, 1 protein and soup/bread). AN ASTONISHING $4 INCREASE WAS SHOCKING ENOUGH but what further shook me was that the PORTIONED DECREASED by 15-20%?!?!?!?! This time round, the base of the bowl could even be seen. While yes, the price factor is one of my consideration as to whether i will revisit a place (worth it value) and i certainly would not mind if the portion remained the same after the price increase. What i find unjustifiable is the price increased greatly BUT with a portion reduction. Also they do not have those complementary shredded cabbage with the base anymore.

I do admit that it is still one of the better grain bowls in Singapore as the sides are really flavourful with unique marination/sauces. Makes me feel quite sad because i really loved @freshbeets_sg and how worth it the food used to be. But the recent changes in menu really made me feel that i wouldnt return for it.

Would go habitat again but certainly not for fresh beets the next time round

No go😔
Can go
Must go

RATINGS: 5.5/10 (Not worth it anymore. Not that i mind the portion reduction because i find it a struggle to finish the large bowl on my own... it may be because my appetite isnt so big. BUT i kind of feel it is quite unprofessional of them to increase price while reducing portion)


The famous stalls are the fish soup, lai lai u mian, penang laska/mee rubus/ meesiam stall, traditional handmade teochew kueh (i love their chives dumplings) and this spinach soup~

There are 2 spinach soup stalls (one halal and one not) i tried the non-halal one which has 3 options: Seafood and minced meat, salted egg century egg and minced meat as well as yong tau foo. Love how the broth is very light and it feels so healthy and clean after eating~~ (idk the name of the stall because its in chinese and my chinese isnt very good!?!?! Ooops) but yeapsss love it! Hahaha its a nice and healthier hawker meal and i love how the soup isnt too salty. Though it isnt mindblowingly delicious, its a good comfort food i would say. Definitely a good meal option if i want something light and healthy.

Hehe then i loaded abit more blueberries, cherry tomatoes and dried apricot as my post gym snack.

No go
Can go 😁

Ratings: 7/10 (because will the broth is nice, i prefer the spinach soup that i tried at Tanjong pagar) which has a more herbal-like broth and taste even lighter and cleaner😅


Oops accidently upload 2 repeated photos. Oh well~😅

The hojicha flavour has a deep nutty and roasted profile!😊 I personally prefer the matcha flavour as its less sweet. This shop sells the most intense and astringent matcha icecream i have ever had. Really love how to matcha is so prominent and distinct. It really SCREAMS MATCHAAAA and PACKS SO "MATCHA" PUNCH 😊😊 today's matcha icecream felt a bit too milky and less intense and less bitter than the one i had at the last fair. Nonetheless, i still really enjoyed it. My once in a while indulgence HAHAHA so glad to have it in a cup because i remembered that the cone was too sweet for my liking! @tsujirihei_honten

Distinctness: 10/10 (bittersweet profile on point)
Intensity: 8.5/10
Sweetness: 3/10 (YAY not overly sweetened)
Ratingss: 9.5/10 hehe😊

No go
Can go
MUST GO😊 especially if you are a matchaholic.


1) Portobello mushroom burger ($20)
-Portobello mushrooms, beetroot patty, mycoprotein, dairy-free cheese, lettuce and tomatoes
- Dehydrated chips as the sides
▪️This item was under the chef's recommendation and was highly reviewed online. However, we found the dehydrated chips too dry for our liking. Although the concept of replacing burger buns with mushrooms and having beetroot patty with mycoprotein was interesting, we found that the burger was a little too dry too (the patty and mycoprotein were not moist or juicy but rather dry and crumbly). The addition of tomatoes and lettuce didnt really help to improve the moistness and we kept reaching out for our water. Nonetheless, we find this variation of burger really healthy and light unlike the usual burger which might feel jelat. Rating: 5.5/10

2) Burrito bowl ($16)
-Black beans
-Bell pepper
-Quinoa (hidden beneath)
-Dehydrated chips
▪️We found their grain bowl more suitable for our palate. The combination of ingredients was really good. Natural sweetness from the mangoes. Slightly savoury black beans with fragrance from spices. This felt really homey and hearty Rating: 7.5/10

We really love the service. The waitress was really friendly. And i personally love the concept of healthy food. Thanks to burpple beyond, we paid $23.54 for the meal. This is really worth it with burrple. However, i would probably not return without the 1-for-1 as the portion is quite small so for the full price i rather eat something else😅

Worth it: 2.5/5 (without burpple 1for1)
Taste: 3.5/5
Ratings: 6/10
I would return with the 1for1😅 shall try their Neggs Benedict the next time (another highly review chef recommended dish)

No go
Can go 😊
Must go

#burpple #wholesomesavoursg

1 base, 2 cold, 2 hot and 1 protein for just 12.90sgd is really worth it for grain bowls!! I feel its really cheaper than outside and also the portion is really HUGE

Cold: Highly recommend the grilled baby corn with miso sauce! Avoid the mushrooms one because it tasted sourish and the mushroom taste is really very strong so i guess if you arent a BIG FAN of mushrooms, you wouldnt really enjoy it.

Protein: Topped up 1.80sgd for seabass instead of chicken/beancurd (which doesnt require additional top up). Damn worth!! The spring onion sauce at the side for the fish is really yummyyy!! The spring onion fragrant was distinct and there was a subtle creamy cheesy taste😊

#burpple #freshbeetssg #habitatbyhonestbee

😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣 hehe loving fresh beets a lot lot!! Anwssss the pasta here is also damn good!! We were both vvvv impressed😍😍😍😍 #burpple #habitatsg

Really love how their acai isnt overly sweetened. Black sesame is vvvv niceee tooo!! Prefer it over the chocolate


I love eating clean. Not a fan of desserts that are TOO sweet. MAJOR MATCHAHOLIC😍😍

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