Featuring Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, The Daily Cut (Guoco Tower), Don Pie (One Raffles Place), Chirashi King Kong (Neuros), Tiong Shan Frog Porridge, 328 Katong Laksa (Queensway), L'Entrecôte, Bodacious Bar & Bistro at Biopolis, NY Night Market westgate
Song Ko Goh
Song Ko Goh

Must try is the Curry Mussels!
Ordered extra Mantou to soak up the delicious rich gravy that is a mix between Chinese and Indian curry style.

I believe them when they claim their seafood is freshly farmed from the kelong, because I taste the freshness and “natural-ness” of the seafood.

Even though it is no longer on Burpple Beyond, I will come back to Scaled!

Pretty pricey but fulfils quality and wholesomeness. ($12-$14 for a standard portion)

*Based on what I have tried*

Good and Interesting Picks:
- Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes
- Baby Corn
- Maple-glazed Tempeh
- Button Mushrooms

Everything else is pretty alright.

- Salmon Fillet (paid +$2 more to get dried out salmon)
- Garlic and Chili Olive Oil (not much taste and literally oil)

I am not too sure what is supposed to be the signature or theme of NY Night Market.

Well, to me it was just very status quo black pepper steak and mac n cheese. Nothing to shout about. Only interesting thing were the “avocado fries” that came as a side

Quality is there with the unagi, truffle and rice.
Only downside is the slightly small portions for $12.90

$8 for one smal claypot of frog’s legs (spring onion & ginger style or kung pow chili style), reckon theres 2-3 frogs in there.

Kinda regretted getting the Deep Fried Large Intestines ($6.50) because they were hard, possibly due to refrying. Recalled they were good thats why I ordered.

Get the Wagyu top up its really going to be worth it!

Main of the set lunch menu, fall-off-the-bone ribs with a nicely caramelized sauce. Delicious and tasty but would’ve liked more “cocoa” which I couldn’t really find

This is just char siew siew yok rice redefined as a don so it can be sold at a premium.
Honestly not as good as most hawker stalls.

Good ol’ Katong Laksa eaten with just the spoon. Feel that the gravy has gotten less rich but maybe that’s just me. And wow a bowl now costs $5.50!